Philips T3215 Review [Wireless in-Ear Earbuds]

Philips is well known for its audio and video products. Its history of manufacturing audio players, headphones, and earbuds is huge. Now that consumers are demanding truly wireless earbuds, the company has realized this and created a new line of these products.  Scrambling to catch up, the company quickly launched its Philips T3215 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds in the market. These IPX4 in-ear wireless earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity have up to 24 hours of playtime and can connect to two devices at the same time. Our Philips T3215 Review will summarize and critique the earphone.

Features with benefits

Sound quality- Wingtips and three pairs of ear tips are included to provide for a more secure fit that offers superior passive noise isolation.  The included ear tips also help with achieving a better sound quality. The black wire between the two wingtips is quite thin, but this helps to reduce tangles and knots when placed in a bag or pocket. The wingtips are glossy plastic so they can easily be scratched while being stored inside of a bag. The modular speaker system includes a built-in microphone with echo cancellation, which helps keep sound clear during important conversations.

Frequency Response– The frequency response of the Philips T3215 in-ear earbud is good, which makes them perfect for listening to music or taking calls while on the go. The bass response is nice, and the highs are crisp. The earbud has a good range of frequencies which is helpful for tuning into your favorite music.

Performance- One of the most interesting features of this earbud is answering incoming phone calls without interrupting your listening and hanging up when you want by clicking on the button. This is achieved by using a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls without taking out your earbuds.

This microphone can be turned on or off easily, and the call quality remains good through the speakerphone functionality. Users have reported less than perfect call quality on occasion. However, it does not seem to be a common issue. The controls on the earpiece are easy to use and include a mic arm for controlling calls, volume buttons, play/pause functionality, and of course, an auxiliary plug.

The unusual, very small size makes them fairly easy to carry around without drawing much attention. However, users have reported cases where it was mistaken for a Bluetooth keyboard when worn in public settings. With its small size and lightweight nature, there are not many other concerns about portability.

The overall battery life is good, although their smaller 6-hour average can feel less than ideal at times. After all, the most comfortable noise isolating earbuds tend to be those that last a long time between charges. The battery life may feel shorter for some individuals due to Bluetooth use since it can take its toll on the overall battery life. That being said, these earbuds do offer a good amount of adjustability concerning comfort.

Design and style- The design of the earbud is perfect. It is so soft and comfortable that I never feel that it is in my ear. It is very professional and lightweight. It looks so nice with my outfit, too, and it stands out from other earbuds.

The three different-sized pairs of silicone tips are pretty unique, though not entirely necessary for comfort given just how comfortable these are to begin with. The earbuds fit comfortably in the ear and don’t move at all while exercising, which is one of their main selling points, given that one can make phone calls and listen to music without having to worry about them falling out.

The style is also nice and classy. It is very light, with no wires or bumps to give the impression of large earphones even though they have a pretty solid feel. Magnets hold the earbuds, so all you need is just one click to connect both the left and right buds.

Fit and Comfortability- Philips T3215 is very comfortable to use. The shape of the earbud is designed to be worn over long periods without any discomfort. However, if you are one to use glasses, these earphones might not be your best choice because there is some noise cancellation. Still, I have not had any issues with them being uncomfortable when using my glasses.

Connectivity- These earbuds are connected with Bluetooth 5.1, which is very recent and thus gives a great sound quality when it comes to streaming and fast connectivity. This product range is also good, so you do not have to worry about the earbuds not connecting to your phone should you be around 10-15 feet away from each other.

The earbuds can be used to make calls because of the built-in microphone, and there is also a noise-canceling feature that you can use to cancel out any background noises when you are on a call. There is no lag whatsoever when it comes to the connectivity, and I have found that all the features work without any problems.

Compatible- When you take out one of the buds from their charging case, it automatically pairs with your phone or another smart device, making them ready for use as soon as they’re removed. Once paired, each bud remembers the last device it was connected to.

If you need to use them with a different device, all you have to do is go into your phone settings and remove the earbuds from your list of Bluetooth devices, then connect them again. The range for how far the buds can reach without shedding their signal is quite impressive.

Charging case: The charging case is a great touch to these earbuds because it allows for double the battery life, which means you can get even more listening time out of them before having to charge them back up. Press the button on the side of the case to turn them on.

Philips T3215 Quote-

“Following the design cues of the classic earbuds, Philips T3215 is a great choice for wireless music lovers.” Bally Watson

Built-in mic and controls- The built-in mic and controls allow you to answer phone calls, change songs, or take a call all while on the go! To answer an incoming call, double-tap the center button. The earbuds also let you know when they are running out of battery life and instruct you how long they will last before dying. The phone’s built-in microphone offers high-quality sound during important conversations.

Noise Isolation- The included ear tips function to keep the earbud firmly in place, even during motion-heavy activities like exercising. Monitoring sound quality is more effective because they feature passive noise isolation for a lower volume. These earbuds also help eliminate background noise from other sources.

Water Resistance- These IPX4 rated wireless headphones are resistant to water splashing from any direction, they don’t mind a little sweat, and you don’t have to worry about them dying on you if your phone falls into a puddle. Both of the earbuds have a water-resistant design. The cord doesn’t tangle easily either, which is great news for clumsy people like myself.

I don’t have to worry about the earbud catching on something as I move about, and there will be no more untangling cords at the end of every day. This wireless earbud can resist splashing from any direction and won’t mind a little sweat on its surface. Even if you accidentally get caught out in the rain, it’s not an issue.

Endurance Mono Mode: Want to conserve your battery? Use mono mode when you can. The mic is automatically assigned to whichever earbud you’re using, so just swap over the other one when you need it.


The price of the product is high, but it lives up to the quality in that respect. They also have limited colors to choose from when compared to others. I’m not necessarily fond of the sleek design either because it tends to stick out around my ears like some weird antenna or something. Some people can’t stand the plugs in their ears because they feel like it pulls on their earring hole, but that’s a personal problem.

Frequently asked question

1. Are Philips T3215 earbuds good?

Answer: The sound quality and phone call quality of the Philips T3215 wireless in-ear earbuds is fantastic. One can enjoy crystal clear calls. The sound quality is deep, rich and the bass is impactful. You will feel like you are living in a concert when you put them on. The noise cancellation feature works very well when there is too much background noise surrounding it.

2. How to pair Philips T3215 with my mobile phone?

Answer: Place the earbud into your ear and push the button to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Search for available devices on your mobile phone, and pair them with “Philips T3215”. Make sure that you have one earbud in your ear when the device is connected successfully. When the headphones are connected, you will hear a voice prompt and an LED light flashing red and blue.

3. How do I charge my Philips T3215 Bluetooth earbud?

Answer: Just plug the micro USB charger into the charging case and then plug it into a wall outlet or a computer, the red light will turn on. A full charge requires about 2 hours via the USB-C port. after that, your headphones will be able to last up to 24 (6+18) hrs of playtime with USB-C charging case.


The Philips T3215 wireless in-ear earbud is a great pair of earbuds with solid sound and comfort. The price is fairly reasonable as well. If you are looking for good everyday earbuds with good control, these might be the ones to go for. The sound quality is great and it provides the user with a crystal clear sound. I like them and I think that you would like them too. Our Philips T3215 review finds that they are a solid option for wireless earbuds and worth taking a look at. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. I’m always happy to help!

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