5 Best Earbuds For Xbox One In 2019

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Gaming can be a great experience if you have the right environment. Xbox gaming can get better when you are using a fantastic pair of earbuds. Most of the gaming TVs come equipped with quality speakers, but unfortunately, you can’t get any subtle sound effects.

A good pair of earbuds can give you what you need to improve your Xbox gaming experience. This article gives you a list of the best earbuds For Xbox One you can get. Everyone has different factors which they consider in a pair of earbud before they purchase and we have a variety of headsets for you.

A quick look at the best Xbox one earbuds

1.Turtle Beach Battle BudsTurtle Beach
3.HyperX Cloud EarbudHyperX
4.BlueFire Gaming EarphoneBlueFire
5.Maxin G30-B-MMaxin

5 Best Earbuds For Xbox One Reviewed

1. Turtle Beach Battle Buds

The earbuds are for anyone looking for affordable and portable gaming earphones. They offer a fantastic frequency response, and the sound reproduction is perfect. However, the earbuds won’t work effectively with your music players.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

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Compatibility – The earbuds can not only play on your Xbox since its designed to support also your mobile games and Nintendo switch. You can buy the pair of earbuds for all your gaming needs and enjoy the quality sound balance.

Microphone – You can now easily communicate with your opponents during your gaming session. The headset comes with a removable microphone to improve your chatting experience. All you have to do is attach the receiver to the leading earbud and set it in an appropriate position. The mic gives your playmates a clear and loud voice.

Changeable Ear Tips – The set of earphone comes with three ear tips where you can pick the correct size to fit well in your ears. It also comes with a stabilizer hook which prevents the earbuds from rotating when in your ears. A perfect fit ensures there is no sound leak and offers impressive sound isolation.

Sound Quality – The earbuds come with 10mm speakers which offer clear, crisp lows and highs. Its a competitive gaming add on, and you won’t be able to miss your enemy’s movement when gaming. It makes the earphones a fantastic pick for gaming. However, the crisp, clear lows and highs won’t be perfect for music.

  • Affordable
  • Decent sound for gaming
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Compatible with almost all gaming platforms
  • Audible microphone
  • Low voice post-processing of the mic, which leads to sound echoes
  • Its high sound range feels unnatural

Summary:  The earbuds are affordable and can work well on all gaming platforms with limited struggles. Its stylish design and lightweight makes it an amazing pick for your outdoor gaming purposes. The earbuds come with a multi-function controller which allows you to control its volume and the microphone.


Are you looking for a 4D vibrant pair of gaming earbud? The MG-2 offers an incredible high-resolution sound output, which is clear and accompanied by deep bass. You will enjoy the vibrations when gaming, thanks to the in-built vibration unit.


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Design – The earbuds are lightweight and also a comfortable fit for users. It comes with a tube-type design which lowers the rate of sweating. The design allows a user to wear the earphones for a long duration. Also, the earbuds are from soft foam, which makes them comfortable on your ear canals.

Compatibility – Once you buy this pair of earbuds, you can use it on all your gaming devices. It comes with a 7.2ft cable which you can use to connect to your devices and hence free movement.

Dual Microphone – Now you can enjoy your game with your hands-free at all times. It comes with dual microphone features which can pick voices within a 360-degree radius. It has a noise-cancellation feature which gives a crisp, clear sound output. You can easily communicate with other players with no challenges at all.

Sound quality – The earbuds come with a dual driver unit which produces crisp, clear highs and lows. It has a vibrating unit which response well to bass produced by all sounds. You can get all the sound effects in the movie.

45-Degree Ear Plug – The 45-degree ear plug angle improves the ergonomics of the earbuds. The “shark fin” earbuds make a user wear the earphones for long with minimal fatigue. The design also ensures a user can wear the earbuds with minimal chances of dropping off from their ears.

