5 Best In Ear Monitors For Singers In 2019

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Do the loud music and the noisy fans distract you when performing? The use of in-ear monitors can be helpful to singers during their musical performances. In-ear monitors to aid in cutting-off any unwanted noise and reduce the distractions levels that can be caused by the loud music from the speakers.

During performances, singers can hardly hear the monitor due to the noise, and it can lead to a lack of synchrony. We have a list of the best in ear monitors for singers. They will do a great deal in assisting singers in synchronizing their voices to the sound produced by the instruments.

A quick look at the top in ear monitors for singers

1.(Best In Ear Monitors For Singers) MEE audio M6MEE audio
2.KZ ZSN EarphonesKZ
3.Audio Technica ATH-IM01Audio Technica
4.BASN Bsingerbc100 in-Ear MonitorBASN
5.Sennheiser IE 40 PROSennheiser

5 Best In Ear Monitors For Singers Reviewed

1. MEE audio M6

It’s hard for you to see a musician perform in a $40 pair of in-ear headphones. The Mee M6 Pro is durable and comes in a better built when compared to M6, which makes it a professional monitor pair of earphones. The pair of headphones come with improved sound quality and amazing features, and at a low price.

(Best In Ear Monitors For Singers) MEE audio M6

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Premium Sound Quality – The 2nd generation M6 gives users the best audio output with a crisp, clear treble. The high-frequency gives the detailed audio output that you need for your jamming sessions. The earphones come with a well balanced and stable mid-range which will provide you with the particular vocals you need. The bass is also decent, which gives one value for money.

Design – The M6 PRO is an advanced M6 which comes with premium design features. It has two cables which make it sturdy for your performances. They are also transparent, which makes them unique, and they are portable. The in-ear monitors fit well in the ears of a user with minimal chances of slipping off.

Controls – The earphones are easy to use due to the simple design of the controls. However, it’s difficult to see the buttons due to the transparent in-line casing. The switches offer a user the capability of controlling the volume, track skipping, and also making calls.

Comfortable Fit – The M6 Pro offers a fantastic fit, and the ear tips are made from foam. It makes them comfortable for a user, and they come with ear hooks which ensure they fit well in your ears. Their lack of stiffness also makes the headphones stable for live stage performances.

  • Solid bass and clear mids
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Affordable
  • The cables are removable
  • Portable
  • Sharp treble which may hurt the ears
  • Cheap looking design

Summary:  The Mee PRO is a fantastic in-ear monitor for singers who are looking for cheap earphones. The improvement from the original M6 is impressive. The sound, however, needs some improvements to make it perfect.

2. KZ ZSN Earphones

The KZ ZSN is one of the best earphones which come with a dual hybrid design. It has one dynamic driver, and a balanced armature, and the design is attractive. The cables on this pair of headphones are detachable and come with an angled connector.

KZ ZSN Earphones

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Design – You can choose the earphones from a choice of three colors. Its faceplates are from an aluminum alloy which has a zigzag pattern, and the casing is from resin materials. The inner part of the shell comes with a pinhole-size port for bass. The general built of the earphones feel light, and the design is stylish.

Sound – The earphones come with a mild V-Shaped design which offers a sub-bass emphasis. The bass is sturdy and well balanced; hence doesn’t affect the sound quality. The mids are thin to give users clear vocals. Its treble is definite and doesn’t have harshness, which can affect audibility.

Soundstage – The ZNS gives an average sound stage which comes in average depth, size, and also height. It creates a good instrument separation and has an average layering. The positional cues are impressive and help in improving the sound output.

Noise Isolation – The earbuds fell comfortable and fit perfectly in the ears of a user. Their ear tips come in a nozzle shape, which makes them fit appropriately in your ears. The fit makes it a perfect noise isolation pair of headset. The sound leaks are minimal hence creating a serene atmosphere for a singer.

Dynamic Drivers – The pair of earphones comes with four-layered voice coils to enhance the power of the driver. It makes the low frequency powerful hence improving your listening experience.

