8 Best Headphones for Snowboarding in 2023

Are you planning to go for snowboarding this season? Headphones are an essential part of any snowboarder’s gear. Headphones can keep you entertained on long lifts and during boring runs when you can’t get a run in. Anyone who participates in snowboarding needs a robust pair of headphones for the sport.

It is not easy to find the best headphones for snowboarding because many are available on the market. This article will discuss some of the most important features that should be considered when buying a pair of headphones for snowboarding and give an overview of some popular brands.

The right type of headphones can make your experience better while snowboarding. Some people prefer earbuds while others prefer over-the-ear style headphones; it all depends on what you want from your headphone purchase. Although it may seem hard to choose one product over another, this article aims at simplifying things by giving you tips on how to pick out the best product that suits your needs as well as your budget. So let’s begin.

How do I choose the right headphone for snowboarding?

You can’t pick any pair of headphones for your snowboarding sessions no matter how amazing the features are. There are specific features that a perfect headset for skiing or snowboarding needs to have. There are plenty of headphones in the market, but some factors will limit you to particular models. Once you consider all these factors, you can then go for your preferences. Some of the features that a perfect snowboarding headset should have include:

Design – There are three main designs used in the manufacture of headsets; On-ear, in-ear, and over-ear. For snowboarders, in-ear headphones are the best if you need maximum efficiency and comfort. On-ear headphones are appropriate for those who are not involved in extreme snowboarding. You can wear these types on your helmet, and they are comfortable.

In-Mic Controls Accessibility – It can be a challenge for anyone snowboarding to use their phone in the conditions of the icy mountain. It’s good to consider headphones which have integrated microphones. If you use your phone hands-free, you will be more comfortable. Also, the use of this kind of headphones increases your safety, where you will be focusing on your activity. Headphones which have a microphone tend to be more expensive. You can put your phone in a waterproof protective casing during your adventure.

Sound Quality – The primary purpose of buying a pair of headphones for snowboarding is to keep you entertained. You should consider the audio quality of the headphones before you purchase them. Noise cancellation is vital to eradicate the noise and wind that might affect the music levels. Headsets with low music quality won’t be able to give you the best sound quality you need.

Mode of Connection – Are the headphones wireless? Using a pair of headphone with cables hanging around may be tedious and frustrating for snowboarding. Also, most headphones which are wired produce low-quality sound. It’s essential for one to pick headphones which are wireless to get the best quality music. Wireless headphones also ensure you can enjoy your music with less hindrance to your movement. The extra cables will lead to more weight which you don’t need for snowboarding.

Waterproof – A good pair of headphones for snowboarding should be snow and waterproof. You should check the headphones before you purchase whether they have waterproof capabilities. Most of them have waterproof ratings, and you can improve their capabilities by covering them with your sporting gears.

8 Best headphones for snowboarding reviewed

1. Alta Helmet Drop-in Headphones

These headphones are the best choice for snowboarders who want to keep their fluff out of their ears but still be able to hear their tunes. The Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop headphone is a good choice for wireless, waterproof, hour-long battery life with high-quality sound.

Alta Helmet Drop-in Headphones
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Features with benefits:

With the Alta wireless helmet headphones, you will get a great quality sound, with really deep bass. You can throw your tunes up to 200 meters away from the Bluetooth enabled device. You will also get great quality control over your music, allowing you to pause, play and stop the songs in hands-free operation.

The drop-in style of the headphone is great for snowboarders. With the wireless design, your fluff won’t get caught up in the wires. Due to that, these headphones have been tested and certified as water-resistant and sweatproof!

The fit of the Alta helmet drop-in Headphones is great, with the small ear cups that cover your ears. This makes it so you can monitor your surroundings while listening to music. These headphones are also very lightweight, so you can wear them for a long period of time without getting sore ears.

With the Alta Headphones, you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. These headphones are also compatible with most phones, music players, and laptops. You get the headphones, charging cable, and a storage bag with each purchase of these headphones.

These headphones have a great battery life lasting up to 8 hours with a one hour charge time. The battery life for these headphones also has a great low power shut down, ensuring that you don’t run out of juice if you pause your music for a few seconds.


The only disadvantage about the Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop In-ear headphones is that there does not come with a USB wall charger. You will have to either charge these headphones through your computer or buy a separate wall charger.


