5 Best Subwoofer for Trucks in 2023 [for deep bass]

You don’t have to rely on manufactured car radios to get the best kind of music. You might be producing a lot of noise that is not good for the ears. Adding a subwoofer will just smoothen everything to the right kind of music that you need. You will be able to hear the high and low tones perfectly well. We went out to make work easier for you and picked the Best Subwoofer For Trucks and our search did not go in vain. A good subwoofer will always give you a difference between a good sounding system and one that is great.

How to pick the right subwoofer for your truck?

You need to compare some factors that are vital before you get down to buy a subwoofer. Here is what you need to consider: –

1. The power of the system- A better system is that which booms when you have it on. At this juncture, you need to pay attention to the RMS power ratings and not the peak power ratings. RMS rating is what measures the continuous handling of power hence are much more realistic.

2. It’s sensitivity- This is a factor that goes hand in hand with power if there should be high output. If you get a sub that has been designed with a high sensitivity rating, then that sub requires less power to produce the same amount of power as when compared to that that has lower sensitivity.

3. The range of the frequency- This one will enable you to have an idea of how low a sub is expected to play. But it’s good to also know that the actual performance of a sub also depends on a lot of variables, like the box that it has been mounted on.

4. The type of the enclosure- The type of sound that will be produced also depends on the enclosure that it has been mounted in. If you find sealed boxes, then you need to prepare to get the deepest and accurate sound. The ported ones will produce more volume.

5. The number of voice coils- Most subwoofers come with dual voice coils because they are more flexible when it comes to wiring sound systems. These subwoofers use 2 separate coils and each comes with its connections but mounted in one cylinder.

6. The size of the woofer also matters- This is one factor that will never be discussed fully in length. Does really size matter? Which one will produce the loudest and the lowest? The discussion will never end. If you have enough space and your goal is to play loud and low, go for the biggest subs. Smaller subs if properly powered and come in the right enclosure, they can also produce plenty of sounds. So, don’t underestimate them.

7. The brand also plays a role- When it comes to subwoofers, there are many brands that have been known to produce quality subs. But this does not mean that all the subs from the big companies are good. There are some small companies that also produce quality subs. Some of these small companies make better subs than the big name brands.

8. The price- You need to have a budget before you start your search for a subwoofer. But this does not mean that the most expensive sub is the best. There are many good subs in the market that come at an affordable price. Do your research and find one that will suit your needs and budget.

9. The installation- You need to consider the ease of installation before you buy a subwoofer. Some subs are easy to install while others are not. If you don’t have experience installing stereos, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

10. The reviews- Before you buy a subwoofer, you need to read reviews. There are many websites that offer reviews on subwoofers. Read as many reviews as possible and get first-hand information from people who have used the product. This will help you make an informed decision.

5 Best subwoofer for trucks reviewed

1. Rockville RWS12CA

All products that are manufactured by Rockville go through the most vigorous kind of test to prove their performance. The user functions and the internal components are all tested. It is a system that has been designed well to add the required bass into the audio system of your vehicle. It is a slim woofer, but one of the best heavy-duty subwoofers that you can come across. The monoblock amplifier that has been designed with it also ensures that you get the system to produce the best bass response.

(Best Subwoofer For Trucks) Rockville RWS12CA
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It has been designed with a slim profile- One thing that it stands to hold is its ability to fit under or behind the seat, utilizing the least space available. That’s why you will find that it comes with up to three subwoofer sizes. That means that you will find one that fits in any area that you will put it. The small size should not fool you because the kind of bass that they will produce will ultimately make you love it.

It comes with a remote bass control- You don’t have to move to where the unit is to control volume in the manual way. That will never happen. What you need here is just the use of a remote and you will be set to drive as you listen to music. It has an adjustable low-pass crossover, a variable bass boost of +12dB and gains control of between 150mv to 5 volts. There are also the high and low-end inputs that you can use for the integration.

