5 Best Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones under 50 (Budget headphones)

If you want to enjoy playing games on your PC, listening to music, or enjoying uninterrupted calling sessions without any hassles then you should definitely look for equipment that will help you enjoy yourself to the fullest. There will not be any wires hanging around when you are using the headphone and it will offer you higher mobility and flexibility so that you don’t have to remain in one place.

Making the right selection from the list of the best Bluetooth over ear headphones under 50 will become even more easy and simple for you as we have reviewed the best product so that you won’t have to waste your precious time.

What should you know before buy?

Comfort and Fit – The Bluetooth over ear headphone that you select need to fit perfectly over your ears so that you will remain comfortable while wearing them. It should also be designed in a manner so that it does not fall down when you are using it while doing any other tasks.

Battery life: The battery life of your headphones will influence how long you can use them without needing to recharge them. Look for models that have at least 10 hours of playtime so you can get the most out of your headphones.

Sound quality – Before buying this product, you will need to pay attention to its sound quality so that you will enjoy life long benefits. There are some headphones that come with the latest sound technology and you will need to keep this in mind while making the purchase decision.

Noise cancellation features – This is an important feature that eliminates any background sound so that you will enjoy the seamless and uninterrupted sound quality. Hence you can either opt for active or passive noise canceling feature in the headphone that you intend to buy.

Durability – The ear over headphone that you buy should be durable enough so that it does not get damaged due to its overuse so that your investment will remain intact. The parts of the headphone need to durable so that you will enjoy long term benefits from its use.

Quality material – Your selection should be based on the quality of the material of the product as it should be comfortable, breathable, and lightweight so that it will offer a large number of benefits. You should look for a material that does not cause discomfort even after use for an extended period of time.

5 Best Bluetooth over ear headphones under 50 reviewed

1. Avantree BTHS-AS9-BLK

For an enhanced calling and music listening experience, you need to buy this amazing product that offers you the opportunity of connecting two phones simultaneously. You can use it according to your preferences as you have the option of using a wireless or wired alternative that suits your tastes and requirements.

Avantree BTHS-AS9-BLK
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Super lightweight Design – You will love using this convenient and comfortable product that has been designed for ensuring that you will have an amazing experience while using it on a regular basis. It comes with ultra light and super soft protein ear pads that will make your ears comfortable all day long without any issues. The adjustable headband features a lightweight design for all day use without any inconvenience even when you are using it while traveling, making phone calls or enjoying music anywhere.

Dual mode feature – Whether you want to use this headphone with wires or wireless, you are privileged to choose a setting that will suit your requirements. If you want to preserve the battery life of your device then you can opt for a wired connection that will help you to enhance the battery life easily.

Long lasting battery – Your search ends here for the best Bluetooth over ear headphones that are specially designed for long term use as their battery will work for 40 hours and you can take it along with you for vacations and trips. The built in battery promises to offer interrupted music, games, and calls as you will not have to worry about battery backup or battery being drained out.


  • AptX Hi-Fi technology offers crystal clear sound with clear treble, rich bass, and even midtones
  • Customized and comfortable fit enables you to enjoy enhanced listening pleasure
  • Lightweight design offers the benefits of enjoying high quality sound all day
  • Passive noise cancellation helps you to concentrate on your music or calls


  • Bluetooth operation range is affected by any obstacles that come in between
  • Control buttons and built-in-mic only works in a wireless mode that can be a problem when using the wired option

Summary: It is a comfortable and lightweight headphone that can easily be customized according to your needs and even if you don’t have any knowledge about technology, you can use this product to your heart’s content. It allows you to enjoy music at the office, home or on the go as there is nothing that can stop you from listening to your favorite music wherever you want.

2. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

If you want to enjoy music to the core, then you should not compromise on its quality because this headphone over ear has all the features that will make you enjoy an enhanced music experience. It comes with a comfortable fit, super soft earbuds, and a perfectly fitting headband so that nothing can stop you from enjoying the best quality music.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones
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Amazing sound quality- 40mm neodymium driver and CSR chip enable you to enjoy the amazing sound quality and stereo sound for an enhanced listening experience. You will get immersed in the musical environment with the best sound quality from the headphones featuring an around ear cushion design for complete comfort.

Built-in Mic – You can enjoy using this wireless headphone that comes with built in mic so that you can enjoy hands free calls and music in a wide variety of devices of your choice. You can also use this headphone in any of your Bluetooth enabled devices so that you will enjoy calls wherever you go according to your convenience.

Long lasting comfort – Memory protein ear cushion simulates the human skin texture so that you will enjoy long lasting comfort even when you use this headphone all day long. The softly padded headband and stainless steel slider offer perfect fit without any issues for enjoying music and calls all day long.


  • Enjoy long lasting comfort with memory-protein ear cushion
  • Get the perfect fit and excellent durability with a softly padded headband
  • Extra battery life that lasts for up to 20 hours
  • Enhanced portability with foldable design for traveling needs


  • Passive noise canceling might attract some sounds
  • The microphone works only for wireless mode

Summary: If you want to enjoy immersive sound quality, then you should consider buying this headphone that can be used in both wired and wireless mode. It is comfortable to wear option that offers a perfect fit so that you can use it all day long without getting any kind of issues.

3. Skullcandy S6HBHY-516

This is an excellent device that offers you the opportunity of streaming music from any of your Bluetooth device for enjoying high quality sound. It is a wireless headphone that is constructed with high quality material and ergonomic design so that you will remain comfortable while using it throughout the day. You will experience the best sound isolation feature so that you don’t get to hear any outside noise while you are using this headphone for your everyday use.

