5 Best USB Headset for Work (for Your Home Office)

Are you a worker whose tasks or chores largely depend on hearing? You want to find and incorporate the best USB headset for work in your regime. As the name implies, this is a headset that is optimized for many issues that pertain to audio, listening, and recording.

Examples of these are transcription, studio recording, and surveillance. Knowing the best headphones of these kinds and how to find the most suitable one for the job is no doubt the most significant step you can ever take. We prepare the review and buying guide that follows to explain these items in totality.

How do I choose the right USB headset for work?

In order that you may lay your hands on the most suitable USB headset for work, you have to factor the following key issues and parameters:

Type and Functionality: These gadgets come in numerous types and are similarly suited for varying functionality. You want to pair the one you have in mind with the unique tasks and purposes you similarly want to attain. That can only happen if you assess your own needs and then proceed to make the necessary comparisons.

Comfort Features: Generally, you will use these items for a fairly long duration of time. At the same time, you do not want to strain your ears or predispose them to the risks of earaches or other kinds of discomforts. Be sure hence to emphasize that which is fitted with numerous comfortable traits and features like the cushions.

Compatibility: This refers to the likelihood that the headset will pair and communicate with other gadgets. You can only guarantee this if you similarly pay keen attention to the unique specifications of the item you have in mind. Of utmost importance should be the fact the headset be able to run across several operating systems.

Mic Quality: If you intend to record some audio output, you must also look into the quality of the microphones in use. A good microphone has to be able to filter out the ambient sounds and noises. Then again, it should also pick up sounds without necessarily distorting their quality and natural integrity.

Sound Quality: When all is said and done, the headset you pick and deploy for the job will no doubt deliver some sound output. It is important hence that gauge the quality that each is able and more likely to give off in your search for the right headset.

Price: Whether or not you will eventually purchase a headset depends largely on the amount of money for which it goes. As part of your search for the right gadget, pay some keen attention as well on the price tags. Needless to say, you have to choose one that is way affordable and within your easy reach.

Style: Outside their core roles of facilitating the audio outputs, the headsets also serve the secondary role of giving off some aesthetics while in use. For this to happen though, the one you set your eyes on has to exist in some exceptional styles and also packed with tons of aesthetic features.

5 Best USB headset for work reviewed

1. Mpow Headset PA071A

Do you shift platforms every now and then? You want a headset that is consistent with many platforms for the sake of ease of use and maximum convenience on your part. Without wasting too much of your time, you want to give this one a try. It is universal and multipurpose at the same time.

Mpow Headset PA071A
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Crystal Clear Sound: At the top of its most awesome features, comes the crystal sound output. This is mainly brought about by the adjustable unidirectional microphone that picks up precise voices. The end product of this pick is clearer and equal natural voices. You will find it good enough for videoconferencing.

Multi-functional In-line Controls: Ranking second is the multi-functional in-line controls that come about in an exclusive 2-in-1 in-line design. The design allows you to use the controls on your cellphones and personal computers. Moreover, you may also stash in an audio jack that measures 3.5 mm and the USB cable.

Simplified Operations: Though equipped with tons of elegant features, this headset is easier to operate and control. The processes are easier for even a starter to comprehend while at the same time come along with an instructional manual to guide you through. You can never get lost along the way as you juggle it.

User-friendly Design: All the topnotch features and components above are encased in a user-friendly design. From its designation, you will not have to really struggle to have your way. Instead, the matters of setting up and starting out are considerably simplified. What’s more? The design allows you to personalize the fit as per your expectations!

Wider Compatibility: For all practical purposes, the headset is suitable for a vast array of tasks and purposes that revolve around the transmission of sounds. It is also able to pair and work with many operating systems like Windows Vista, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and tablet PCs.


  • Processes sound in a skilled manner
  • Delivers crisp high definition audio output
  • Balances the tone while conversing
  • Guarantees maximum comfort when worn
  • Gives you the flexibility you need to move around with ease


  • Too basic for professional applications
  • Lacks many other vital parts and components
  • Unlikely to ‘grow’ with you

Summary: If you are constantly shifting your platforms or on the move, you have no better companion than this headphone. As you may see, it is versatile enough for the frequent changes of locations.