  • Affordable
  • Premium sound quality
  • Durable connection cable
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Stylish design
  • Can tangle easily due to the position of the Y-split
  • The 2-pin connectors are semi-proprietary

Summary: The ZSN is a decent pair of earbuds with an impressive sound balance. Its tuning is fun to play around with and will ensure you enjoy the pleasure of your in-ear monitors. If you are looking for decent noise isolation at a low price, then the ZSN can be what you need.

3. Audio Technica ATH-IM01

The ATH-IM01 is designed to satisfy three features; Sound, functionality, and Fit. It makes the earphones one of the best for monitoring with crisp sound output and balanced bass. The drivers are designed to support any music.

Audio Technica ATH-IM01

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Sound Quality – The pair of headphones offer complete noise isolation and the desired volume, which is perfect for any singer. The well-balanced mids and treble makes the vocals and beats clear. Its bass is well balanced to ensure it doesn’t distort the clarity of its sound. You can use the earphones for any music genre.

Design – The manufacturer had comfort as a vital factor to consider during the creation of this headset. The ear tips are designed to fit appropriately in your ears and ensure they sit in your canal correctly. It has ear loops which you can use to hook the headphones well on your ears.

It allows you to change the ear tips to use the precise fit for your ears. It creates a noise isolation chamber where you will be able to feel correct instrumentals hence synchrony. You can easily detach the long cable, which gives the earphones the required safety from breakage.

Volume Aplenty – The headphones can give one the appropriate armature drivers to provide you with a fantastic hearing aid when you are on a noisy stage. You can use the volume control to get the proper volume level, which won’t affect your eardrums.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Adequate volume level for any sound stage
  • Belt pack connection cable
  • It comes with a carrying case
  • Detachable cables
  • Too loud for daily use
  • It has a low bass

Summary: The in-ear monitors are appropriate for singers in noisy stages. It can give you proper synchrony with the beats and instruments. You can quickly hook the earbuds on your belt to keep it tangle free.

4. BASN Bsinger+LUX

The BASN pair of earphones offer a fantastic design for singers and musical professionals who are looking for superior in-ear monitors. Its quality makes it a fantastic pick for senior professionals. The headphones offer a two way sound output, and its built quality is excellent.

BASN Bsingerbc100 in-Ear Monitor

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Design – The BASN earphones are made from robust plastic, which is very tough and produces no cracking sound when you squeeze it. The housing itself is well assembled and together with the ear tips offer a fantastic noise-isolating seal.

The headphones are also lightweight. Therefore, you can use them for long durations. They come with extra ear tips where you can comfortably pick the perfect fit. It has a back-of-the-ear hook design to ensure the earphones are comfortable on your ears.

Dual HD Driver – The in-ear monitors have a fantastic woofer and Twitter design, which allows it to offer an excellent balanced sound. The drivers enhance the quality of sound they produce. It provides surrounding Hi-Fi music environment for your ears.

Sound Quality – The bass output from the pair of earbuds is deep and punchy. The vocals, mids, and highs are impressive and give the user a balanced audio play. The tips are designed to isolate noise; hence, one can concentrate on the vocals.

Detachable Connector – The headphones come with detachable cables which ensure they are tangle free when you are using. You can easily replace the wires if they break. Also, in the pack, you will get two cables where you can choose the one that suits a particular event.

  • Detachable cable
  • Balanced sound output
  • Stylish design
  • Five ear tips which you can interchange
  • Two cords
  • Poor low bass
  • They can easily fall off your ears

Summary: If you need an audible pair of in-ear monitors, the BASN can do wonders. The drivers are manufactured from neodymium magnets which offer an accurate and precise sound output. The ear tips are also comfortable, and you can wear them for long duration’s.

5. Sennheiser IE 40 PRO

The IE 40 PRO is a fantastic high-end in-ear monitor for singers. It’s affordable and an excellent finish which will always make you miss your IEMs. The plastic casing is well polished and has a smooth matte finish.

