How To Connect Headphones To PC, Mobile or Laptop

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Acquiring the right headphone in and of itself is not enough. You definitely must and have to know how to connect it to the relevant pieces of electronic. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy the accompanying benefits as need be. We are here to help you out in this.

How To Connect Headphones To PC, Mobile or Laptop

In our discussions here below, we are going to show you how to connect headphones to pc, laptop or mobile. It is important to note that the steps hereunder may not apply universally. They are only limited to the Windows 10 Operating system. This notwithstanding, they do give a glimpse of how just to go about the issue.

5 Super easy steps for connecting a headphone to pc, mobile or laptop

1. Step I – Select your preferred connectivity

Several options through which you can connect the headphones to the PC mobile and laptop do abound. Generally speaking, there are three main options. These are wired connectivity, USB connectivity, and Bluetooth connectivity, respectively. It is, therefore, necessary that you identify the one that is most convenient or preferable to you.

How To Connect Headphones To Laptop

Wired connections are mainly great for indoor listening. That is due to the limited range of applicability. The wired connections are mainly suited for use outdoors. The USB connectivity, on the other hand, is mainly applicable when the laptop is involved and regardless of the intended location of use.

2. Step II – Establish the necessary connections

After identifying the right connectivity for your use, you now have to establish the necessary connections. This simply entails pairing the two devices either physically or via a wireless connection. It is necessary to ensure that the two devices are compatible before going ahead to do so. Thereafter, you have to exercise some due diligence to prevent any inconsistencies.

How To Connect Headphones To Mobile

a.) For wired connections – For wired connections, simply slot in the headphone jack into the relevant laptop or PC mobile audio port. In most electronics, you will find this slot colored green for the headphone. Make sure the connection is tight enough to prevent any looseness or possibilities of it detaching. Needless to say, the other end has to be firmly fixed into the computer.

b.) For USB connections – If you prefer the USB connectivity, you have to first and foremost identify the relevant USB port. Next, slot in the USB cable into this port and hold on for some time. This is to allow it to install automatically into your computer. After installing, you will receive a message to that effect. In the absence of this message, consider repeating the procedure above.

c.) For Bluetooth connections – For Bluetooth connections, you will first of all search of the availability of your headphone. To do this, switch on the Bluetooth connectivity of both your PC Mobile/laptop and that of your headphone. Move on to scan for the availability of ‘paired devices’ from your PC or laptop. Your headphone will appear on the screen. Move on to pair them if you haven’t already done so.

3. Step III – Configure the connections

Now that you have already established the necessary connections, you now have to configure them. This step simply entails the synchronization of the two gadgets to ensure a smooth transfer of signals to and from them. It is the establishment of the software rather than the hardware component of the connectivity. Follow these steps to make this a reality:

  • Left click the ‘sound icon’ in the taskbar
  • Select the ‘sound device’ in the drop-down menu
  • Choose the connected headphone

In most cases, the connected headphone shall be displayed as the model or the brand of the set. It is however in your best interest to rename this device to a name that is most desirable and easily recognizable by you.

You may watch this video tutorial about connecting headphone to laptop, pc

4. Step IV – Test the connections

Needless to say, you have to test the connection you will have already established. The aim of this testing is to see to it that it is indeed capable of discharging the desired ends or roles. You also want to see to it that everything is correct and working well as per the expected ends.

To make this testing a reality, you need to play some music or audio contents and then listen to it through the headphone you will have connected to the PC mobile or laptop. As you do so, follow the procedures stipulated below to confirm whether this indeed is the case:

  • Right-click the ‘sound icon’ in the taskbar
  • Select ‘Open sound settings’
  • Choose ‘Sound control panel’ on the right
  • Choose ‘headphones.’ You will notice that they have a green tick
  • Hit ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Hit the ‘test’ button

5. Step V – Make the necessary adjustments (if need)

You should hear some sound through the headphones. This means that the connection is robust and good to go. As you do so, try to vary the audio output, equalizer, and mixer appropriately. Observe how the sound output varies with the engagements of these vital parameters.

In case the audio output is not produced or is not responding appropriately to the other parameters, you might have to make some necessary adjustments. This entails repeated a couple of the steps above. As you do so, test the audio output until such a time that the sound produced is of the required levels of clarity.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Now that we have demonstrated to you how to connect headphones to pc, mobile or laptop, is it too much to ask you to go ahead and implement the pieces of advice? How else can you possibly make meaning of the advice except implementing them in reality? As we have already stated, the instructions above are only limited to Windows 10 Operating system.

Even though you need not necessarily utilize expert assistance, you definitely have to practice a lot. It is only through regular and consistent that you will be able to be a pro. Also, you want to try out other operating systems apart from Windows 10. This is to give you a balanced approach and make you an expert in the field.

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