5 Best Lightning Earbuds In 2019

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In the jargon of earbuds, it’s very hard to figure out what product is good or bad. The terminologies are numerous and hard to understand, plus the technology used for every earbud are different and complex. In the market, there are many earbuds for sales and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

What if we help you figure this out? Now we are going to review the best lightning earbuds in the market in 2019 so that you don’t get embarrassed and confused while buying your earbuds.

A quick look at the top rated lightning earbuds

1.Beats urBeats3 EarphonesBeats
2.iDARS Lightning EarbudiDARS
3.Rayz Lightning Ear EarbudsRAYZ
4.Thore V100 iPhone EarbudsEncased
5.PALOVUE Earflow in-Ear Lightning EarbudPALOVUE

5 Best Lightning Earbuds Reviewed

1. Beats urBeats3

Are you an audiophile or some kind of music fan who cares about the quality of the song? Are you hard to please the client who barely gets satisfied with the earbuds in the market? You might also have been disappointed with the existing earbuds and now you are questioning what to buy? Well don’t look so far, this is the earbuds you should have with zero regrets.

Beats urBeats3 Earphones

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Suitable – The beats earbud is designed to make you be at ease. It features an ergonomic fit, which goes with a smooth look and beats sound. The manufacturer cared about your comfort by making the earbud intra auricular. You will listen to your music without even struggling with the earbuds to fit your ears. It also features a tangle free flat that makes you forget you put earbud on for it sticks to the skin. The magnetic aspect of the earbuds makes it easy to be portable.

Power – The technology used for the UrBeats3 provides a high quality sound, an unbelievable bass and an optimal sound whatever the genre of the music. Both buds are synchronized and make you enjoy the sound by preventing external sound to come in.

Practical – As long as the UrBeats3 is mainly not wireless you can plug it in whatever device you own. It has a built-in microphone that allows calls and remote talks. Whether you are using an Android or an Apple product, you can get the best out of your buds. You can control the music by its featured buttons and better activate Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa.

Adaptability – There are 3 versions of the UrBeats3. Some are wireless and the others are not. The UrBeats3 itself is not wireless and exists in multiple colors (Black, Lightning, Satin Silver, etc.). It’s compatible to android but not to Apple products.

The PowerBeats3 wireless as indicated by its name is wireless and features a 12 hours battery life. Unlike the previous one, it supports Apple devices. It also exists in multiple colors such as Flash Blue, Siren Red, and White…

The last one is the BeatsX is also wireless and its battery life is up to 8 hours. There are just two existing colors: Black and Satin Silver. It supports Apple devices and is the heaviest among them.

  • Sound isolation
  • Stylish
  • Perfect sound
  • Flat cords and magnetic earbuds
  • Volume control
  • Not compatible with every android phone
  • Not waterproof
  • No noise canceling
  • Do not come with a box

Summary:  This is the matching earbuds if you are looking for something that can provide both high quality sound and good bass. According to your preferences, you can choose either the wireless buds or the non-wireless ones.

2. iDARS Lightning Earbud

Apple is reputed for fabricating devices that produce good sound. Given that, Apple users expect to have earbuds that relate, which is something very rare in the earbuds industry. The iDARS is specifically made for Apple devices and produce high quality sound as never heard with existing buds.

iDARS Lightning Earbud

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Compatibility – One thing most folks deplore in using earbuds with their iPhone or iPad is sound scratches. This is due either to the quality of the earbuds or to its incompatibility with the iOS version. Well, this earbuds match iOS 10 and recent versions. It goes along with iPhone 6, 7, 8 and X.

Comfortable- The earbuds suit your ears very well thanks to its ergonomic design. With this earbuds, you got a full control on your music; you choose to skip, pause or increase the volume of the sound, as you want. Moreover, you don’t need extra lightning connector.

High Quality Sound – There is no distortion using these earbuds. The bass is perfect and the scratches are nonexistent. The phone sound and the earbuds are synchronized so that you enjoy with precision the vibes of the music you are playing.

Techy – When your phones rings, you can pick and hang up the call by using the in-line button. You are also allowed to speak hands-free thanks to its built-in mic. With this earbuds, you handle some actions without getting the phone out of your pocket.

  • 12 Months Warranty plus life-time technical support
  • Made by premium materials
  • Delightful sound quality
  • No white noises during phone calls
  • Comfortable
  • Bad for jogging, exercise
  • Break after a few months of use
  • Makes thumps when they touch something
  • Not adapted old iOS versions

Summary: If Steve Jobs has seduced you with Apple products, then chances are great you will be most of the time dejected by other products. This can be solved as long as you opt for the best products. The iDARS are the suitable earphones for your iPhone or iPad. Using it you are less disappointed and get the best out of your music.

3. Pioneer Rayz B07DHZLX24

One of the reasons why some people prefer headphones to earphones is that they have to necessary power to cancel noises around. Some of the earphones that are said to cancel noise happen to be defective. If this is what you care for then you should purchase the Pioneer Rayz as quickly as you can.

Rayz Lightning Ear Earbuds

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Noise Cancellation – The quality of the output is optimized by the earbuds adaptive noise cancellation functionality. You are no more obligated to suffer listening to external noises.

Listen and Charge simultaneously – Some earbuds are incommodious, oblige you to choose between charging your iPhone that is running low and listen to good music. The Pioneer Rayz prevents you from living this awful dilemma. It is possible to charge and listen at the same time.

