5 Best Earphones For Phone Calls In 2019

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Earphones prove beyond doubt that they are one of the best and the most convenient way to make your phone calls. Some of these earphones are wireless; hence it’s easier to make calls without limiting your flexibility. The main factor that makes a pair of earbuds appropriate for making calls is its audio clarity.

This article does a review of the best earphones for phone calls you can get in the market. Our knowledge of different types of earbuds in the market guarantees that we pick the best models. Our buying guide can also assist you when you are shopping for earphones.

A quick look at the best phone calls earphones

1.Sony MDRXB50APSony
2.Mpow Jaws MPBH025ADMpow
3.Bose QuietComfort 20Bose
4.Soundcore AK-A3451011Anker

5 Best Earphones For Phone Calls Reviewed

1. Sony MDRXB50AP

The design and extra features for this particular pair of earbuds make it an excellent choice for making phone calls. It offers deep bass and has a microphone which allows one to communicate with their caller. The in-ear tips may not fit in the ears of all users, but there are several ear tips of different sizes you can use.


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Control – The earbuds come with a multi-function controller which has a microphone. You can receive or cancel your phone calls by using the control buttons. Also, the knobs can increase or decrease the volume to make it’s sound audible.

Sound Quality – The neodymium magnet drivers on the speakers offer high-energy. The earphones are well known for their capability of producing a powerful bass. The bass is deep, but it doesn’t affect the mids and the lows of the particular earbuds.

Noise Isolation – The noise isolation of this particular headset is above average. The earbuds are made from silicone which creates an air-tight seal with your ears. You can also use the right size of ear tips for your ears which will assist in canceling the environmental noise.

Design – Metal and plastic are the main components used in the manufacture of this particular pair of earbuds. The engineering of the two materials gives a stylish finish and makes it durable. The earbuds are soft and gentle on the ears of a user thanks to the use of silicone in their manufacture.

It has a 1.2m long cable to make it tangle free. The multi-control buttons make it easy to make or receive calls without pulling out your phone from the pocket. The ear tips are of four different sizes to ensure they fit well in the ear canals of the users.

  • It produces a powerful bass
  • Comfortable in your ears and fit perfectly
  • Affordable
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Durable
  • The earbuds can stick out of the ear
  • The bass is heavy hence a poor choice for purists

Summary: Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of earphones. The MDRXB50AP is a fantastic pick for making calls and its durable which means you can use it for long. The earphones are also audible; hence you won’t strain when you are making calls.

2. Mpow MPBH025AD

The rise of wireless earphones is quickly phasing off the use of wired earbuds. The Mpow is one of our wireless pick for this category. The earbuds work well for wireless earphone lovers and its affordable. The earphones are lightweight, and the neckband design makes it easier to use.

Mpow Jaws MPBH025AD

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Battery Life – The wireless Mpow Gen-3 works on a rechargeable battery which can work for a duration of up to 13 hours. If the earbuds are on standby mode, they can last for 350 hours before recharging. You can use the earphones for a whole day to make and receive phone calls.

Sound Quality – The earphones offer an average sound quality which is okay when you compare to its price tag. The mids, lows, and highs are well balanced and would make you catch every word. The performance of the earbuds when playing music is low.

Noise Canceling (CVC 6.0) – The innovation cuts down the noise from the surrounding when you wear the earphones. It allows a user to get clear audio when they are making phone calls. Also, you should ensure the ear tips fit in your ear canal for it to work effectively.

Call Alert – In case someone calls you, the earphones would vibrate to notify you of the incoming call. It ensures that you don’t miss a call even when your phone is in the pocket. The earphones can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Shark-Like Magnet – The magnet is built-in the earplugs and works by linking the earplugs when you are not using them. You don’t need always to put on the earplugs at all times. The magnet locks the earphone around your neck and prevents them from falling off.

  • The battery can serve you for a whole day
  • Call alert through vibration
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Noise reduction technology hence improves sound clarity
  • Affordable
  • The material feels cheap and of low-quality
  • The audio output can be improved

Summary: Mpow Gen 3 is affordable, and the sound quality is what you need to make calls. They are comfortable and lightweight meaning you can wear it for the whole day.

3. Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose is one of the leading world’s electronics manufacturers, and they are behind the Bose QuietComfort 20. The QC20 is one of the top picks in the in-ear earbuds due to their top-notch noise cancellation capability. It’s designed for any Android user and works perfectly with Samsung devices. The in-ear earphones sound is impressive, and they are comfortable on your ears.

Bose QuietComfort 20

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Design – The design of this particular QC20 is classy and straightforward. The performance and technology used in this specific pair of earphones can’t be compared with any other model in its class. The ear tips are designed to offer maximum user comfort and its lightweight.

Android Compatibility – QC20 is engineered to work well with Samsung devices, both tablets, and smartphones. It can also work on any other Android mobile device. The multi-control buttons allow you to make calls on your phone hands-free.

HD Sound Quality – The pair of earphones give a fantastic audio quality you can’t get from any other in-ear type of earphones. TriPort technology is the primary technique used to provide you with this excellent HD sound.

Noise canceling – You are now able to focus on your call at all times thanks to its noise-cancelling capabilities. Also, when you are listening to music, the feature ensures that you enjoy your music more.

Aware Mode – The in-ear earbuds give a user the chance to turn on the awareness mode. It shuts down the noise cancellation feature and allows you to be completely aware of your surroundings.