2. SADES Newest SA902 7.1

It is sometimes never enough for you to merely stream the audio contents from the source to your ears. You want to go beyond that to even isolate any background noises that may compromise your listening. Only by you choosing to work with a noise-isolation headphone of this kind may you achieve that end.

SADES Newest SA902 7.1
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Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound: The entire structure and overall makeup of the system come in the form of the Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. With this makeup, the structure is able to spray the sound waves at an all-round angle of about 360°. By that arrangement, it impacts just about every corner of your room.

Sleek Over-ear Design: It comes in a sleek over-ear design that sees it wrap itself wholly around your head. This design is complemented with a set of synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cushions that add to your overall comfort while streaming the audio output. The end result is maximum comfort over a prolonged duration of time.

Superior Fit and Finish: Its exterior on the other hand exhibits a superior fit and finish that adds to the overall aesthetics. The finish is largely brought about by the use of premium materials in its construction. It is also highly adjustable and light enough for you to manage and subsequently make do with.

Swappable Precision Microphone: To aid with the input of sounds, the gadget comes about with a swappable precision microphone. So precise is the microphone that it hardly compromises the quality of the sound input. Moreover, it is also extremely sensitive and Omni-directional to allow for seamless operations regardless of the prevailing circumstance.

Seamless Compatibility: In total, the gadget works alongside many other like-minded electronics and operating systems. These include the personal computer desktops, various versions of Windows, and the Vista computers. It hence gives you some added peace of mind as you move along. That is besides being wholly comfortable for you.


  • Delivers customized sound experiences
  • Immerses your rooms with the sound output
  • Mimics the realistic value and integrity of the sounds
  • Imbues some immersive feeling when beheld
  • Cancels out the ambient noises to give you clearer sounds


  • Quite bulky and harder to handle
  • Requires many other accessories to operationalize
  • Not for starters and intermediates

Summary: Grab this headphone and cancel out the ambient noise that may compromise the quality and audibility of the audio outputs. As you may see, it has the ability to filter out the ambient sounds for your use.

3. Razer Kraken Headset

Is your search for the right headphone dictated mainly by the need to facilitate gaming and other computer-based sporting activities? You have this set of headphones to set your eyes on. It works well with the PlayStation and the personal computers. Also, it is also light enough to put on for too long.

Razer Kraken Headset
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Built-in Advanced Surround Sound: Its most notable trait is the built-in advanced surround. As you may tell from the designation, this simply refers to the ability of the headphone to fill your rooms completely with the necessary audio output. While at it, the device also upholds the accuracy of the output considerably.

Large 50 mm Drivers: A set of large drivers that measure 50 mm also form a vital part and aspect of this headphone. They are custom-tuned to allow you to stream the audio contents to the levels that are desirable to you at any given time. The end products of these are the crystal clear sounds that are truly audible.

Fully Retractable Microphone: To facilitate the input of the audio contents, the gadget gives you the fully retractable microphones to make use of. These microphones have the active noise cancellation feature as a permanent aspect of the same. The combination of these two adds to the clarity of the audio outputs discharged.

Lightweight and Durable: When compared to the other headphones of its stature, this one is both light in weight and extremely durable. That is mainly because it is made of the Bauxite Aluminum that is both firm and light at the same time. Have we also stated that it is flexible enough to haul around with absolute ease?

Oval Ear Cushions: Rounding up the list of the most venerable features is a set of oval ear cushions. The purpose of this set is to confer some comfort chiefly by diminishing the strains that the headphones inflict or exert on the ears. This way, they let you hear and make use of them for an extended duration of time.


  • Generates pinpoint accurate audio outputs
  • Tunes and customizes for your unique experiences
  • Lasts fairly longer than many other gadgets
  • Great and unparalleled for the matters of gaming
  • Elevates your listening experiences considerably


  • A starter may find it quite intriguing
  • Its power consumption is way too high
  • Prepare to dig too deep to afford it

Summary: Quench your gaming needs and thirst primarily by letting your hands touch this set of headphones. From the foregoing explanations, it is clear that the gadget is properly equipped for the job.

4. Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML

Could it be that you are a business person who is mainly concerned with the matters of telemarketing and electronic commerce? Well, you can never have a better companion than this one. It is basically a single-sided business headset that is great and awesome for Skype and other forms of video chatting.

