Bluetooth vs Wireless Headphones – A Comparative Analysis in 2021

Bluetooth and wireless headphones are two different types of headphones that serve different functions. A wireless headphone is usually expensive, lighter in weight, more convenient to use, and more hassle-free. On the other hand, a Bluetooth headphone is high in quality, durable, and suitable with a short range of connectivity. This article will show the differences between Bluetooth vs. wireless headphones. Hope this article will help you make the wise choice when purchasing a headphone.

What is Bluetooth technology for headphones?

Bluetooth allows you to connect your headphones to a host of a device without the use of wires. Bluetooth headphone works by sending data packets via radio frequency (RF) signals to or from a Bluetooth-enabled device. This technology enables the connection between wireless devices like mobile phones, PDAs, and laptop computers. It is more convenient for listening to music, chatting online, watching movies, or doing video conferences.

What is wireless technology for headphones?

A wireless headphone works by using radio frequency or infrared signals similar to that of Bluetooth. The only difference is that it does not support as many devices as Bluetooth. It is commonly used when there is a need for an extended range of connections, such as watching TV shows. It can be used to listen to television or radio programs within a long distance of 9Miles (15km). It is usually more expensive than a Bluetooth headphone

Bluetooth vs wireless headphonesWhat are the differences?

There are several differences between wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones. Here are the significant differences:

Bluetooth vs Wireless Headphones

1. Technology: Wireless headphones use radio waves or infrared and Bluetooth works by using only radio frequency signals. Bluetooth does not require any cable to work, while the wireless headphone needs an adapter or antenna to transmit audio. Technically, Bluetooth headphones are wireless while the wireless headphone is not.

2. Range of connection: Wireless headphones offer a more extended range of connection than Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology can be used within 10 meters (33ft), while a wireless headphone can be used within 9Miles (15km). A wireless headphone can be used for a longer range of connections because it uses FM radio signals to transmit audio signals. Bluetooth headphones have a shorter range of connectivity because they divide and transfer the user audio signal into packets of signals.

3. Connectivity: Bluetooth headphones can be connected to several devices simultaneously with or without wires, while wireless headphones can only be connected to a single device. Bluetooth supports several devices simultaneously because it uses radio frequency signals to communicate to various devices like computers, speakers, and other devices. But wireless headphone only works on one device because it uses FM radio signals to transmit audio signals.

4. Battery capacity: Bluetooth headphones have a better battery capacity than wireless headphone. The batteries in Bluetooth headphones can hold power for up to 10 hours of continuous usage, while wireless headphones can only have the ability for up to 6 hours. Bluetooth headphones require a rechargeable battery, whereas wireless headphones use disposable AAA alkaline batteries.

5. Sound quality: Bluetooth has higher quality audio than wireless headphones. Bluetooth transmits the RF signals with a lower frequency (2.4GHz), while wireless headphones use the FM radio signals with a higher frequency (220MHz). On the other hand, Bluetooth provides better sound quality because it divides and transmits the audio signal into packets of signals for better transmission. But a wireless headphone has a better sound quality in the long range because it works within 9 Mile (15km) and will not be affected by interference from other devices.

6. Volume: Bluetooth headphones only have two volume control modes, while wireless headphones have three. The modes include volume control by the audio devices, volume control by volume buttons on the wireless headphone, and a microphone that can adjust the incoming and outgoing audio volume.

7. Compatibility: Bluetooth has a broader range of compatibility than a wireless headphone. Bluetooth can be used with any device that supports the Bluetooth technology while wireless headphone is only compatible with devices that have a wireless headphone connection.

8. More accessible to Use: Bluetooth is easier to use because it uses radio frequency signals which can be used with several devices. Wireless headphone only works on a device that has a wireless headphone feature. Bluetooth can be connected with several devices at the same time if they support the Bluetooth technology while wireless headphone is limited to one device connection.

9. Comfortable to use: Wireless headphone have a comfortable fit while Bluetooth headphones are not. The wireless headphones can be worn in several ways on the user’s head, but the Bluetooth headphone only has one type of fitting. The wireless headphone can be worn on the head, over the ear, or behind the neck like these earphones for phone calls, while Bluetooth headphones have a limited fitting type.

FAQ on difference between bluetooth and wireless headphones

1. Is Bluetooth and wireless the same thing?

Answer: No, they are not actually the same thing. Bluetooth is a technology that transmits data using radio frequency, while wireless headsets use FM radio signals or infrared to send an audio signal.

2. Do wireless headphones need Bluetooth?

Answer: No. The wireless headphone does not need Bluetooth technology. Wireless headphones can be used without Bluetooth, but they are limited to connection with one device.

3. Are wireless or Bluetooth headphones better?

Answer: Bluetooth headphones are better than wireless because they provide higher quality sound, longer battery life, and can be used on several devices. However, a wireless headphone or headset is convenient because it is lightweight and can be worn in several ways.

4. Is Bluetooth cheaper than wireless?

Answer: Bluetooth is cheaper than wireless headphones. Bluetooth only requires a small chip installed in the devices, while wireless headset uses radio frequency signals which need several devices to transmit the audio signal.

5. What is faster, wireless, or Bluetooth?

Answer: Wireless headsets are faster than Bluetooth. Wireless headsets use high-frequency FM radio signals, while Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz radio frequency signals to transmit data.  

The final words

A Bluetooth headphone has several advantages over a wireless headphone. You may think that a wireless headphone is better than Bluetooth since it is expensive and uses radio frequency signals or infrared. Still, Bluetooth is better than the wireless headset because it uses radio frequency signals for a short distance, has a higher sound quality, and can be used on several devices.

Bluetooth headphones are more compatible with most devices, while wireless headphones have limited compatibility. Bluetooth is also safer to use than wireless headphones. This article is an in-depth observation and differences of Bluetooth and wireless headphones, so you can decide which to buy for your needs.

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