Overall, these are a great pair of headphones for any snowboarder. They have a great sound quality and a good battery life that will ensure you don’t run out of music during your snowboarding trip. These headphones are also very comfortable and lightweight so that they won’t slip off in the middle of a run.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

These wireless earbuds are the best choice for any snowboarder who’s looking for a great fit, sound quality and great battery life. We choose this Apple AirPods Pro because it’s an Apple product, and most of the people like apple products more than others due to their compatibility and simple functionalities.

Apple AirPods Pro
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Features with benefits: 

Sound quality for these AirPods is great. You will hear crisp, clear bass and a nice mid-range. The sound quality is comparable to high end wired earbuds. Music will sound great no matter what level you have the volume on.

Apple AirPods Pro are slim and lightweight. These earbuds have a good grip on your ears due to the fit so that they won’t fall out of your ears. They also have a small size which is great for travel, and they won’t take up much space in your pockets or bags.

They fit amazingly and are very comfortable to wear. You can wear these earbuds for a long period without any discomfort. If you need to adjust, it’s easy to slide the earpieces out and then put them back in.

This amazing earbud will work great with any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 and higher. They are also compatible with Apple products and any other smartphone that has iOS 10 or higher.

The battery life of these AirPods is amazing. It can last up to 5 hours on a single charge, and it only takes 15 minutes to charge it for 3 hours of playback. These earbuds also have a great auto on/off functionality when you insert the AirPods into your ear. So you won’t have to worry about the battery dying if you forget to turn it off. One more feature is that it comes with a small charging case, so your earbuds will never die. The AirPods Pro can be charged back up to 3 times from the small charging case.


The only disadvantage about these earbuds is the price, but if you are willing to spend a little extra money, these headphones will last a very long time, and the sound quality is great.


Overall, these are a great pair of earbuds for any snowboarder. The AirPods Pro will be our choice for the best snowboarding earbuds. They have a great sound quality and comfortability with a good fit in almost any ear size. The sound quality is comparable to high-end earbuds. These headphones are also easy to carry because of their small size and lightweight design.

3. AfterShokz AS650MB

The pair of headphone is an open-air design which delivers its sound via your cheekbones. The speakers of this particular headphone usually rest at the front of your ears The AS650MB is a unique and well-developed pair of bone conduction headphones that is perfect for snowboarding since it keeps you aware of your surroundings.

AfterShokz AS650MB Headphones
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Bone Conduction – It’s is one of the best technologies used on open-air headphones. It keeps the ears of a user open at all times, and the music is delivered via their cheekbones. The wearable improves the safety of a user at all times. Once sound waves are produced by the headphones, they hit your eardrums at a directed angle.

Connection – The pair of headphones can be connected wirelessly to your headset via Bluetooth V4.2. Bluetooth V4.2 is very efficient and stable where it can connect devices within a 33 feet radius. It can link two devices at once, thanks to its multi-point connection capability. The headset supports all Bluetooth enabled devices, either iOS or Android.

Premium Sound Quality – The sound produced by this headset is fantastic. It offers a wide range of dynamic audio output. The bass is deep, and the treble well balanced, ensuring you can enjoy your music for long durations with limited distractions. The headset also has a mic which you can use to make hands-free calls. It uses noise-canceling technology where you can enjoy clear calls at all times.

Comfortable and Stylish Built – One fantastic feature about this particular headset is its comfortable wrap-around design. A user can wear the headset for long durations with limited strain on their head or ears. The position of the earbuds on the cheekbones also makes the pair of headphones comfortable for a user.


  • Premium sound output
  • Awesome design
  • Long lifespan
  • Comfortable to wear the headset
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth V4.2


  • The bass is not too good
  • Can be affected by strong winds

Summary:  If you need to keep your ears wide open and still enjoy your music during snowboarding, the AS650MB will serve you well. It has a battery lifespan of up to 6 hours if you charge it for two hours.

4. Outdoor Tech OT0052

The OT0052 gives one the freedom of enjoying their music without pulling out their phone frequently during snowboarding. The headset produces impressive audio quality and can be used with a helmet. It’s HI-FI built-in-mic allows a user to make hands-free calls.