Compatibility – The recent versions of iOS are compatible with earbuds and with other old versions. It also supports macOS Sierra and the last generations of Mac. It does not produce any scratch due to incompatibility.

Lightning and hands-free – The lightning technology supplies USB-C adapters allowing to charge and listen simultaneously. You can activate Siri by just saying ��Hey Siri’ and operate phone calls without a touch. You can customize the earbuds using the smart button functionality.

  • Features smart functionalities
  • Work with some other devices like Windows, Linux and Android devices
  • 5 star sound quality
  • USB-c adapter with good connectivity
  •  Noise canceling
  • USB tight to plug
  • No android app to control it
  • Large packaging
  • Expensive
  • Noisy when dragging the USB

Summary: The Pioneer Rayz is the best flawless earbuds you will ever find. It transmits with fidelity the sound from your player and can be used while charging. It is a sort of techy device that you would not regret buying. Go buy it.

4. Encased V100WH

Each earbud has its predetermined functions. Some have features the others do not have and vice-versa. Thus, it’s very hard to find an earbud that comprises all the features you expect them to have. One good quality you would like to have your earbuds have is a strength. That’s why Thore is designed for you.

Thore V100 iPhone Earbuds

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Strength – As the name indicates it, the earbuds are as strong as the Greek god Thor is. Its cable is strengthened and is shock resistant. The material and the build are of high quality.

Design – The quality of the product is something and the design, the look is something else. How the earbuds look like plays a huge role in making the user comfortable. The tips are positioned in a way they suit your ears for better comfort.

Remote and portability – You are free to skip, play/pause songs as long as you have your Thore with you. The built-in microphone allows you to speak hand-free and make calls without being exposed to the wave of the phone. You can go anywhere you desire with Thore and still get the most out of it.

  • Very comfortable material
  • Package comes with different size
  • Several functionalities
  • Cost effective
  • Noise canceling
  • Sound quality not so high
  • Makes little bumps when it touches something
  • Difficulty to distinguish the volume button and the control button

Summary: It’s common that you buy an earbud and it breaks up the next day and you end up being frustrated. Adopting Thore will basically keep you away from déjections. It features a very recent technology that makes it suitable earbuds you need in your phone. Don’t waste time anymore, go get it.

5. PALOVUE Earflow Earbud

Whether it’s for listening to music or for receiving or emitting phone calls, earbuds are very liked tools. That’s what Palovue understood and decided to manufacture the Earflow in-Ear lightning. This earbud is meant to meet your expectations as no earbuds would have done it before.

PALOVUE Earflow in-Ear Lightning Earbud

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Powerful Drivers – The built in technology of these earbuds is designed to let you have better sound. They are pretty good at decreasing the ambient noise and at the same time at improving your listening moment.

Design and Comfort – The design is tangle free. It’s equipped with magnets that make the earbuds stick to each other anytime they are around your neck. You can put it in your pocket or bag without even worrying about having them messed up because the fabric is in aluminum alloy. Plus, lightning help have clear sound. You also have the choice to control your music. It has a ��Hey Siri’ feature that activates Siri.

  • Produces incredible sound
  • Provides comfort
  • Very long cord
  • State-of-the-art features
  • Doesn’t fit ears very well
  • Can’t be used for jogging
  • Does a noise when it’s plugged

Summary: If you are an audiophile, you will definitely love the quality of the sound that comes out. Chances are you have no bad experience using it.

Things to consider when buying a lightning earbud

When you purchase a brand new phone you are most of the time offered free earbuds but won’t be as perfect as you would have expected them to be. You are then in the obligation to find yourself brand new earbuds and that’s the hardest part. There are tons of earbuds in the market to an extent you can be confused about what will be the best earbuds. That’s why it’s important to know what to consider before buying a lightning earbud. Here we go.

Sensitivity – Earbuds are very precious and are very hard to take care of. One thing that facilitates the durability of your earbuds is the fabric they are made up of. Earbuds are sensitive and should be shock resistant. Remember ”all that glitters is not gold”.

Comfort – If your ears hurt when you put your earbuds on, then they are good for nothing. Your earbuds should provide you comfort. Don’t buy earbuds that don’t fit your ears. Don’t buy earbuds that make an awful sound.

Wired and wireless – It sometimes become a dilemma for you trying to figure which version of earbuds to buy. Well, your choice might be led by what you expect from the earbuds. In case you don’t want to deal with cords, then jump on wireless earbuds. But just be aware the wired earbuds are the wave less and give better quality sound and keep you away from being bored because the battery is off.

Sound Quality – What are earbuds for if they cannot make high quality sound? You ought to check the earbuds sound quality before buying them. Test the drivers to know how good the earbuds are.

Sound Cancellation – It is very uncomfortable to be listening to music and still be catching the noise around. You should be very selective about the earbuds you want to buy. Check very well they are good at sound isolation.

The Final Words (Summary)

There are plenty of earbuds on the Internet and they all have different qualities. Some are good and some are less good. However, the choice you make when it comes to buying an earbud should be guided by your preferences and your expectations.

You should look deeply into the core features of the earbuds and the device you hold. Both should be compatible and the earbud has to be cost effective too. If you’re doubting about the top products in the market you should take a look at the above best lightning earbuds review and make your choice.

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