5 Best Headphones for Skiing Reviewed in 2023 (Enjoy the Skiing)

There are few things that could beat the excitement of hitting the slopes on a cold foggy day. However, you can make this experience even better by adding some music to the mix. Of course you might also need to make or receive a call while you are there too especially if you get into an accident.

The best headphones for skiing will come in handy in such situations where stopping midway to remove your phone from the pocket is not really ideal. The headphones should fit securely inside your helmet and also be able to withstand the cold weather. This is a review of the top 5 headphones for skiing and a complete buyer’s guide on what you should look for before making a purchase.

What kind of headphones do you need for Skiing? – Buyers guide

Here are 5 features you should look for when buying headphones for skiing;

1. Design – Headphones come in several designs that include in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. When you are skiing, the best design would be in-ear because they are less bulky and will fit right into your helmet lining. In-ear headphones are also more likely to stay secure when you are going down the mountain and you won’t even feel them on your head.

2. In-line Microphone and Remote Control – The last thing you want is to remove your gloves and start looking for your phone when it’s ringing in the middle of your skiing. Headphones with an in-line microphone and remote control help you to receive calls without touching your phone. All you have to do is reach out to the ear and touch a button.

3. Perfect Audio Specifications – There are various audio features you need to look at when buying headphones for skiing. For starters, they need to have a good noise isolation level which will keep most of the ambient noise out without completely isolating you. It’s important to still hear some noises in case something is happening around you.

Additionally, the headphones should have the right audio quality hitting the right notes to protect your ears from damage. Avoid anything that is giving harsh or high-pitched sounds that can mess up your eardrums.

4. Water-resistant – When you are out skiing, snow is bound to get into your head if you fall. It’s also very likely that you will sweat because it’s a vigorous activity. Choose headphones that are weather-proof by looking at the IPX rating.

5. Comfortable and Secure fit – Skiing is a very vigorous activity that involves a lot of movement. You, therefore, require headphones that will stay in place during all those ups and downs. It’s also important to choose the most comfortable ones that won’t slow you down when you are moving or make your ears ache.

5 Best headphones for skiing reviewed

1. SoundWhiz Turbo

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, these headphones are made with you in mind. The Turbo workout earbuds are designed for extended wear and strenuous exercises such as running, hiking, and skiing. They fit perfectly with your headband, sunglasses, or skiing helmet and they will not put any strain on your ears.

SoundWhiz Turbo
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Incredible HD Sound – SoundWhiz Turbo headphones deliver amazing sound and powerful bass thanks to the massive 10mm Dynamic Drivers. You get to enjoy crystal clear sound with well-balanced mids and amazing volume.

Comfortable and Secure Fit – These headphones come packaged with 7 different sizes of earbuds and a unique extra small size if you have very small ears. You can try them all and see which size feels the most comfortable to you so you can enjoy extended periods of wearing them. The earbuds feature noise isolating foam tips to ensure all outside noise is canceled.

Powerful Battery – The massive 100mah battery delivers more than 8 hours of continuous music on a single charge. It only takes 1.5 hours to charge fully and that can take you an entire week if you don’t spend too much time working out.


  • Comes with built-in noise canceling microphone
  • Easy to use and pair with any Bluetooth device
  • Allows dual pairing
  • Completely sweat proof and comes with lifetime protection against water and sweat
  • Easy to use controls on the headphones so you don’t have to touch your phone
  • Comes with a perfect travel case to protect them when they are in the gym bag


  • It will take some getting used to because the headphones are a bit bulky but you do get used to them quickly

Summary: If you sweat a lot or like to run in the rain, these headphones will be perfect for you. They are completely water-resistant and you won’t even hear the rain or any ambient noise when you are skiing or working out.

2. GGMM EJ-101

Unlike all the other skiing headphones listed here, these GGMM Nightingale Earphones are not wireless so they use a beautiful cord to connect to your mobile phone. The 3.9 feet hollow TPE cord is very durable and comes with a 3.5mm gold plated jack for a reliable connection.

(Best Headphones for Skiing) GGMM EJ-101
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Deep Bass Sound – These amazing headphones feature high quality 8.6mm Dynamic Driver that delivers powerful deep bass and crisp highs. They are brilliantly engineered to give out crystal clear sound and create a very exciting listening experience.

Full Metal Components – GGMM Nightingale Earphones are all metal and aircraft-grade aluminum metal to be specific. Every component on these headphones is made of metal and boasts CNC processing technology and a compact lightweight design. The metal components ensure durability especially if you will be wearing the headphones when working out.

Built-in Microphone and Remote – These beautiful headphones come with a built-in microphone that eliminates exterior noise and enables you to focus on what you are listening to. They also feature a 1-button in-line metal remote that makes it easy to receive calls and control music without touching your phone.


  • They are very affordable
  • You don’t need a Bluetooth enabled device
  • The in-ear design seal your music in and cut out all outside noise
  • They come with 3 extra sets of ear tips in different sizes for that perfect fit
  • Stylish design and very comfortable


  • The cord can get in your way when you are skiing or working out
  • Maximum volume is not high enough to keep all ambient noise out

Summary: If your workout doesn’t involve a lot of bending, these headphones are perfect because they are durable and very affordable. You will still enjoy the amazing sound that comes with more expensive headphones without denting your pockets.

3. Bokai Nobby Headphone

There are two important things you need most in skiing headphones and these are sound quality and snug fit. These Bluetooth headphones deliver robust sound with high-quality deep and perfect bass so you can enjoy your music in clarity while skiing. They are in-ear headphones that are perfect for canceling outside noises and enabling clearer microphone sound.

