5 Best Open Back Headphones Under $200

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An excellent therapist needs the right tools to get the correct insights from the patient. Music is one of the best therapy that can make you feel better and relieved. You should enjoy your music and also get each word and note in the melody for your therapy session to be successful. An open-back headphone would be a quality option for music therapy.

Finding the best open-back headphones is an uphill task. Our knowledge of different headphones puts us in an excellent position to give you an in-depth review of what you can get in the market. This article does a review of the top five best open back headphones under $200.

A quick look at the top open back headphones

1.Sennheiser HD 598 SRSennheiser
2.AKG Pro Audio K612PROAKG Pro Audio
4.beyerdynamic DT 990 PRObeyerdynamic
5.Fostex USA T20RP MK3Fostex USA

5 Best Open Back Headphones Under $200 Reviewed

1. Sennheiser HD 598 SR

This particular pair of headset, the HD598 offers a balanced and smooth sound which makes them an excellent choice for quality music. The manufacturer has a good reputation for providing quality headphones, and the HD598 SR is nothing different.

Sennheiser HD 598 SR

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Seamless Connectivity – The pack comes with two detachable cables which makes them compatible with different devices. The 6.3mm jack pin is capable of connecting to your home HI-FI system. In the pack, you will also get a 3.5mm which is compatible with portable devices and has a microphone for making calls.

Comfortable – The open-back headphones won’t hurt your ears if you wear them for long. It’s lightweight, and the use of premium leather material for the pads makes them comfortable to use. The leather covers the luxurious ear cushions.

Design – Its design bespeaks of quality and uniqueness where the headband wraps at the rear of the oval-shaped ear cups. Under the grille, there is a SENNHEISER logo. At the top of the headband, you will be able to find the name of the company engraved on the leather.

Quality Sound – You can enjoy music from this open soundstage since its design ensures the audio is well balanced and feels natural. The open-back ensures you can get any sound from the surrounding. Anyone around you may be able to hear what you are listening to and hence it won’t be a good choice for outdoor use.

Technology – Different innovations are in use hence ensuring different headphones deliver high-quality sound. The aluminum voice coils guarantee that the sound quality is efficient. It also offers extremely low distortion, and the dynamics are excellent.

One of the outstanding innovation of this open-back headphones is the Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.). The transducers channel the audio produced directly into the ears. Therefore, this makes it extra comfortable and hence you can listen to your music for long.

  • Comfortable hence can be used for longer durations
  • Balanced sound
  • It offers a fantastic soundstage
  • Detachable cables
  • Fairly priced
  • The headphone leaks a lot of audio output
  • Lackluster bass

Summary: The technology used to make the headphones make it a fantastic pick. If you need a portable and durable pair of open-back, then you can’t go wrong with the HD598.

2. AKG Pro Audio K612PRO

The open-back K612 is a fantastic headset for a price range of under $200. They are comfortable for prolonged use at home or in your office.

AKG Pro Audio K612PRO

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Comfortable – The set of headphones has a varimotion diaphragm which delivers soft music, and hence your ears can listen for long durations. The leather pads cover the soft cushion which offers extra comfort. The headband is self-adjusting making it fit perfectly on your head.

Sound Quality – The patent varimotion diaphragm is the technology that the manufacturer uses in the design of the headphones. They ensure the sound delivered is natural and well balanced. The open-back allows you to hear what’s going on in the surrounding.

Design – The cable for this headset is 3m long and is screwed on the adapter to hold it firmly. It’s thick to ensure that it can sustain any sudden stress that could break it. The3.5mm jack pin of this headphone is compatible with most of the mobile devices.

The ear cups of the K612 PRO are plastic, and metallic grills at the back. The ear cups can rotate flat for ease of storage in your bag. The company has its name engraved at the top of the leather headband.

  • Affordable
  • The headphones are comfortable
  • Well balanced audiophile sound
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • Minimum sound leakage
  • Uncomfortable for individuals wearing glasses
  • The cable is undetectable

Summary: If you are looking for quality sound and an auto-adjusting headset, the K612 PRO is what you are looking for in the market. It fits perfectly, and they are very comfortable to use for long durations

3. GRADO SR225e

The Grado SR225e is an above average open-back headset. The sound quality is impressive, and you can wear them for long. Some of the features of the headset include:


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Design – The headset has a stylish and the ear cups pads are a bit different from the company’s series of headphones. The ear cups are also dense to ensure that they are drop-resistant. You can adjust the headsets to fit on your head appropriately.

The padding is thicker to ensure they give a user extra comfort. The center is hollow; hence the sound produced is unobstructed at all. The cable is undetachable and thick enough to sustain any stress that may cause damage.

Sound Quality – The bass of this particular set is impressive which makes it different from the other open-back headsets. The midrange is also perfect and well balanced. Its tremble feels sharp and may hurt your ears if the volume is high.

Comfortability – Plastic and aluminum which is lightweight are the main components. The materials lower the overall weight of the headset making it light. The paddings on the ear cups are from soft cushion which feels soft on your ears.

It fits appropriately on the user’s head due to the adjustable headband. If you are using the headset for sports, then it might be slightly uncomfortable. They will fall off, and the cable might break hence making the headset an excellent choice for indoor usage.

Portable – One of the best features of the headphone is its portability. The Grado SR225e is lightweight, and the headband is thin. The ear cups can fall flat reducing its size further to fit in your bag.

Isolation – The ear cups have a grille at the back to complete the open-back design. It improves sound leakage to hence better sound quality. You can hear any noise around you when you are wearing these headphones.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Stylish design
  • Quality sound output
  • The 8-conductor cable is reducing the resonance
  • Portable
  • Sharp treble
  • The extra plastic material is making it feel cheap

Summary: The SR225e is an excellent choice for critical listening since the vocal and instrument production is well balanced. The soundstage is also spacious to give high-resolution audio.

4. beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

The DT990 is one of the top-notch open-back headphones. The sound output from the headset is a fantastic deal you might not want to miss. The sound is natural and the headphones are very comfortable.

beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

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Design – The ear pads are one of the outstanding features of this DT990 PRO. You can hardly get a headphone in this price range having velour pads. The cloth covers the memory foam which offers a fluffy feel on your ears.

Majority of the parts of this particular headset are plastic. The headband frame is made from steel which gives it the rigid shape. Premium leather wraps the structure which provides the headset with a fantastic finish.

The grille is made from plastic and offers a good open-back for the white ear cups. The cable is 3m long to ensure it increases your distance of movement. It’s also thick enough to sustain any stress that may lead to breakage.

Sound Quality – The sound quality is natural and audible which makes the headset one of the best for studio applications. The diaphragm has a spring which increases its pulses. They can achieve a frequency of up to 35,000 Hz.

The open back ensures that the audio is not over-blowing. The noise distortion is minimal ensuring you get the best sound quality. The mids and the bass of these particular models are perfect as well as the bass.

Comfortable – The headset is adjustable which makes them fit well on a user’s head. The use of memory foam makes the earpads fluffy and very comfortable. Velour padding has a very significant impact since the sweating levels are very minimal and soft on your ears.

  • Top quality audio production
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable on your ears
  • Durable
  • Replaceable parts
  • More areas covered by plastic making it fragile
  • Somehow heavier than other models in this particular price range

Summary: The pair of headphones is a fantastic set for listening to music. Most studios prefer using this headset due to its clarity and impressive frequencies.

5. Fostex USA T20RP MK3

The T20RP mk3 is a successor of the RP mk2 and its been in use for some time in most production studios. The diaphragm is refined to offer better sound ability which is accurate for audio production. The ear pads and the headband design provides maximum performance.

Fostex USA T20RP MK3

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Design – The ear cups are made from high-quality, lightweight plastic materials. The earpads are covered with foam and padded with leather. The gunmetal frame of the headband is padded and covered with faux leather. The name of the company is engraved at the top of the headband in bold.

The headband is also adjustable allowing it to fit on individuals with heads of different sizes. The plastic components are fixed together using screws making it strong and durable. The cables for these headphones are removable, and once you install them, you can lock them by turning 90-degrees to the left.

Comfort – The headphones are well padded using a soft cushion and covered with leather material. It makes it easier for someone to use the headphones for a longer duration. Also, the headband can be adjusted to fit on your head firmly making it comfortable to move around with the headsets.

Sound Quality – The sound quality will make you fall in love with the headset. Its treble is clear and detailed. You can hear any imperfections on the vocals of the songs.

Also, the highs for this particular set are straight forward, and the mids are authoritative. You can get frequencies of up to 35KHz. What else would you need from an open-back pair of headphone?

  • It produces well balanced and quality sound
  • Superior and comfortable padding
  • Replaceable parts
  • Detachable cable
  • Minimal sound leakage
  • Uncomfortable for someone who uses glasses
  • The clamping force may be high especially if the headphones are new

Summary: The pair of Fostex T20RP MK3 headphones is a fantastic set for listening to music. Most studios prefer using this headset due to its clarity and impressive frequencies.

Things to consider when buying open back headphones

The change in technology and an increase in market demand is creating a lot of changes in the headphones industry. The open-back headphones are one of the designs that are facing a lot of changes. Due to the variety of headsets in the market, it might be challenging to pick the best.

Some of the features you can consider when shopping for a pair of the headset include:

Design – A lot of design factors are worth taking a look at before purchasing your pair of open-back headset. You can take a closer look at the design of the headband and the ear cups. Inspect the finishing and the quality of the material used to make the headphones.

Low-quality materials would mean the headset can’t serve you for a long time. The finishing of the open-back also speaks more about the quality of artistry. If the finishing of the headset is poorly done, the chances are high that the quality of this particular headset is poor.

The Cable and adapters – One thing that can tell you more about the quality of the headphone is the quality of the cables. The adapters and connectors vary from one headphone to another. The universal adapters are 1/8- inch and 1/4-inch with a length of about 3m and a detachable cable would be better since you can replace it if it’s damaged.

Adjustable Size – When you are using your headphones, it would be good for them to fit well on your head. This feature increases the comfortability of the headset. It would assist a user in knowing whether the headphones can be used for longer durations.

Sound Quality – The technologies used to manufacture the headsets vary from one manufacturer to another. This difference creates a difference in sound quality. You should consider the primary purpose of the headset and choose the sound quality which matches your needs.

Brand Name – The name of a brand matters a lot in the music industry. Some companies have a good reputation for producing quality music equipment. You may put into consideration the company behind the particular headset before you purchase.

Customers’ Reviews – The best way you can get the reality about these headsets you are about to buy is through customer reviews. You can visit different sites and read a good number of customer reviews. Look at both the positive and negative feedbacks offered by the various clients.

The Final Words (Summary)

Getting the best open back headphones under 200 dollar may be challenging. This is mainly because most of the companies with reputable names focus on producing high-end headphones for their clients. However, this review shows that there are still amazing open-back headsets you can get at under $200.

The buying guide also gives you a more unobstructed view on what is essential and what you can pay attention to when purchasing your headsets. An excellent buyer always carries out their research before buying any product. It reduces the chances of buying poor quality products and ensure you enjoy the value of your money.

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