Yamaha HPH-50 Review – An Excellent Headphone for Digital Instrument

Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation which deals with the production of audio products. The products by this brand are great in terms of quality and hence are provided with a warranty. The Yamaha hph-50 headphone is an attractive one to both professional and non-professional users. It is a closed-back headphone which makes it perfect for studio recording or for playing games as well. This article on the Yamaha Hph-50 Review will describe the features with benefits, disadvantages, and more that help you make a worthy decision. So, keep reading till the end.

Features with benefits

Sound quality- This product offers you a frequency response of 20 to 20000 Hz. This is the range wherein human ears can hear a good level of sound. Usually, the hearing range is 20 to 16000 Hz. This product offers you a good sound which might be great for your game and recording requirements. The Bass-slider switch is a handy feature that gives you high bass when needed.

The best part about these headphones is that the sound leakage is relatively less, which is excellent. This product allows you to adjust the volume levels in a 10 step manner. The sound can be focused on each ear using the rotary on-ear design. The sound level can be controlled without you putting down the volume so that you don’t disturb anyone sitting near you.

Impedance & Sensitivity- The impedance rating of this product is 35 Ohms. This headphone is very easy to connect with or without an amplifier or a reliable sound card. The sensitivity that this headphone offers is 103 dB at 1 kHz. This rating is quite good and helps in enhancing the quality of sound output. The magnet type is neodymium which helps in responding to full-range frequency.

Sound leakage- The low impedance rating and good sensitivity levels are significant, but what about the sound leakage? The sound leakage is relatively less with this product. It does not leak the sound much so that you can enjoy your favorite music or voice without any disturbance to the people around you. This product is made in such a way that it provides your ears with complete sound insulation. So, you won’t have to face any sound leakage problem at all while using these headphones.

Performance- The performance of this hph-50 is excellent, and probably that’s the reason for the price it comes at. It offers you durability in terms of usage with good quality sound. The maximum input Power of this closed-back headphone is 1000 mW that helps in enhancing its performance. The product is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. It offers you suitable bass levels and great response for the whole frequency range, which helps you in your game or recording sessions. The headband is designed to provide comfort and fit, while the ear cups are padded with excellent cushioning to ensure that you have comfortable usage.

Design and style- It is available in beautiful black and white colors, which makes it look good and attractive. The design of the product is unique for all types of users with a foldable band and ear cups. It is sleek and elegant with outstanding design elements which can indeed be appealing to the user. The product is designed in such a way that it reduces noise pollution and provides sound clarity, which helps you in your professional or personal requirements.

Yamaha HPH-50 Quote:

I have been listening to a lot of vinyl lately, and I have found myself gravitating towards using the HPH-50 for certain genres of music. Overall, I really like the sound of these headphones. – Editor

Fit and Comfortability- The Yamaha Hph-50 headphone offers you great fit and comfortability. It is made for long usage, and hence the quality is one of its kind. The on-ear design is quite comfortable and offers you a great fit. The ear cups have circular pads which are cushioned to provide comfort, while the headbands are adjustable.

The swivel mechanism is excellent and helps you rotate the cups in a swivel motion to fit perfectly. The padded ear pads are comfortable and flexible, and each cup has a slider to adjust the bass. The foam which is used in the manufacture of ear pads is soft and accessible over the ears. It is designed in such a way that you can wear it for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Portability- The hph-50 is available in a foldable way which makes it easy to carry anywhere. It is lightweight, and hence you can carry it during traveling without any issue. Even if you want to play games while traveling, this headphone helps you in doing so. The detachable cords are great to be used and can easily be plugged in when you want to use them. The swivel mechanism is terrific because it can turn 90 degrees to the right or left. An adjustable headband is also one of the features that makes it quite portable.

Connectivity and Compatibility- The hph-50 features a 1/4″ connector that is compatible with various products. You can connect the laptop, computer, or any other device to these headphones. It also features a straight plug which you can pull out to a 3.5 mm jack if required so that it is not fixed in one position all the time. It features a 2-meter cable that is tangle-free and long to help you in your personal and professional requirements. The gold-plated connectors are resistant to deterioration, and hence you can use them for a longer duration. The driver diameter is 38 mm that helps in enhancing the quality of sound output.

What’s in the Box- It comes in a standard box that looks good and appealing. The product features an instruction manual to help you understand its functions and understand how to use it. It features a 1/4″ adapter, stereo plug, and an extension cable. The HPH-50 comes with a one-year warranty and 24 hours of customer support, making the usage convenient and trouble-free.


The hph-50 comes with limited color options, which are black and white. The ear cups are too small, so they won’t be as comfortable as you want to have. The size is pretty big and not suitable for those who have a smaller head. One more con is that the price tag is high and a bit costly.

The final words

Yamaha hph-50 headphone is excellent to use with your personal computer as well as for professional purposes. It offers you great sound and voices which are clear and high with good bass levels. It is durable in terms of usage for a longer duration and hence is highly recommended to have. This Yamaha hph-50 Headphone Review is based on my personal experience, customer review, and other related information sources, and I hope you found it helpful.

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