Provides a simple set-up- It features a quick connect Molex that has a high-level input. The best thing about the product is that it also comes with a smart turn-on circuitry. That makes the unit to have the ability to integrate well with any OEM system and give you minimal wiring. The power, the signal, and the remote turn-on are all achieved through molded angled terminals so that you have easy access and faster set-up.

Will not be affected by temperature- Designed with a soft abrasion proof jacket that insulates the whole item and allows for 100% improved flexibility. The outer jacket that is made of PVC can withstand extreme temperatures that might range from -40 to 220 degrees F. The system will still just work as normal. You will not get to hear it suffering and producing poor sound.


  • Designed to have the best quality
  • Speaker is fitted in a nice-looking box that is embroidered
  • The easy setup procedure makes it great
  • The slim design enables it to fit well in your vehicle
  • It Will sound best when it is facing forward


  • Is not designed with vents around the amp

2. Sound Storm Labs LOPRO8

The vehicle speakers will not give you the best sound when it comes to music. You need something like this subwoofer that has been designed to accomplish it all for you. It has been designed to produce a rich bass sound. It just uses only 600W of power and a MOSFET power supply. The high and low-end inputs that come with it mean that you can just hook it up to any car Stereo radio and enjoy your music on the go.

Sound Storm Labs LOPRO8
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Comes with a built-in amp- When you combine this low amp and the low-level inputs, you don’t have to add any other external amplifier. The power that you needed in an amp to play is just right there. The high-level inputs will accept speakers output signals and the low-end level inputs will accept the pre-amp output signals.

Designed with MOSFET and Class A or B- MOSFET just means Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors. They are unique and also vital in our case here. This is because they can switch quickly from full to non-conduction so that there is high efficiency. The class A/B amplifiers that you will find here will increase the quality of sound and power output and reduce distortion.

Availability of variable low pass filter and also the subsonic filter- The subsonic filter is one that will ensure that there is a restriction of low frequencies that are below those frequencies specified. That will protect the subwoofer and maximize its performance. On the other hand, the variable pass filter will give you total control of frequencies that will pass through to the subwoofer.

Remote control- Comes with a wired remote that will allow you to control the level of the subwoofer more easily. That way, you will customize the kind of output that you feel you need to have. You will also encounter the variable bass boost that will give you the ability to adjust the level of bass output within the given range to what you just like.


  • Has been made with an inbuilt amplifier for better performance
  • Can be controlled by a remote
  • It will give you a chance to adjust the level of the bass that you need
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Does not take up much space for setup


  • Mounting brackets are made of solid rubber and the screws will go through if they are tightened too much

3. Rockford Fosgate P300

If you are one of those people that needs to add bass to a system in a quick manner without having to use separate amplifiers or subwoofers, this is the system that you just need. It has a 12-inch subwoofer that has been made in a custom sealed enclose that is powered by a 300W amplifier. Setting it up is one of the easiest things you can have with it. You just need to set power, ground it, and get a connection from the source, and it will be up and running.

Rockford Fosgate P300
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Protected from thermal and over-voltage- Overvoltage is one factor that can easily get your item spoiled. What you need is something that will never give you stress at all. The protection that the amp and speaker have been given ensures that you have it working for a longer period than any other product that you will come across.

Only needs up to 600W of peak power to handle it- This is the amount of power that the speakers need or can handle during a brief musical burst/listening. That’s why you will find that the RMS power range figure that the speakers have been built with is going to be very important in determining the power that the speakers need. Peak power is always rated per every speaker unless otherwise changed as noted.

Designed with the best woofer surround- The surround of a speaker is always part of the suspension system. The surround is very important because it protects the cone from being displaced from time to time as it is being flexed out of the basket. It has been made of a durable material that is a treated foam or rubber. That will make it handle the strenuous job of producing bass sounds from time to time.

