5 Best Wireless Headphones for Small Ears (Appreciate the opportunity of wireless)

Most people with small ears don’t like how headphones keep popping out of their ears. The tiny ear canals keep pushing the earphones off their ears, making it uncomfortable for the users. Manufacturers are taking a significant interest in this challenge and are now offering wireless earphones that can comfortably fit on the ears of individuals with small ear canals.

If you are looking for earphones for small ear canals, it may not be an easy task. This article gives you the best wireless headphones for small ears. We have done conclusive research to provide you with the best you can get in the market.

Editor Pick: MultiTed MX10

How do I choose the right size wireless headphones for small ears?

Wireless headsets are preferred due to their freedom in a movement when you are using them. They don’t have cables which act as a mode of connection between your device and the headset. Headphones are designed for various uses and for you to get earbuds which fit your small ear canal, and you need to be keen. What are some of the things a buyer can pay attention to?

Multiple Ear tips – When buying headphones and you have small ears, it’s good you consider if it comes with multiple ear tips. The ear tips will give you an allowance for choosing which fit perfectly in your ears with limited chances of falling off your ears. Some headsets offer buyers this feature, and the ear tips are of different sizes.

Solid Ear-canal Seal – These seals are purposely designed to ensure that they cancel external noise distractions. Solid ear-canals ensure the earbuds fit well in the ears of a user and are comfortable. The ear canal offers a fantastic audio output also, thanks to the optimization of the ear canal.

Check If the Ear tips are made from Compressible Foam or Contour Silicone – Ear tips are designed to offer maximum comfort to a user, and the material used determines how comfortable they can be on your ears. The best earbuds for people with small ears are made from compressible foam or contoured silicone.

Contoured silicone ear tips are crafted to fit precisely in your ear canal. On the other hand, compressible foam ear tips can take the shape of your ear canal, offering maximum fit and comfort. You can check between these two, which would work well with your ears.

Waterproof – Do you need earbuds that won’t fall off when you are exercising? Well, you should consider purchasing earphones that have a waterproof rating. Also, these earphones can withstand water splash, which makes them last for long. Headsets that are not waterproof will tend to fall off your ears when you’re using them.

5 Best wireless headphones for small ears reviewed

1. MultiTed MX10

These MX10 wireless headphones are perfect for people with small ears due to their extreme comfort. The design of this headphone is for people who love training while listening to music. Their precise fit gives you a stress-free training session.

(Best Wireless Headphones For Small Ears)The MX10 Earbuds
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Premium Sound Quality – The sound of this pair of headphone is impressive, thanks to the well-balanced treble which has minimal distractions. The bass is intuitive, making its performance to be extraordinary. It also has a low sound leak making them appropriate for use in offices.

The headphones have an IPX7 waterproof rating, which makes it one of the best sporting companion. It can sustain raindrops and also sweaty training sessions.

Battery Life – The pair of headphone comes with a Lithium-ion battery which can give a user 10-hours of playtime. This duration is capable of taking you throughout your day with no need to recharge it. Once the battery level is low, it will send a signal in your ears, and a red LED on one of the earbuds. Once you charge the headset fully, the light will turn blue.

Wireless connection – The headset comes with one of the efficient Bluetooth version, 4.2. Its energy efficient and can connect up to two devices at the same time. V4.2 can connect devices in a range of up to 30ft, which gives you a fantastic radius you can move freely. The earphones work well with Apple smartphones and laptops.


  • Stylish design
  • Can connect two Bluetooth devices at once
  • Long battery lifespan
  • Can connect all Android and Apple devices
  • Bluetooth wireless enabled


  • No noise cancellation
  • The battery life can do better

Summary: The waterproof capability makes the headsets excellent for training. Their perfect fit design also allows people with small ears to wear them comfortably for long durations. If you have both Android and Apple smartphones, you can pick this headset due to its compatibility with both operating systems.

2. Aftershokz AS650SG-BR

The headset is light, and the design offers comfort to users. The pair of headset wraps around your head, giving minimal slips when walking around. The headphones deliver fantastic sound via the cheekbones, and hence your ears are open. The pads vibrate well on your cheekbones which send appropriate music booms into your ears.

Aftershokz AS650SG-BR
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Wireless Connection – The headphones come with Bluetooth V4.2, which is efficient and stable. It can connect to various operating systems, iOS, and Android seamlessly. The headphones can link up to two devices at a go. Its extensive range of connection makes it easier to use if you need freedom of movement.

Premium Sound – The manufacturer uses modern innovative techniques to give the best for its users. Premium Pitch technology offers the headsets a rich bass and dynamic sound range. To lower sound leaks, the headphones use leak layer innovation to reduce the rate of sound leakage. These features make it a good pick for use in offices and also boardrooms.

The developer crafts the headset to deliver the sound on your cheekbones and deliver sifted sound to your eardrums. A user can feel the sound waves hitting the eardrums. When playing your music, you can feel the pads producing the vibrations which create the sound waves.

Design – The pair of the headset has the most advanced design which offers maximum comfort. The wrap around design gives a maximum user grip, which is a useful feature for individuals with small ears. The headphones have a 3M Scotch reflective strip which makes a user-visible from long distances. The manufacturer ensures the materials used can give a user maximum use of their headset.


  • An open design which gives a user awareness of their surroundings
  • Low sound leaks
  • Sweat proof
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight


  • Deep bass
  • A user can feel the pads move at full volume

Summary: Aftershockz AS650SG-BR uses top-notch innovations in the modern market. They settle in front of your ears and deliver the sound waves directly in your eardrums. You are capable of hearing what’s happening around you. The sound leaks are very minimal; hence can be a useful gadget in the office.

