Boltune BT-BH001 Review in 2023

Boltune BT-BH001 earphones are great because they offer many useful features in such an attractive design for such a low price. The combination of aptX HD audio, Bluetooth 5.0, CVC 8.0 noise-canceling built-in mic, IPX7 waterproof, battery life up to 16 hours, 3EQs mode setting, and powerful features make the earbud a perfect choice for just about any activity. No matter your budget, these earpieces offer a wonderful blend of affordability and quality. These headphones are sure to turn heads! This Boltune BT-BH001 review will provide you with in-depth useful information about the earphones for a happy endeavor.

Features with benefits

Sound quality- The audio is nice, smooth, and clear. You can hear the difference in quality when you put these earphones on immediately! The bass is deep, and you can feel it. The music has so much detail, clarity, and volume. Listening to the audio on this earpiece will never disappoint you! The apt-X HD audio combined with 10mm drivers delivers realistic, smooth sound. The headphone incorporates high-resolution audio, ensuring every detail.

Fit and Comfortability- The unique design of the sport earphone tips & hooks ensures a comfortable, perfect fit for ears. It has tight snap-in technology to block out all external sound so you can enjoy the improved acoustic performance. The ear hooks provide a secure fit to prevent falling out while running, jumping, or playing sports. The magnetic design of these earphones enables you to hang the earphones around your neck during use conveniently. It is ergonomically designed to sit perfectly in the ears, ensuring maximum fit, comfort, and stability.

Performance- The performance is good enough for the price. The sound clarity is quite good, and the bass also gets decently loud. They work well for all kinds of music, including rock, pop, hip hop, etc. The noise reduction feature works well as it blocks the external sounds perfectly. The earphone controls are easy to use and can be used to answer/end calls, play/pause tracks, and also can be used to control the volume. The built quality of these earphones is very good. The inline microphone performs quite well for making calls, but it’s a little low for listening to music while making or receiving calls.

There is no issue with the design, size, and durability. IPX7 rated sweat and waterproofness make the earbud a great companion for every sport. It’s a good workout partner as it comes with Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity and can be used to listen to music while running, jogging, etc. ​Bluetooth 5.0 technology combines with high-performance rechargeable batteries for up to an amazing 16 hours of playback on a full charge. Five minutes of charging provides two hours of listening.

Battery Life- This earbud is incredible. It gets 2 hours playback with just a 5-minute charge while still promising 16 full hours battery life. The manufacturer even offers an impressive 12-month warranty or 24-hour aftercare service if anything goes wrong with this product.

Connectivity & compatibilityConnection technology of Bluetooth V5.0 delivers uncompromised frequency performance. It’s a great gift for those who appreciate the quality of sound. Bluetooth 5.0 technology works perfectly with any device (iPhone, Android phone, tablet or computer) with Bluetooth V5.0 protocols and can be connected individually to two devices simultaneously.

Built-in mic and controls- The built-in microphone with advanced noise cancellation technology blocks unwanted sounds and provides a clear call experience for travelers. It has easy to use controls, including the ability to start conversations by pressing a button plus pausing or skipping tracks right from your earphones.

Boltune BT-BH001 Quote:

Boltune has released the BT-BH001, which is said to be a “Revolutionary in Headphone Industry. The company claims that the BT-BH001 is much better than current earphones and headphones in the market. -Boltune

Noise Canceling- This Bluetooth earphone has advanced noise cancellation and comes with CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology, and they all deliver sound differently. It blocks out noise so that you can enjoy vacuous hands-free calls on the go. Even in noisy surroundings, your call will remain clear and distortion-free.

Sweat and Waterproof- It is sweat and water-resistant build, IPX7 sweat and waterproof headphones mean any exerciser can maintain their earphones during intense workouts, heavy rainstorms, or sweaty fitness sessions but not recommended for swimming.

3 Equalizer Modes- In addition to the wireless feature, high-definition sound quality and stereo design provide you with superior sound. It is equipped with three equalizer modes: Normal mode makes music more wild and vivid; Treble mode extends treble frequency for a purer, clearer listening experience, while bass mode offers a deep bass response.


The flashing LED lights can become an annoyance. Some customers have also reported a short lifespan, which is not so surprising given the cheap price. The earphones are too large to wear while sleeping; they might hurt if one uses these as a sleep aid.

Frequently asked question

1. How do I connect Boltune to BT BH001?

Answer:  At first turn on your earphone. Open the Bluetooth setting on your phone and click add Bluetooth device. Make sure you see BH001 (the model number of earphones) under available devices. If yes, select BH001 and connect. If you get connected, then you are done. This guide may also help you to connect your earphone with mobile phone.

2. How long does Boltune BT BH001 last?

Answer: With a battery life that lasts up to 16 hours, this phone easily outshines its competitors on the market.

3. Are Boltune earphones waterproof?

Answer:  Boltune BTH001 earphones provide waterproof IPX7 technology, allowing you to use them in inclement weather.

4. Why did I only receive the right side of my BT BH001?

Answer: Please carry out a firmware update on your earphones and then pair them to your phone with Bluetooth. If not, please contact customer support.

5. Are Boltune BT BH001 iPhone compatible?

Answer:  It is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and other devices that support Bluetooth.


Boltune BTH001 is a great pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones at a more-than-affordable price. They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and offer a high-quality listening experience, making them the perfect choice for anyone shopping on a budget.  If you are looking for a budget-friendly pair of wireless earphones, then this is a perfect choice.

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