How to Choose a Headphone (Buyer’s Guide)

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With many headphones out in the market and many more being churned out every year, finding the right one may be tricky. That is why many people end up regretting on their choices after spending a lot of money.

how to choose a headphone

You do not have to be part of this statistic though. We are here to help you out. Our team of expert researchers has delineated the best ways of how to choose a headphone. Read on to find out how to do this. You will also receive insight on how to spend the least amount of money on it.

How to choose a headphone (9 steps)

1. Type of Headphone

Headphones come in different types. The most common are the earbuds, in-ear, and over-the-ear headphones. It is hence necessary to find out the correct kind of headphone for your use.

For you to achieve this feat, you have to skim and scrutinize the various headphones that are on sale at any given time. You may consider trying them one at a time to find out which one best suits your need.

2. Intended Location of Use

Where exactly do you wish to use your headphone? If it is in a noisy location, look for one that has noise-canceling features. The earbuds will, however, do if you do not really care about the location.

If however, you intend to use yours in a fitness gym, you have to find one that is really tough and durable. The strong impacts will often endanger your equipment to the extent of breaking them apart.

3. Application or Purpose of Headphone

What exactly do you want to use your headphone for? Is it merely listening to music or supporting some two-way conversations or audio production as well? Generally speaking, those headphones which are intended for listening to music are smaller, simpler, and more compact in size.

Those for advanced applications are however very complicated and costly to come by. You hence have to delineate your unique tastes appropriately before purchasing.

4. Size of your Head

The size of your head also determines to a large extent the mind of headphone that might be relevant to you. That is because these headphones, just like the heads of potential users, differ in size. You want to match the headphone with your head as much as possible.

Generally speaking, the best headphone has to be adjustable. This is to make it possible for you to shrink or extend its size to line up with the unique size of your head.

5. Frequency Range

For those wireless headphones, you have to factor in the frequency range. This refers to the maximum extent or distance in which it may accept wireless signals from the various audio devices. The best headphone on the basis of this consideration has to have the maximum range possible.

While at it, such a headphone should also be able to ward off signal interferences from other like-minded devices. This is to guarantee a smooth audio output.

6. Personal Tastes and Preferences

Your other personal tastes and preferences also come in handy while choosing your desired headphone. Some of the common aspects of this kind are the kinds of music you prefer and whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Rock music, reggae, and hip hop are generally too heavy for smaller headphones. They might shutter the earpiece due to the intense beats and hence require powerful headphones. Blues and rhythms are however soft enough to spare your earpiece of these damages. Ordinary headphones will do just fine.

7. Desired Frequency of Use

How often do you intend to use the headphones? Are you a one-in-while user or do you plan to use the headphones every other time? If you intend to use the headphone repeatedly or for a prolonged duration of time, you have to find one that is very durable.

You do not want yours to sustain damages and other elements of wear and tear soon. Ordinary headphone will do you some good for once-in-awhile use.

8. Brand

The field of the manufacture of the headphones is saturated with numerous players and manufacturers. Not every brand or manufacturer will yield you the same degree of satisfaction. That is why it makes sense of finding one that is more likely to yield you higher satisfaction levels.

Some of the top brands to consider prioritizing are Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Shure, Grado, Bose, AKG, and Sony. They have consistently proved to be great and durable enough.

9. Skill Level vs. Controls

A typical headphone is packed with numerous controls and features. The play/pause, skip forward, skip back, fast forward, rewind, answer or hang up, switch calls, and reject call are some of these. It is necessary that you balance these controls with your skill level.

You do not want to lay your hand on one which might be too cumbersome for you to engage. Carry out some honest assessment of your expertise to be able to know the precise expertise you require for the job.

How to choose headphone color?

Choosing the right headphone color is just as great as choosing the headphone itself. There are three main considerations for the right kind of color. These are:

How to choose headphone color

Occasions – You have to match the headphone of interest with the occasion in mind. If you plan to go for a funeral, for instance, you have to purchase a black one. If on the other hand, you want to go for a lively event like a wedding, a brightly-colored one like pink or white would do you some good.

Lifestyle – What lifestyles do you embrace? Are you generally withdrawn or somber? On the contrary, could you be playful and cheerful? It is necessary to look up the headphone color which lines up with your personal lifestyles. Bright colors rhyme with lively occasions whereas dark colors do well with the somber ones.

Personal Preferences – Your personal preferences should also come in handy. You have to find your color of choice and preference to be able to acquire the best kind of color. Do not force yourself to settle for a color which is not so great for you. Some neutral colors like grey and white are good to start with.

Price of headphone

Finding the right headphone need not necessarily be too daunting or expensive an undertaking. To be able to find the cheapest headphone, you inevitably have to compare the prices of the various headphones on offer.

Go to the online auction sites like or and search the various headphones there. You will receive a listing there with all the headphones and their corresponding prices.

The final words (conclusion)

Finding the right gadget goes beyond merely reading the tips on headphone buyers guide above. You have to take the next bold step and implement the tips practically. Just go to the online auction sites and do your searching. Match the search results with the parameters we have outlined and explained above. When do you plan to purchase your headphone? Who else are you sharing this information with? Best of luck in your next headphone purchase!

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