  • Quality sound output
  • Enhanced bass
  • Comes with a microphone for communicating with your opponents
  • Compatible with different gaming devices
  • Multi-function controller button
  • Doesn’t have a button to switch it off
  • Low post-processing capability hence echoes when using the mic

Summary: The MG-2 earbuds is a great add on for your gaming purposes. It has a vibration unit which gives a rich and deep bass. If you need to feel the real sound effects in your game, this particular pair of earbuds can be a brilliant pick.

3. HyperX Cloud Earbud

The earbuds are an ideal pick for Xbox one gamers who need quality signature earphones. The earphones come with 90-degree earplugs connected to a tangle-free cable. The gaming earbuds come with three different sized earbuds which can fit in people with varying sizes of ear canals.

HyperX Cloud Earbud

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Design – This particular pair of earphones comes with a 4-feet tangle-free cable, which is red. The earplugs are black, and the tips are made from rubber and are removable. It has a 3.5mm jack, and the connector has a 90-degree angle design. The tips are rounded and can fit well in the ears of a user. Its materials are light making it have a low general weight; hence, they can be used for long durations.

Sound Quality – The HyperX is designed perfectly for gamers, and you can hear the sound effects. The bass is enhanced which combines crisp, clear mids, lows and highs. It offers a fantastic soundstage where the audio is hardly distorted even on high volumes.

Microphone – The earbuds have a microphone which offers clear and loud voice output; hence, your recipient can hear you. You can also use the earbuds for making phone calls since it comes with buttons you can use to call/ hang-up. The switch can also be used to play songs from your device effortlessly.

Compatibility – The earbuds can work with different gaming devices like PS3 &4 and Nintendo switch. It comes with a HyperX ChargePlay quad which you can use to connect your Nintendo Switch controllers and charge them. The ChargePlay dock has LED indicators which show when the controllers are fully charged.

  • In-Line Microphone for communication during gaming
  • Immersive audio quality appropriate for gaming
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Quality built
  • Compatibility with various gaming devices
  • The ear tips don’t fit correctly
  • It doesn’t have volume controls on the controller

Summary: The earbuds are dedicated to gaming, and the pricing is reasonable. You can enjoy the immersive sound quality of the earphones which come with a fantastic design. The ear tips are comfortable due to the rubber material ad you can use them for long durations.

4. BlueFire Gaming Earphone

Are you looking for high-end earbuds for an excellent gaming experience? The Bluefire gaming earbuds is one of the top picks in the market you can have for your Xbox One. It’s compatible with various devices, and you can immerse yourself in the game with limited disturbances due to its noise cancellation capability.

BlueFire Gaming Earphone

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Design – The earphones come with a 7-feet cable which creates freedom of movement for a user when they are playing. It’s stylish and Durable, making it tough gaming add on for any Xbox one enthusiast. It comes with three pairs of ear tips, which are from memory foam. Memory foam is soft and can be worn for long with limited strain on your ears.

The foam is also light and can take the shape of your ear canals after using for some time. It makes them comfortable hence improving your gaming experience. A user can wear the earbuds for longer durations with limited strain on their ears.

Noise Isolation – Well, the Bluefire earbuds come with precise fit earbuds which ensure a user is completely isolated from the surrounding. It cuts off any noise from the surrounding. It allows you to get even the small sound effects in your game.

Quality Sound Output – The earphones have a rich bass for enhancing the small sound effects in your game. The highs and the lows are also transparent with no interference at high volumes. The use of noise isolation feature allows you to enjoy the virtual environment.

  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Noise isolation capability
  • Compatible with several gaming devices
  • The cable is long to give users the necessary freedom of movement
  • LED lights to spice up your gaming experience
  • The voice can slightly crack up at high volumes

Summary: It’s a quality gaming delight which will give you the perfect noise isolation, and you can enjoy your gaming experience. It comes with an in-line microphone which you can use to communicate with your opponents in multi-play mode.

5. Maxin G30-B-M

This pair of earbuds makes a fantastic pick, designed for gamers. It comes with an 11cm long dual microphone which is adjustable to get the precise sound output. Its sound output is articulated to suit all your gaming experiences.