Sennheiser SC 30 USB ML
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In-line Call Control Unit: By far, its most notable trait or attribute is the in-line call control unit. This plays the role of answering and ending your calls as need be. Then also, it varies the volume while muting your microphone if at all you have to. All these it does directly from your handset, nowhere else.

ActiveGard Technology: The ActiveGard Technology exists on the gadget to see to it that it is adequately protected against any forms of acoustic injuries that may arise as a result of the sudden outbursts of sounds on the line. With this protection comes also the longevity of service and reduced costs of maintenance.

Designed with Skype in Mind: On the whole, this set of headphones is designed with Skype in mind. You will, therefore, find it good enough for the matters of video conferencing. In that role, it gives off consistent hands-free communications solutions for an extended duration of time. That is beside the exceptional voice quality.

HD Sound Quality: As hinted already, the headset delivers truly rich sound quality output. This is the High Definition type. The sound output is largely devoid of any overtones, distortions, and other issues that have collectively been known to interfere or compromise the quality of the sounds. The voices are particularly natural to the ears.

Noise-cancelling Technology: At its core is the noise-canceling technology. The role of this technology is to filter out the unwanted background noises that may interfere not only with your listening but also the overall quality of the audio outputs. Its use and adoption hence make for crystal-clear conversations on calls.


  • Keeps your microphone in perfect positions
  • Its arm is never twisted out of place
  • Guarantees maximum comfort and durability
  • Provides a perfect lightweight solution for your hearing
  • Comes ready for use (plug-and-play)


  • Comes at too huge a cost
  • Only for the professionals and businesspeople
  • Its operations require some expertise

Summary: Well, for the matters of business, you have no better bet than this specific headset. Its suitability for the matters of business calls coupled with the exceptionally smooth voice output combines to make the realities achievable.

5. Plantronics Blackwire C5220

Seeking a headset to deploy for your common everyday use? Look no further than this one! It is tougher and hence well able to withstand persistent usage. With it, you may also listen to your multimedia audio applications while also making some conference calls in the meantime.

Plantronics Blackwire C5220
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Awesome Connectivity: The headset boasts of awesome connectivity in the sense that it pairs and works alongside many other like-minded gadgets that be. Some of these are the USB-C, USB, and the 3.5 mm audio jacks to name but a few! Together, they give you the freedom to select the device that truly fits your unique needs.

Ergonomically Design: Its design is overall ergonomic in the sense that it contains features that are all geared to your comfort and added peace of mind. Thanks to this design, the gadget is able to let you put in on for a longer duration of time while at the same time allowing you to make the longest calls.

Powerful Stature: This series of headphones comes about in a powerful stature indeed. It as a matter of fact grants you the freedom to connect and work wherever and whenever you might have to without excessively high levels of strains. That also plays out in the quality of the audio output it gives off.

Noise-canceling Microphone: A noise-canceling microphone attaches to the microphone. Its purpose is to stream in the audio inputs while recording your music. The noise-canceling trait goes a long way in masking the nearby talkers and sound sources to allow for maximum privacy while making and receiving calls.

Dynamic Mute Alert: Closing the list of the many vital features it brings forth is the dynamic mute alert. The alert will come in handy while trying to prevent any active recordings at a time when you are tackling another task in the foreground. By its dynamic nature, it is truly responsive to your needs.


  • Gives you many connectivity options
  • Attaches to your personal computer via the USB slot
  • Possesses a lightweight sling headband
  • Handles all of your phone calls smoothly
  • Improves performances in a noisy environment


  • Unsuitable for professional audio recording
  • Delivers lower value for money
  • Severely limited in scope and functionality

Summary: For your common everyday use, no other headphone but this one may come in handy. We urge you to give it the topmost priority when just seeking an undying companion to use all along.

The final words (Summary)

Our long and laborious look into the best USB headsets for work comes to an abrupt end there. Having done the much we can, we only defer the matter of picking the most suitable one for you. Use the insights we have generously given off as a starting point in your search.

There is never the right time to make a suitable pick. Dragging your feet or taking too long to make up your mind will only serve to make matters worse for you. This is the time to make the pick. As you do that, remember also to share the information with the others around you who might need it.

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