3. NENRENT S570+

The ergonomic earpiece is well crafted to fit in the ear of any user comfortably. It’s one of the smallest earbuds that a user can get in the market today, and you can pick from the variety of available colors. The earphone uses Bluetooth V4.1 but is multipoint connection capable.

NENRENT S570+ Wireless Earbuds
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Battery Lifetime – The S570+ comes with a Lithium-Poly battery with total capacity storage of 60mAh. The invisible earpiece can support up to 6 hours of call time. When you are playing music at a 50% volume, you can use the earbuds for 4-6 hours.

Design – The earphone is designed to fit well in a user’s ear, and the ergonomic features curve well in the ear canal. It’s also small, which makes it almost invisible to anyone. It’s designed to fit in the right ear, and the material used has no straining effect on the ear.

Connection – The S570+ uses Bluetooth V4.1, which is efficient and stable. You can connect your devices if you are within a ten meters unobstructed radius. It also features a multi point connection capability; hence, you can link two devices at once. Also, the earphone can connect to iOS and Androids seamlessly, which makes it appropriate for anyone using an iPhone and an Android device.

Sound Quality – The lows, highs, and mids are well balanced, offering a clear HD sound. It makes the headset appropriate for making calls and also listening to music. It comes with buttons which allows you to make hands-free calls.


  • Multiple colors
  • Premium sound output
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Touch controls for hands-free control
  • Wireless connection


  • Small size which makes them easy to get lost
  • Low battery life

Summary: The earpiece offers clear audio for the user, and the ergonomic design gives a user maximum comfort. You can use the headset for a minimum of 4 hours and comes with a charging dock that carries power capable of running the earphones for 3 hours. You can connect two devices at once due to its multi-point capability.


The XR800 is one of the best wireless headphones which has noise cancellation features. The earbuds are comfortable and come with an HD microphone. Its wrap-around design is also a great add-on which keeps your earbuds on at all times. It’s waterproof, which makes it a cool sports gear.

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Battery Life – Once you fully charge the battery, you are capable of using the earbuds for a minimum of seven hours, which can last you a full day at work. It has a lithium-ion battery and uses a USB cable to recharge its battery. If your battery depletes it will notify you, and you can connect to your charger.

Sound Quality – The XR800 offers clear and sharp sound output, which is impressive for your music time. The bass is apparent and well balanced, and the treble is clear. The headphones come with a noise canceling feature which gives you maximum audio clarity. The earbuds are built to fit well in your ear canals and cut off any external noise.

Waterproof – On reading the specification and product details, you can see the headsets have an IPX7 waterproof rating. If you are a sports enthusiast, this can work well with you. The earbuds can effectively sustain your sweaty training sessions. If you walk under the rain, the earbuds can support the rainwater, thanks to its waterproofing build.

Connectivity – The headset uses Bluetooth V4.1 and EDR for wireless connection. The Bluetooth version and the use of EDR gives the users a seamless audio output. The range of connection is also better; hence, you can move around with ease. The earbuds can connect to multiple devices, either iOS or Android.


  • Impressive HD sound output
  • Perfect fit
  • Steady wireless connection
  • It has a clear treble and deep bass
  • Noise cancellation capability


  • The microphone is not clear enough
  • Bulky

Summary: The headsets are appropriate for working out, and they are comfortable on your ears. The battery life can sustain you for long enough, and the sound balance will make you enjoy your music. It has a single wire which connects both earbuds.

5. Mpow EM1

The Mpow EM1 is an innovative single earbud which can be used on one ear and allows you to be aware of your surroundings. It has three different sized earbuds where one can choose the appropriate size for their ear canal. It uses EDR and Bluetooth V4.1 which gives it a maximum range of up to 33ft and the battery can last up to 6 hours after charging for an hour.

Mpow EM1 Wireless Earpiece
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High-Quality Sound – EM1 offers a crisp and uncut sound output which impressive for a single earphone. The treble and the bass are well balanced. You can use the headset for making calls and listening to your podcasts. You can use the earpiece in a quiet environment for calls, and its ease of control is impressive.

Stylish & Comfortable Design- The design of this earpiece is stylish and lightweight to ensure anyone can use these earphones for longer durations. There are three different sized earbuds you can use according to what fits well in your ear. It’s also small enough where people with tiny ears can easily use the earphones with limited chances of dropping off.

Wireless Connection – How amazing is a pair of headphone which allows you to move a distance of 33 feet? EM1 has two main techniques of connection. It uses Bluetooth V4.1 and EDR to connect to your devices. These mediums give you a large radius of connectivity hence freedom of mobility.

Battery Life – Once you buy this headset, you get two magnetic chargers and a storage case. If you charge your earpiece for an hour, you can use them for six hours. The USB stick charger is portable; hence, you can carry it around with you.


  • Amazing audio output
  • Stylish and unnoticeable design
  • Long battery life
  • Can connect two devices at a time
  • Lightweight


  • The small size makes it prone to lose
  • Not a great pick for listening to music

Summary: The EM1 is a good pick for anyone looking for a pair of the earphone to use for calls and listening to podcasts. It’s small in size, and the choice of three earbuds make it appropriate for individuals with tiny ears. It has a button which allows you to answer and reject calls easily.

The final words (Summary)

This article gives you the best wireless headphone for small ears that you can purchase. When buying headphones, you have to keep in mind that your ears matter more than anything else. If you are buying earbuds which keep falling off during use, it might be uncomfortable for a user, and it will also limit them in doing various tasks.

We also have a buying guide, which makes it easier for you to pick the best headphones you can get. If you find it challenging this article will give you an outline of what you need. Work on your budget and ensure you get value for your money. Happy shopping!

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