How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Computer?

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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Computer?Purchasing a Bluetooth headphone is one thing. Deploying the same for your use is yet another thing altogether. It is hence great to know just how this wonderful task may be accomplished. How possible is it safe for receiving the necessary insight to that end?

We have stepped in here to help to get started out. In our discussions that follow, we are going to look into the steps involved in attaching a Bluetooth headphone to a computer. This we do hope will give you the head start you need to launch out well. How about you taking the time to read through to gain the necessary insight?

The Steps Below will Help you to Get the Job Done:

For the sake of illustration, we are going to assume that your computer’s operating system is Windows 10.

Step I: Identify the USB slot: The first step is to identify the USB slot of the computer to which you want to attach the headphone. Just in case this slot is non-existent in your computer, you may want to fix the USB Bluetooth adapter into the slot that is set aside for the USB port.

Step II: Look for the Bluetooth Icon: Next, check out for the Bluetooth icon. This signifies that your computer not only supports the functionality but that it also exists. You may go to the control panel and have it activated just in case the icon is missing. Consider wholesome troubleshooting if you do not succeed at this stage.

Step III: Turn on Bluetooth: Now move on to turn the Bluetooth on. These steps will help you to do that:

Start => Settings => Devices => Bluetooth and other devices.

Then turn the Bluetooth functionality on.

Alternatively, go to:

Action Center => Bluetooth => Turn on.

If at this stage the Bluetooth functionality is not yet powered on, use the ‘Expand Quick Actions’ to do the trick. Follow these steps to do the job:

Taskbar => Action Center => Expand

The Bluetooth will appear but will show as ‘Not Connected.’

Turn on Bluetooth

Step IV: Add Bluetooth to the Action Center: Having activated the Bluetooth functionality, the time has now come to add it to the Action Center. Follow these steps to do that:

Start => Settings => Systems => Notifications & actions => Quick Actions

Finish it up by turning the Bluetooth on

Step V: Pair the Bluetooth Headset: Here, we get to the core of the connection exercise. It is at this stage that you now pair the Bluetooth headset to the computer.

Turn on the Bluetooth to make it discoverable, then:

Start => Settings => Devices => Bluetooth & other devices => Add Bluetooth or other device => Bluetooth

Select the specific headset you want to air and follow the accompanying pieces of instructions

Choose ‘Done’ after you are through with the pairing process

Pair the Bluetooth Headset

Step VI: Enter the Unique Identifiers: Some headphones will demand that you enter unique identifiers either in the forms of passcodes, passwords, fingerprints, or pins. You have to check the manufacturer’s manual to be able to know this piece of information. Many brands set it at the default 0000 (four zeros).

After you have keyed in the unique identifier, you are advised to alter them for the sake of making it harder to access later on by an unsuspecting third party.

Step VII: Confirm the Connection: After you have set every stage, the system will leave out a message to indicate that the headphone is connected to the personal computer. At this stage, click ‘Done’ and then close the ‘Settings’ window. The Bluetooth headset will automatically stay connected to the PC as long as you stay within the range of operations that are stipulated for the two gadgets. Thus, you should always see to it that you maintain this range at all times of your work.

NB: Just in case your devices don’t work smoothly at this stage, you may have to detach both of them, restart your computer, and then go through the steps we have delineated above afresh. If they still don’t work after that, you may have to consult expert guidance to help you out.

The Final Words (Summary)

The steps we have belabored above are truly able to launch you out attaching your Bluetooth headphones to your computer. Kindly note that the exact steps to follow may differ slightly from one computer to another and one operating system to another one. That calls for some vigilance on your part.

You have to pay keener attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations that are contained in the instruction manual. If you happen to get stuck along the way, do not hesitate to seek external assistance. Remember, your negligence may in fact pose some permanent damages to the headphones overall.

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