Skullcandy S6HBHY-516
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Wireless features – This is a wireless headphone that features wireless control and pairing so that you can stream music easily from any of the Bluetooth enabled devices. You also have the option of choosing songs and adjusting volumes with the control button. It also has a useful power button for answering calls easily with a single touch without much of an effort.

High comfort and durability – The material and construction of the headphone offer strength, durability and comfort for its everyday use so that you will not face any kind of inconvenience. The comfort can be attributed to the soft synthetic leatherette ear cushions so that you will enjoy your playtime. The durable metal headband is strong enough to bear the wear and tear of everyday use.

Long battery life – The battery of the headphone is charged in 2.5 hours so that you can enjoy 15 hours of music when you go out on a trip or anywhere. You will not have to worry about charging the battery until you get an indication from the LED indicator that will let you know when you need to charge the battery. It comes with a micro USB port on the headband that is present for easy charging wherever you want.


  • Ear cushions made with soft touch high quality leather for offering all day comfort
  • The rechargeable battery gets fully charged within 2.5 hours of charging
  • Enjoy supreme sound with high quality seamless music streaming
  • LED indicator gives you low battery warnings so that you can charge it
  • Wireless control helps in answering calls with the touch of a button


  • Noise isolation can lead to warming and sweating of the ears
  • The headphones tend to get heavier with the metal headband

Summary: It is one of the best wireless headphones that come with all the features that you need and it is constructed with high quality material for offering comfort and durability. The long battery life allows you to enjoy music for long hours so that you will not get any interruptions while calling or listening to music.


Enjoy stereo and deep bass sound with this headphone so that you will enjoy music to the core as it allows seamless music experience for long hours. It is made with high quality leather that feels like human skin so that you will enjoy a stress free experience. You can pair with any Bluetooth enabled the device for enjoying the best sound and music with hands free experience.

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Superior sound quality – This headphone offers 3D Surround Sound and powerful Bass effect so that you will enjoy listening to the best music collection. The full range sound and lasting quality effects offer balanced audio with sparkly treble, crispy mids, punchy bass, and audible range.

High quality construction – This headphone is made with artificial protein leather for enhancing its durability and comfort level as it feels like human skin. You will enjoy long lasting comfort even when you use this headphone all day long as it does not cause any kind of discomfort.

Innovative design – Innovative design and unique appearance makes it stand out from the crowd as this headphone helps you to enjoy music while being comfortable. Control the music with a button placed of the headband for an amazing listening experience.


  • Comfortable fitting headphone for all head sizes
  • Artificial protein leather offers comfort while wearing
  • Control button placed on the headband for quick and easy access
  • Lightweight design makes it portable to carry everywhere
  • Built in microphone for hands free calling and music experience


  • Battery life tends to deplete with time over the years
  • Some sound issues might arise when using with wired mode

Summary: It is an overall good headphone that is known for its comfort level, durability, and high quality construction. The battery life is great for all day use so that you don’t face any issues while using it for your everyday personal and professional life.

If you need bulky bass in-ear headphones for your gaming purposes, the KLIM is one of the best. The design is stylish and fabulous, and the five-year warranty shows the earbuds are of high quality.

5. TaoTronics Over Ear Headphones

This headphone offers high clarity sound with powerful bass so that you can enjoy your passion for listening to music wherever you want. It comes with long battery life for 30 hour playtime that is ideal for different devices for your personal and professional needs. The active noise canceling headphones will offer your obstruction free music that will not attract any background sound so that you will get immersed in the music.

(top rated bluetooth over ear headphones) TaoTronics Over Ear Headphones
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High comfort level – Wearing this product for a longer period of time will not affect you in any manner because you will stay comfortable with its lightweight design. The adjustable headband offers a seamless fit to your head shape so that it will remain intact without getting dislocated. Enjoy luxurious comfort with the soft leatherette ear cushions that cover your ear so that you will enjoy wearing this headphone.

Enhanced calling experience – Using the wireless mode of the headphone allows you to enjoy hassle free and clear calls as it is designed with built in mic so that you will enjoy a better calling experience. The noise canceling technology helps in filtering the ambient noise so that your phone calls and music quality will be enhanced. You can enjoy a hands free experience using this headphone so that you can also make calls in a noisy environment.

Excellent battery life – Enjoy 30 hours of uninterrupted music and calls with a battery life of 30 hours so that you will not have to worry about the battery draining out. It also comes with an audio cable that allows you to charge the headphone when the battery is low so that you will not have to remain without it for a single minute.


  • Dual large aperture drivers offer the right balance of bass, mid-levels and highs
  • Long lasting music playback for seamless streaming of your favorite songs
  • Noise canceling headphone offers the best music in both wired and wireless mode
  • High quality leatherette offers maximum comfort and minimum weight for long term use
  • Enjoy high quality sound without interruptions with longer battery life


  • Ear cup size is smaller for larger sized ears
  • Headphones might become uncomfortable after extended period of use

Summary: It is an amazing product for the price because you will get high quality sound with a comfortable fit and noise canceling features. The ergonomically fitting ear cups will offer comfort for long term use so that you will uninterrupted audio experience from this headphone.

The final words (Summary)

When selecting the best Bluetooth over ear headphone under 50 dollars, you will need to consider all these factors and read the reviews of the product for making the right purchase decision. The headphone needs to be comfortable, lightweight and durable so that you will enjoy the best music and sound from this product. It needs to have all the features that make it the best product that is available in the market as it enables you to listen to music or make calls conveniently.

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