5 Best podcast headphones for recording and editing in 2023

Podcasts have become a very popular way to gain information, and entertainment and listen to virtually any topic under the sun with just a click of a button. If you are already doing your own podcast or thinking of starting one, or you just like listening to them, having a good pair of headphones will not only allow you to have a crystal clear recording but will make listening, editing, and managing it a whole lot easier.

Check out our review of 5 of the Best Podcast Headphones in 2023. This will help you choose the best fit and functional headphones for your podcast. In this review, you will have access to the different features that each headphone has to offer, to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying the right pair for you.

What should I look for in a podcast headphone?

Sound Quality – Having good sound quality is very important for podcasts. Accurate, clear, and crisp sound are just some of the things you should consider when purchasing headphones for this use. This will ensure that you will be able to happily listen to podcasts for a long time.

Comfort – Next to having a good sound quality, you should be looking at the comfort of each product you are planning to purchase. Let’s face it, listening to podcasts can last hours, so you need to make sure that your headphones rest nicely on your ears and won’t cause any discomfort when used for long periods.

Portability – We live in a fast-paced world and being on the go is a necessity today. Try to consider the portability of your headphones when buying one. Since podcasts can be accessed anywhere, anytime, your headphones should be able to do the same. This will allow you to have a better listening experience when traveling with your podcast.

5 Best podcast headphones reviewed

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Focusing on your podcast and being able to clear away the distractions of the world is the best gift you can give yourself. With these headphones, you will be able to focus on what matters most, whether it’s your music, podcast, work, or what you love, this product will surely be the best partner you can have each day.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
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One App for Total Control – With Bose’s Connect App, you can simplify your audio needs with a touch of a button through your mobile device. Customize the level of noise cancellation according to your needs, unlock Bose AR, set up your music sharing, manage your Bluetooth connections, and so much more.

Free from Distraction Through Wireless – Concentration goes to an optimum level once you are free from any distractions, with these headphone’s wireless capability, you will take your listening needs to a whole new level without the need to be wired. With intuitive product design, you can take your headphones anywhere and control them via your phone or through the buttons strategically designed in each ear cup.

Excellent Sound Quality – This product provides excellent sound quality for all your podcast needs. With its one of a kind feature of being able to hear what you are listening to, Bose automatically optimizes the sound to match your listening needs. Its sound quality will surely have you using it for hours and hours which is fine because of its comfortable design.


  • Access Alexa voice control with a push of a button anywhere, anytime
  • Noise-canceling feature completely stops the noise with no delays and no white noise
  • True comfort for style with soft ear cups and padded headband
  • Intuitive and consistent controls with voice function upon start for battery monitoring
  • Sleek design for comfort and up to 20 hours battery life


  • Bose AR-enhanced apps are currently available for iPhone and iPad users only
  • Software updates for the application have bugs sometimes

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that offer excellent sound clarity, durability, and comfort for your podcast need, then look no further. This product allows you to go for long hours of use, if need be, with its comfortable fit and material. Its fitting ear cup design will snug perfectly for sound isolation, so you won’t have to worry about being in loud environments when listening to or monitoring a podcast.

(Best Podcast Headphones) Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM
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Exceptional Sound Clarity – These headphones offer clear sound to users through their extended frequency range. This product also guarantees clear sound for DJing, live recordings, studio recordings, and even for personal use, the amazing clarity of these headphones feature accurate, deep bass response with a sound isolation feature as a bonus. A perfect product match for any person who appreciates high-quality sound.

Light Weight and Portable – Are you constantly traveling with your podcasts? These headphones offer great convenience for on the go users. Its ear cups can swivel to 90 degrees, so you can listen with one ear, and its collapsible, space-saving portability will allow you to bring this product anywhere you go.

Comfort and Style – Using headphones for long hours of time for listening and editing can certainly be a toll on anyone. With these headphones, you can rest easy with its professional-grade earpad and headband material that will help deliver more durable and comfortable long hours of use.


  • Fuller, richer, and more well-balanced sound
  • Includes detachable 1.2 m – 3.0 m coiled cable and detachable 1.2 m straight cable
  • Comfortable and functional design, even for people with glasses
  • Sound quality with the current price is a steal
  • The collapsible feature allows you to pack them efficiently


  • Does not come with a cable with in-line controls for smartphones
  • Included accessories are propriety connectors, which means you can’t use random headphone wires

Summary:  If you are looking for high-quality sound, paired with comfort, style, and reasonable price, then this product is for you. Traveling with your podcast never became so easy with these ergonomic and sturdy headphones that you can pack comfortably in a pinch.

3. Sony MDR7506

Are you looking for sturdy, on the go, and good quality headphones? The Sony MDR7506 not only promises all these, but its rugged style will give anyone that edge they need for their day to day activities. Designed with Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers, this product will give you that powerful, detailed sound that you are looking for.

Sony MDR7506
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Professional Audio Quality – Anyone who loves podcasts needs to have quality headphones to experience sound quality. This product has been designed to give you just that sound experience, with its neodymium magnet. Not only is it perfect for accurate monitoring, but you will also be able to enjoy crystal-clear highs, accurate mids, and solid lows with these headphones.