Comfortable Ear Tips – The ear tips of the QC 20 are designed using advanced innovations to make them comfortable on a user. The Proprietary StayHear+ give one a soft and secure ear tip. You can use the earphones for long with limited chances of fatigue.

  • It works perfectly with Samsung and Android devices
  • Superb sound quality
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Impressive noise cancelling
  • Extended battery life
  • Expensive
  • The battery isn’t replaceable

Summary: The QC 20 is one of the best in-ear earphones with incredible noise cancelling features. They are costly, but if you need a classy and comfortable pair of earphones, you won’t go wrong with the QC 20.

4. Soundcore AK-A3451011

The Soundcore from Anker is one of the earphones which offers an incredible audio output at a low price. Soundcore is a closed-back and in-ear earphone which has a powerful and decent bass for both your communication and entertainment purposes. It’s waterproof; hence you can still communicate with your callers when it’s raining.

Soundcore AK-A3451011

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Sound Quality – The High-octane Sound output is one amazing technique giving these earphones a fantastic sound. The 10mm speaker drivers ensure the audio quality is at its maximum. It also has an in-house tuning which provides it with deep bass and clear treble. The mids are well balanced and soft on the ears of a user.

Waterproof – Anker’s soundcore has an IPX7 waterproofing rate which means it can withstand both splash water and sweat. The earphones can be your best communication companion even when its raining.

Battery Life – Once the battery of earphones is full, it can last a user for 12 hours non-stop talk time. The performance means the power can last you a whole day with no need to recharge the earbuds.

Comfortable – A lot of factors are in play to ensure the earbuds are very comfortable. The earphone has five different sized ear tips you can use on your ears to make it fit comfortably. The ear hooks are soft and gentle on the ears of a user.

The material that makes the ear tips determine how long you can use the earphones with limited chances of fatigue. The ear tips are made from silicone which is soft on your ears.

  • Amazing battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Carry case
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • High-pitched sound
  • Average bass

Summary: The Soundcore will give its users a fantastic sound performance for making calls at a low price. The earbuds are also waterproof meaning you can use them in any condition.


The Amorno foldable earbuds are one of the best you can get in the market. The earphones offer a lot of unique and extra features at a low price. Some of the features of the Amorno foldable and retractable earphones are:


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Sound Quality – The earbuds produce an impressive and well balanced audio output. The noise cancellation feature allows it to give you a clearer and more focused sound. It uses Bluetooth v4.1 which is efficient and offers an amazing audio quality.

Connection – The retractable earbuds use Bluetooth to connect with your devices. It uses V4.1 which offers an unbeaten performance and its energy efficiency. The earphones can connect with any smartphone you have.

Design – The earphones are foldable which makes it easy for you to carry when you are not using. The earbuds are retractable and allow the user to set the size of the cable they want. Also once you are done, you can press the retract button, and the earbuds will retract back to the neckline.

The design of the neckband is also marvelous to ensure a user can wear the earphones around the neck comfortably for long. The materials used in its manufacture are also light making it light to make it portable.

Vibration Alert – The foldable earphones would notify you by vibrating when you receive a call. Even when you are in a noisy place, the chances are low that you will miss a call. The multi-control allows you to accept or make calls hands-free.

  • Quality Hi-Fi sound
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Hands-free calling
  • Retractable and foldable
  • The battery can do better
  • The charging time is extended

Summary: The Amorno is a portable and wireless headphone. You can easily fold it away when you are not using. Its price friendly is making it one of the best if you are looking for a cheap pair of earphones.

Things to consider when buying earphones for phone calls

The free earphones you get when you buy a new phone may not offer you what you need in a set of earphones. You may need better earbuds, and that means you have to search through the different types of earbuds in the market. The best way to get the perfect earbuds is being knowledgeable on what you should look for in the different earphones you get.

Sound Quality – The sound quality of the earphones matter, and it should be one of the factors you should consider. If you are buying in a store, you can test them and read the product specification to see the audio spectrum. If you are buying from an online store, You should read the specs and look for any extra features that would improve the sound quality.

Design – The design of the earphones also determines how comfortable they can be on your ears. The shape of the ear tips would fit perfectly in your ears. Also, the material used to manufacture the earbuds would make it suitable for use.

Earbuds – The type of earbuds and size would determine how comfortable they can be on your ears. It will be a brilliant idea if you purchase earphones with different sized ear tips where you can pick the appropriate size

Features – Different manufacturers offer various features you can get that may improve the performance of the earbuds. When you read the reviews and product specifications, you will be able to tell some of the features. An example is the use of noise canceling feature which helps make the audio better.

Wireless/ Wired – These two earbud constructions have different merits and demerits. When you need to be flexible, or you work in harsh conditions, you can go for wireless earphones they would serve better. Wired headsets offer better sound output than wireless earbuds.

Battery Life – For wired earbuds, battery life matters a lot. You can check how long the cells can last after its fully charged and also the size of the battery. A long-lasting battery would serve you for longer durations, and you won’t need to recharge your earphones during the day.

The Final Words (Summary)

The earphones that come with a new phone may not offer what you need from a pair of earbuds for making calls. This article shows you some of the best earbuds for phone calls you can purchase. They offer amazing features which can be suitable for talk time.

Also, we have a buying guide to show you what you can look for in a good pair of earphones. Your preferences matter a lot when you are buying what you need from the market, and work within your budget. Ensure that the sound the earbuds produce is audible and well balanced. Enjoy your shopping!

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