Since they are designed for outdoor activities, the headphones have wireless earbuds that provide a comfortable snug fit and they won’t come off when you are skiing down the mountain.

Bokai Nobby Headphone
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Powerful Bluetooth Compatibility – The headphones use the advanced wireless Bluetooth V5.0 technology to make sure your signal is stable and clear. What this means is that you can keep your mobile phone in your pocket and still listen to music and receive calls without using a wire. They support most operating systems and are compatible with almost every mobile device.

Convenient Design – The convenient design makes these headphones perfect for skiing because they are easy to carry on your neck. They come with built-in magnet so you can attach the two earphones together and wear them around your neck like a necklace when you are not using them. It’s a very small device that eliminates ear pressure and also makes it easy to enjoy outdoor activities without feeling like you are carrying something on your head.

Waterproof – The probability of headphones coming into contact with water and sweat when you are skiing is very high. These headphones are completely waterproof so they will not be affected when you sweat or fall on ice.


  • They can connect two devices at the same time
  • Ultra-light elastic material for comfort
  • They are never deformed
  • Easy and comfortable on the ears


  • The controls are slow to react and some don’t function the way they should

Summary: If you are looking for super comfortable headphones that won’t fall out when you are skiing or running, these Bokai Nobby Bluetooth Headphones are perfect. You can enjoy crystal clear sound with no signal drop when you are in the middle of nowhere.

4. Zrtke Earbuds Ul-8 Pro

Superior comfort is what you will get with these headphones. They feature ergonomic and shallow in-ear design, memory foam ear tips and soft silicone ear hooks to ensure your ears don’t get hurt. It is incredible how comfortable they are and you can wear them the entire day especially if you get the right fit.

Zrtke Earbuds Ul-8 Pro
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High Definition Sound – Zrtke Earbuds UL-8 Pro boast for their superb quality audio thanks to the built-in HD microphone and CVC6.0 noise cancellation. You will enjoy high quality and clear sound even in noisy places like the gym or in the mountains. Your skiing experience will be so much better when you are enjoying the stereo sound from these headphones and you can just get lost in the fun.

Long-lasting Battery – These beautiful headphones will give you up to 8 hours of continuous talking or music on a single charge. This means you can use them the entire day and charge them in the evening. In case you are not listening to music or talking, they last up to 180 hours on a single charge.

IPX6 Sweatproof – These headphones feature a water-resistant design to prevent sweating, rain, and any form of moisture. They are the best choice when you are going skiing because of the wet and icy conditions.


  • Easy to use buttons that allow play, pause and skip
  • Amazing Bluetooth range of 30ft
  • 12 months warranty
  • They don’t fall off from the ears thanks to the silicone ear hook
  • Comes with 3 sets of ear tips; medium, small and large


  • If you are skiing in places where the ground is not level, the signal and Bluetooth connectivity will not be so stable.

Summary: If comfort is the most important feature in skiing headphones, then these are perfect. However, they also deliver amazing sound, long-lasting battery, and many other amazing features at a very affordable price.

5. ACIL Bluetooth Headphone

The reputation of ACIL H1 Bluetooth headphones precedes them thanks to the complicated engineering that has gone into their sound production. This beautiful set of headphones features a hybrid drive system that combines powerful 10.8mm Dynamic drivers for mid-low frequency and Knowles Balanced Armature driver for high frequency. The two types of units work together perfectly to give you the best sound you will ever hear.

ACIL Bluetooth Headphone
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Comfortable Secure Fit – ACIL headphones feature an asymmetrical and ergonomic design that enhances comfort and a secure fit. The unique soft liquid silicone ear tips fit comfortably inside your ear and completely seal it for an optimal listening experience. You can go about all your vigorous activities and the earbuds won’t come off.

IP65 Superior Defense – ACIL prides itself as a company that follows strict quality standards to give its customers the best. In this regard, they have adorned these headphones with IP65 water-resistant and impermeable nano-coating to protect them from sweat and water. They are perfect for skiing, running, and even going to the gym.

Easy to Use Controls – ACIL H1 headphones deliver fast and stable wireless connectivity thanks to Bluetooth so you don’t need to take your phone out of the pocket. However, what makes them stand out is the premium in-line mic and button control that enable you to play, pause, skip and add volume with ease. You can even activate Siri and receive calls without lifting a finger.


  • A powerful long lasting battery that lasts up to 12 hours and charges quickly
  • Can be connected to two devices simultaneously
  • Enhanced call clarity
  • Awesome magnetic clasp so you can hang them on your neck if you are not using them
  • Easily compatible with any device


  • Compared to the other Headphones on this review, these might seem a bit costly but they are worth every penny and more

Summary: ACIL H1 headphones are the highest-rated budget headphones for a reason. The quality of sound you will get and the comfort cannot be compared to any other headphones within this price range.

The final words (Summary)

While skiing takes you out of your comfort zone, listening to music can bring some sense of normalcy to the whole thing. The best skiing headphones should deliver the best sound, connectivity, and comfort when you are out there in the mountains. Being able to control the music coming from your phone hands-free and also receive calls is the ultimate benefit of headphones.

Besides comfort and perfect audio, you should also consider other features like battery life, adaptability, technological features like Bluetooth and Siri, and of course durability because you want value for money. Fortunately, most skiing headphones are budget-friendly and light on your head so you don’t have to worry so much about that.

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