Composed of the best kind of items- You will realize the cone materials that are very essential in ensuring that there is efficient operation. The poly cones can produce the best and exceptional sound that is sturdy against the various changes in temperature that might arise. It is good to remember that paper cones are very good and efficient, when they have been treated to resist moisture, they will perform pretty well at high levels.

Made with the best frequency response- This is rated as the range of frequencies that the speaker will reproduce at a certain time. They can be either high or even low. It is good to know that bigger is always better. That means that they will bring down a wider range which is good. The range that is here starts from 20 – 20,000 Hz which is known to be a better range for hearing in humans.


  • It is protected from thermal and over voltage
  • Made with a detachable power or ground connector
  • Includes a remote for bass control
  • Fitted with an intelligent auto turn on/off function
  • It delivers a clean kind of bass


  • Produces little bass

4. Skar Audio EVL-12 D2

It is time that you need to deal with the low-end production of sound, once and for all. This is a product that has been designed to ensure that it delivers an accurate and powerful bass sound all day long. That means that you will be able to enjoy quality music that is never going to make you bored. You will be able to listen to those low tones accurately.

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2
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It is powerful and also efficient- The features that it has been installed with are what make this item one of the best to use. Its signature is red, the single damper and also the 2-layer spider, and the advanced cooling design will ensure that the subwoofer can provide you with the best chest-thumping bass. It will give you the best sound as it stays cool at the same time.

Features a high roll surround sound- The subwoofer that is here has been made to play low. Once you get it going, you are sure that it is going to provide you with the best kind of sound. The inclusion of a high-temperature voice coil that has a 3-inch make will allow it to reproduce low tones easily. That entails that you will get to hear every sound produced.

Designed with a high flux double stack motor- This structure of the motor is one that is powerful and unique. That is why it can deliver the driving force of the tremoring lows that are sweet to listen to. When you combine that motor with a black coated voice coil, and the advanced airflow cooling system, you will be able to play this item even for long hours at its highest output without end.


  • Everything that has been used in making it is of good quality
  • It produces a sound that is great and gets reasonably loud when you need it to
  • Comes with an amp, no need to buy another one
  • Produces responsive bass
  • Can be played for a longer period


  • Should be constructed with the right kind of box, which means it needs a professional to do that

5. MTX Magnum MB210SP

This is a product that has been designed to give you a simple and easy way that you can use to add bass to your vehicle system. It has been rated with the best and unique price that makes it easily affordable for anyone to buy and add that missing bass to their music. It also fits in any vehicle, especially trucks that you want to fix it in. Try it and music will be your daily food.

MTX Magnum MB210SP
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You will get a big bass at the best price- The MTX is one item that can offer you the ability to add that perfect bass to your music. You don’t have to strain your wallet at all because the price it has is just manageable. In the ported enclosure, you will realize that it has 2 subs and a matching amp for use. What you need to do is just add wiring properly and you are ready to receive a high-end impact kind of bass.

It includes power- It comes with an amplifier specifically designed to be used with the enclosure. That means that you don’t have to look for another amplifier that you can use with the speaker. You only need some speaker wire together with an amp kit and you are set to listen to your favorite music.

It comes now with style and substance- The embroidered magnum logo that has been put on the ported enclosure has managed to make it grab the attention of other people. The matching amp that comes with the product will give it its extra uniqueness. After you have done the wiring, then you will be ready to use your subwoofer in your car.


  • It has been tuned to produce high output
  • The terminals are heavy duty and will allow you to manage to wire it correctly
  • The subwoofer system is of 800W
  • Comes with a durable MDF construction


  • Takes much space when you are doing the installation

The final words (Summary)

Modern subwoofers will never be problematic to you at all when you want to have them installed. They come with their amps and therefore, installing them also becomes easy. The best truck subwoofers that we have reviewed for you above rated the best among the many that we have come across. They easily fit in your truck and need no more space. Just use the space that you have and you will have a great sounding system.

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