Accessories for Value- Who doesn’t love accessories? This product includes a Stereo UniMatch plug that allows use in both 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch applications. Also included is a soft case to store your headphones, just fold them up and store them away safely.

Headphone Design for Comfort and Sound Isolation – The headphone’s closed-ear design helps isolate any external noise that may interfere with your podcast. This great design is complemented by the headphone’s fair amount of headband padding.


  • Studio quality headphones with a closed-ear design that prevents sound leaks
  • Sturdy cable design that can withstand tugs and tangles
  • 9.8 feet coiled cord that allows users more room to move around freely
  • Sound leakage is fairly low, other people won’t hear what you are listening to when you want to crank up the volume
  • Its gold connector and OFC cord ensure reliable and stable signal connection and transmission


  • Not enough bass as compared to other headphones
  • The headphones are not suited for hot days as they can cause the ears to sweat
  • Intermittent electronic interference like white noise occurs

Summary: If style, sturdiness, and studio-quality sound are what you are after, make sure you don’t miss out on these headphones. Be on the go with your podcast in style, this product is worth every penny that you are going to spend.

4. Shure SRH840

For the no-fuss users who just want clear, crisp, and natural-sounding headphones, the Shure SRH840 is perfect for you. No doubt that the company continues to stay strong in the market, they also make sure that they are in the running when it comes to providing comfort and sound quality to audio devices they sell. You can definitely bet on these headphones if what you are looking for is a great sound.

Shure SRH840
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Great Sound Fidelity and Clarity – These headphones will deliver when it comes to bringing sound clarity, fidelity, and neutrality to any podcast that you are listening to. Its tailored frequency response delivers rich bass and not to mentions pleasant mid-range and extended highs. People who are looking for great clarity and accuracy will surely find it in this product.

Quality Build Design Headphones – These over-ear headphones are built with a sleek, black design that will go with any style. Each ear cup can rotate 180 degrees so that you can listen with one ear and multitask with the other. It is a sure fit for people who like style and capability.

Practical Accessories Included – The Shure SRH840 provides you with a threaded 1/4 inch gold plated adapter, along with replacement ear pads, and a carrying case for portability. Having these accessories will not only make sure that your quality headphones will be safe when on the go, but you can be assured that they will last for a long time.


  • These headphones have been enhanced for heavy listening and studio recording
  • Its detachable coiled cable will help pack the product efficiently
  • Clean sound with accurate bass
  • Efficient audio jack that twists into the port on the side of the headphone and locks for stability
  • It has an effective noise isolation


  • Its heavyweight can cause discomfort when used for long periods
  • Plastic hinges can become brittle over time

Summary: If you are looking for a pair of quality headphones when podcasting, that is a good deal for your money and has natural audio sound, then look no further. This product will help you create more fun moments listening to all podcasts and music to your heart’s desire.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

If durability and hard-wearing headphones are on top of your list, you need not look any further from this product. The DT 770 PRO is made in Germany and is becoming one of the tried and tested headphones by professionals and music lovers all over the world. Listening to podcasts, and music, or even using them on the recording floor, these headphones will surely deliver detailed sound while enjoying their comfortable fit.

beyerdynamic DT 770
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Perfect Sound Match for Everyone – If you happen to be a producer, audio engineer, or just someone who enjoys high-quality sound, this is a great headphone for you. Whether you will be using it for studio monitoring, mastering, mixing, or editing, this reliable product, and its highly sensitive transducers will make sure that the smallest adjustments can be heard.

Superior Noise Isolation – Becoming a favorite of vocalists and music enthusiasts, these headphones ensures that any ambient or unwanted noise is eliminated. Providing everyone with a clear, crisp sound, with precise low frequencies without being overbearing, you will surely enjoy listening to podcasts every single day.

Durable, Yet Provides Total Comfort – As we mentioned above, these robust headphones are made for people who are looking for high durability for their everyday use, but durability doesn’t mean discomfort. The DT 770 PRO provides adjustable and soft ear cups for extended use, with a sturdy headband, this product will make sure that it securely fits the wearer.


  • Amazing sound with great bass, mids, highs, and lows that are crisp, precise and clear
  • One-sided cable provides comfort for users needing to remove the headphones and adjust it from time to time
  • Closed-back design makes sure that there are zero bleed and unwanted noise
  • Superior quality that makes it ideal for mixing and monitoring
  • Great for studio and live recordings because of its high-resolution sound


  • Occasional high-pitched background hiss
  • Not as easily portable due to its big design

Summary: For music lovers, podcast enthusiasts, professional audio engineers, or mixers, these headphones are meant for you. With its crisp and pure sound, every time you will be using it will be a treat. You will have excellent headphones that you’ll be able to use for a long time.

The Final Words (Summary)

Finding the best headphones for podcasting can be a tough choice to make, but having these reviews will definitely help you make the right one for your lifestyle and needs. After all, being able to bring your listening experience to a whole new level will not only allow you to enjoy your podcasts but any audio experience for that matter.

So go ahead and make a list of your podcast headphone needs and check out the reviews above. You might just be one step closer to bringing your podcast experience to a whole new level with the right headphones.

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