Outdoor Technology OT0052
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Premium Sound Output – The headset produces incredible audio output even in your outdoor snowboarding activities. It has 40mm drivers which produce 112 decibels, and the highs are crystal clear. The bass for these headsets is also intense and entertaining. Even in strong winds, the headset will still deliver fantastic music beats that you need to keep your spirit high.

Design- The headset is sleek and very easy to operate, even for new users. It comes with a two button design, which makes it easy for anyone to manage the headset. It’s wireless and can work well with any audio compatible headset.

Connection – It comes with Bluetooth V4.0 which aid in its wireless connection and a user can easily play their music. It’s capable of operation in a distance of up to 30 feet with no disruptions. It can connect with your iOS or Android device with ease by pressing on the right chip for about 3 seconds.

Operation – The CHIPS 2.0 comes with buttons which are easy to control even when you are wearing gloves. The buttons can be controlled by a series of short or long presses. You can use the left CHIP to control the volume of your headset and track management. The right chip controls calls, power, pairing, and playback.


  • Premium sound quality
  • 2-Button control, which is natural
  • Comfortable wear
  • Compatible with audio-enabled helmets
  • In-Built Mic


  • Tedious to remove the chip from the helmet to charge
  • The microphone stops working if you connect the auxiliary cable

Summary: This outdoor headset is easy to use and durable, making it capable of working in harsh conditions. It’s also wireless and can last a user up to 9 hours of music playtime when they are snowboarding. If you have an Android and iOS smartphones, you can comfortably use the headsets with all your devices.

5. BCELIFE Bluetooth Beanie Hat

This beanie is the most comfortable and convenient way for snowboarders to listen to their favorite music while riding down the mountain. It’s really easy to wear, and it won’t mess up your hair or take up too much space in your bag.

BCELIFE Bluetooth Beanie Hat
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Features with benefits:

The sound quality of these beanie headphones is great. You will hear crisp, clear bass and a nice mid-range. The sound is not as good as an Apple product, but it’s still better than some other lower-priced headphones. The sound is also very deep and clear.

The design and style of these beanie headphones give it a nice look, but the main purpose is for functionality. They are made with high-quality materials to last for a long time. They also give it a nice look while wearing them.

These beanie headphones fit very well and are very comfortable to wear. They can be worn for a long time without any discomfort. It’s also easy to adjust the beanie for any head size.

This beanie hat comes with any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 and is higher for connectivity. They are also compatible with Apple products and any other smartphone. The simple operating buttons on the device allow you to control your music with just a touch.

The battery life on these beanie headphones is great. You can play music for up to 8 hours with a single charge, and it only takes 2-3 hours to charge. The battery life is comparable to many expensive headphones. The beanie includes a micro USB charging cable and a Pouch.


Some people may not like the idea of having something on their head while riding down the mountain. But, the beanie connects very securely, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or getting in your way when taking jumps.


Overall, this beanie is a great buy for any snowboarder. It’s hands-free and provides you with the best sound quality that you would want in a beanie hat. It’s also very comfortable and lightweight. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth beanie hat, then this beanie is your best bet.

6. Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose QC 35 come with the Google smart voice feature, commonly known as Alexa, which you can control with a button placed on the left ear. When snowboarding, you can press on the button, and it will read to you all the notifications and tell you the time when you received the information. It also comes with a noise canceling feature to give you the best-undeterred music environment when you are using the headset.

Bose Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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Bose AR – Its AR technology is the best features of the headset since no other uses this kind of innovation. Its AR technology allows you to operate your headset using a mobile app installed on your smartphones. You can use the app to control noise cancellation levels, Bluetooth connections, and also manage music sharing.

In-Built Alexa – Alexa is a Google-based voice command where the QC 35 II is amongst the first headset to use this technology. You can use the voice command when you are snowboarding to get notifications read out to you. Also, you can use Alexa to play different music on your device. All you have to do is install the Bose AR app on your phone to give Alexa control over your voice commands.

Sound Quality – The QC 35 II offers the best sound quality you can get on any pair of headset. The bass is deep and doesn’t get distorted even at higher volume levels. The treble is very clear, and most users enjoy the detailed audio output.

Noise cancellation – The headset is well clamped on the ears of a user and has the best active noise-canceling feature. It offers a fantastic all-around audio output which no other manufacturer offers. You can hardly hear the noise in the surrounding, which gives you maximum concentration when you are snowboarding.