Maxin G30-B-M

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Sound Quality – The earbuds have a fantastic sound output which immerses a player fully into the game. It has an impressive bass which gives a user energetic beats, which allows one to enjoy the profound sound effects. The lows and highs are well balanced to provide a clear audio play from all your Xbox one games.

The earbuds also have a noise isolation capability which completely blocks off any external noise. The isolation enhances its ability to deliver quality sound to the ears of a user with no interference.

Design – One of the factors to consider in the design of earphones is the length of the cable. It has a 2.2m cable which can connect the earbuds to your TV set. It also comes with a dual microphone to ensure you can communicate effectively with other players during gaming. There are three pairs of ear tips which you can choose the precise size for your ear canal. The manufacturer aims at creating complete isolation, and the silicon ear tips can work effectively.

Dual Microphone – The earbuds come with an adjustable microphone which has an 11cm length. It’s capable of picking up a user’s voice within a 360-degrees radius. The mic is convenient for a user where they don’t need to strain with the microphone.

  • It comes with extra silicone ear tips
  • Compatible with different devices
  • Superb sound quality for gaming
  • Comes with dual microphones which makes communication easier
  • Noise cancellation capability
  • The controller contains limited features
  • Sound quality can’t play your music well

Summary: The earbuds are very durable, and you can use them for an extended period. A user does not need to worry if the ear tips will fit in their ears since it comes with extra ear tips. The earbuds are also useful for communication during gaming, and they are affordable.

Things to consider when buying an earbud for Xbox one

The use of earbuds in Xbox One is getting to be a common phenomenon. The current market is flooded with different designs and models of earbuds which you can use for gaming. However, most people wonder how they can pick the best products. Also, if its the first time, you need knowledge on how you can pick the correct earbuds for Xbox one. This buying guide can assist you in choosing the best gaming earbuds for Xbox one.

Wireless or Wired Earbuds – There are two standard designs of earbuds that you can get in the market. The principal purpose of the earbuds usually matters a lot. If you need to use the earbuds for other functions like jogging, wireless earbuds can work well for you.

Also, the compatibility of your Xbox one would matter if you will go for the wireless or wired earphones. You should pick the earbuds which won’t be a challenge using with your Xbox. Wired earbuds can work with all types of gaming consoles.

Earbuds – Most earbuds don’t have an adequate cushion, which may make prolonged use to be a challenge. Some gaming earbuds have wings which keep them secured in your ears’ ridges. The earbuds can have complete noise isolation and noise canceling capability to ensure you are entirely immersed in your game.

Sound Fidelity – Do you need earphones which will offer you quality sound output? Wired gaming earbuds provide the best sound fidelity when compared to wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are also prone to interference, which makes them a poor pick for anyone who considers or values sound accuracy.

Ultra-compatibility – Despite the type of connection, it would be fantastic if you get a pair of gaming earbuds which can work on most or all your devices. The earphones won’t limit you only to the Xbox one hence saving you the extra expense you can incur when buying an extra pair of earbuds.

Noise-canceling Vs. Noise Isolation – These two features may be a challenge for any new earbud user and buyer. Noise isolation works by using physical barriers like ear tips to isolate a user from the surrounding noise. The ear tips can be from silicone or memory foam.

Noise canceling, on the other hand, uses different technologies and electronics to cut out any ambient noise. Active noise canceling work by cutting off the low droning noises from the environment hence improving the sound quality. The earbuds can’t cut off any midranges sounds in the surrounding that may affect your concentration.

The Final Words (Summary)

Earphones can’t offer the kind of audio quality you can get from headphones, but they are portable and convenient. This article gives you five of the best Xbox one earbuds you can get in stores. You should be very keen on what you are buying if you need quality.

We have a comprehensive buying guide a buyer can also use if they don’t know what to look for when buying earbuds. It will give you an overview of what’s necessary, and you can easily pick the appropriate earbuds from the stores. Hopefully, you will be able to select a pair of earphones from our list. Happy gaming!

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