Sennheiser IE 40 PRO

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Sound – The sound produced by the earphones offers a balanced and detailed sound output. The sub-bass is impressive and sounds natural. Its vocals and mids are sharp hence giving a crisp sound output. The treble of this set is also incredible and gives an airy feel.

Design – The earphones come in black and transparent as the key colors. The material used is sturdy and comes with protectors on regions which are likely to experience stress. The earpieces come in varying lengths which can be adjusted to particular depths of the ear canal.

The earbuds come with single dynamic drivers with 10mm drivers giving them a nominal of 20 Ohms. It has ear hooks which you can adjust to fit well in your ears and deliver appropriate bass. The cable connector is replaceable and comes with a patent pending to reinforce its connection.

Fit – In-ear earphones for monitoring should fit appropriately to ensure there is limited movement and hence maximum comfort. The IE 40 PRO comes with an impressive nozzle angle, and the size is perfect. The earmold has an ergonomic design which gives a fantastic fit due to its flat profile. The tips are made from foam, which ensures a user can wear the earphones for long durations.

  • Detailed sound output
  • Detachable cable
  • Deep and engaging bass
  • Superior built
  • Great sound isolation
  • The upper treble is grainy
  • Short lead

Summary: The IE 40 PRO is a fantastic in-ear monitor which offers some of the things you can hardly find in a normal IEM. It’s stylish, and the cabling is flexible and comes with an over-ear hook.

Things to consider when buying in ear monitors for singers

For any singer to get the perfect synchrony, they need a pair of an in-ear monitor which keeps them in the ideal environment. It should be capable of cutting off the surrounding noise, making it easier for a user to hear the instrumentals. There are features which a singer needs to look in to for the perfect -in-ear monitors.

Noise Isolation – One of the key design features you can consider when buying earbuds is its isolation capability. Most of the in-ear monitors work by isolating the ear canal from external noise. Several functions can be used to give noise reduction.

The ear tip design is one feature that can be modified to offer isolation. The ear tips should fit well in your ears to create separation. The shell type and fill also determine how they can affect noise isolation. The molding of the shell should cover your ear canal to cut off the noise.

Sound quality – A singer should hear every vocal and beat. The sound of the in-ear monitor should be perfect, but all earphones come with varying sound quality. You should consider the technology used to deliver the sound of the earphones. ADSR is proving to be the best for in-ear monitors since it provides accurate notes, and the audio is clear.

Design – The design of IEM should be a vital factor to consider since it determines how comfortable the headphones are. Over-ear design hooks ensure the earphones stick on your ears for the maximum time possible. The drivers of the headset also matter where a standard magnetic driver gives impressive bass and mids.

Type of Drivers – There are two main types of drivers used in the manufacture of IEMs. Dynamic driver type is the common one and gives the best sound output. It has a miniature property which helps in recreating the earphone’s frequencies.

Balanced armature drivers are useful for singers who have hearing problems. They deliver high levels of sound resolution and are efficient.

Wired/ Wireless – Wireless in-ear monitors are suitable for anyone who needs comfort and suitability. They offer maximum freedom where one can move on the stage with limited interference. Wireless in-ear monitors come with better features when compared to wired ones. Wireless earphones are, however, affected by interference.

The Final Words (Summary)

As a singer, your performance matters a lot, and the use of in-ear monitors can determine how effective your shows can be. This article gives you five of the best in-ear monitors for singers you can get in stores. It makes it easier for you in purchasing IEM, and hopefully, you will get one from our list. They are all wired earphones, and they are cheaper compared to wireless in-ear monitors.

We also have a buying guide which will show you what’s necessary for an IEM. The earbuds will significantly improve your performances and also protect your ears from the noise. Also, too much volume on your monitor can affect your ears. You should consider using low volumes or purchase headphones with limiters to protect your ears.

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