  • Impressive sound output
  • Premium and stylish design
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Wireless connection
  • Google voice command enabled


  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Costly

Summary: The headphones offer a unique and quality audio companion for any snowboard enthusiast. The brilliant design and sound output put it at the top of the industry. No other headphone in the market currently that can offer such kind of noise cancellation capability.

7. Beats Solo3

The Solo3’s are the first headphones to be produced by Dre after Apple’s takeover. The headphones are an improvement of the Solo2 in terms of battery life and Bluetooth range. The headsets are lightweight and come with collapsible cups.

Beats Solo3
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Design – The headset is very stylish and comes with foldable cups that have Beats by Dre logo on the outside. The headset frame is mostly plastic, which is lightweight, and the headband uses metal to strengthen it. Its pads are made from synthetic leather which is placed on foam to make it comfortable on the ears of a user.

Battery Life – Solo3 is an advancement of the Solo2, and the batter is one of the features which is quite commendable. The headset comes with a battery which can last for 40-hours non-stop play. The battery life is made more efficient by the use of Apple’s W1 chip to make it energy conservative. The headset can be charged for 5 minutes to give you a 3-hour long playtime, which is enough for snowboarding.

Apple W1, Chip – Apple and Beats engineers can change the performance of the headset by using Apple W1 technology. This innovation aids in switching and linking Apple devices with your headset. It also improves the battery life of your headphones and comes with the fast fuel charging where you can recharge your battery in five minutes.

Connection – The headset connects to its devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. Its connection range is impressive thanks to the W1 chipset. You can play your music within a range of up to 100 feet despite the obstacles.


  • Stable wireless connection
  • Extended battery life
  • Quality sound output
  • Comfortable pads
  • Stylish design


  • The pressure on your ears may be too much
  • Costly

Summary: The Solo3 headphones have a lot of improvement from its predecessor, the Solo2. Its battery life is impressive, and it comes with a fast fuel charging feature. The sound is fantastic, and the feel of its leather material on your ears is amazing.

8. Skullcandy S6SCDZ-003

These particular headphones have a unique bass resonance space and offer a sleek design to users. Its sound is reasonably good, and it comes with an extra bass sliding controller. Its unique sound output and wireless capability make it a quality pick for snowboarding.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones
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Sound Quality – The headphones have an excellent bass command thanks to its bass chamber even when the volume dial is down. With the bass turned up, its power for your ears and you can even feel the headphones vibrate under the bass boost. The mid-range for this pair of headphones is also well-tuned. The lows and highs are dipped which make this a mega bass pair of headset.

Connection – The headset operates thanks to the Bluetooth technology in use wirelessly. Its connection is powerful to devices within a range of 10 meters. However, the headset is affected by obstacles within its field of connection.

Battery Life – These headphones can play your music for 40 hours straight on a single charge. With the bass boost on, the duration may go lower due to the extra energy needed to create the resonance. The headphones can play your music for three hours if you charge them for three minutes.

Comfort – The pair of headphones come with a lot of padding on the headband and ear cups. The ear cups have a foam that is covered with leather material to improve the feel of your ears. The cups also fit on your ears well hence making them more comfortable.


  • The bass is customization
  • Sleek design
  • Well balanced audio output
  • Comfortable on your ears
  • Extended battery life


  • The use of plastic to built its frame makes it feel cheap
  • Rubber headband padding can tug your hair

Summary: The design of the headphones is decent and comes with a bass boost controller for bass fans. This pair of headset is perfect for anyone looking for long battery life and super bass. The headphones feel great on your ears, but the pressure may be too high.

The final words (Summary)

Snowboarding can be fun just like any other sport. The weather conditions shouldn’t limit you from enjoying your excellent music collection. Pick the perfect pair of headphones that you can get in the market. Listening to music can improve your concentration and also make your skiing experience marvelous.

This article gives you the best snowboarding headphones you can get in different stores. You can take a look at our collection of headphones, which is well analyzed. These five types of headphones contain all the necessary features which can make them appropriate for snowboarding.

We have a buying guide which you can use when shopping for your headphones. You need to be knowledgeable to pick a pair of headset which will effectively work for snowboarding. Pick what suits you and enjoy the skiing moments.

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