5 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Car (Portable Speakerphone)

Are you a long-distance motorist who wants to keep listening to his favorite tunes while on the go? You have to pick and use Bluetooth speakers. Unlike your ordinary set of speakers, these ones do not rely on cables to transmit the audio signals and outputs.

Finding the Best Bluetooth Speaker for Car is no joke. The field is largely crowded and the products too many to scour through easily. Luckily, we have prepared this guide and reviews to help you out in all these. Do take your time to read through to find the inspiration you need.

How do I choose the right speakers for my car?

Costs: Finding the right speaker should never really be a life and death affair. It is always possible for you to look for one that is cheaper and well within your easy reach. Do take your time to compare and contrast the offers that are provided for by the many sellers out there before making a choice.

Portability: Most of the time, these speakers are designed for on the go use. It is therefore imperative that they be compact and light in equal stature. That is the only guarantee that you will indeed be able to carry them around as need be. Be mindful of your storage space too to prevent any incompatibilities.

Sound Output Quality: Ultimately, it is the quality of the sound output that matters a lot for choosing a right and best bluetooth car speakerphone. It hence goes that the most suitable set of speakers should be able to emit higher sound output quality. The output should be devoid of any distortions, harmonics and other impediments to voice clarity.

Water Resistance: Considering that for a large part these speakers are used outdoors, they have to be highly resistant to the risks of water damages. To manage this, they have to be coated with some waterproof cover and made of materials that hardly rust or sustain water damages easily.

Battery Life: This refers to the length of time that the pieces of equipment can continue operating without the need to either change or recharge the batteries. A good piece of equipment has to manage longer battery life. Reason? To be able to grant you unimpeded operations without having to pause from time to time.

Connectivity: These gadgets do not operate in isolation. They work hand in hand with other like-minded devices for a large part. It is thus imperative that they be easy to pair with other gadgets that they require to operate. As a general rule, the speaker of choice has to accommodate many connectivity options.

5 Best car Bluetooth speakers reviewed

1. Besign BK06

Looking for a speaker to use as a smartphone at a time? Get hold of this one and enjoy a world of endless opportunities and possibilities. That is because the electronic possesses all the vital apparatus and parts that may grant you wholesome and easy enjoyment of the ends that come along.

Besign BK06
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Bluetooth 5.0+EDR Technology: Standing tall among the many benefits the gadget potentially brings along is the Bluetooth 5.0+EDR Technology. This one is there to lower the consumption of power while at the same time allow for wider compatibility. It thus makes for easier transmission of data and signals to and from the device.

Built-in Motion Sensor: Adorning its interior is the motion sensor that is engraved permanently in the system. This one, as you may well have already guessed detects any slight changes in the speed and orientation of the gadget. That way, it determines other vital parameters that pertain to the use of the gadget.

Dual 2 Watts Speakers: Its sound output is discharged by some two speakers that are rated 2W each. Their sound outputs exhibit a degree of clarity that is way beyond the scope and reach of your ordinary speaker. Thus, they also serve to ward off any ambiguities in the course of use.

Multi-point Technology: A multipoint technology also comes along the gadget. On the strength of this technology, the gadget is able to pair and exchange signals with many other co-operant pieces of equipment and tools. In this way, it gives you unconstrained use and enjoyment of the music without any undue hindrances.

Siri or Voice Command: Lastly comes the Siri or Voice Command. As the name implies this one allows for inputs from the voices rather than the normal button and keys. They, of course, cheapen the operability of the gadget not to mention making it virtually impossible for the system to be hacked or control behind your back.


  • Expends limited amount of power
  • Gives off crystal clear audio output
  • Pairs and connects to many relevant gadgets
  • Works for a prolonged duration of time without requiring a recharge
  • Allows for hands-free operations and engagements


  • Too small for whole car impacts
  • Quite delicate to handle
  • Demands too much attention on your part

Summary: Elevate your smartphone experiences by choosing to draw your audio power using this speaker. All its trappings combine to make the experience worthwhile.

2. Aigital Bluetooth Car Speaker

Want to enjoy smoother and easier listening experiences? Place your bet on this speaker. It is wireless in the sense that it does not require the use of physical cables to channel the flow of signals and power from the gadget to your ears. Thus, it also serves to minimize clutter in your car.

Aigital US T821-XX (best bluetooth car speakerphone)
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Auto Power On: It does have the auto power-on feature that basically powers the system independently of your own input and effort. To operate, it relies extensively on the motion sensor that is also built into the system. In this way, it frees you from constant attention and inputs that characterizes such applications.

High-Quality Audio: Overall, the equipment delivers a higher quality of audio output than many other competing gadgets. The noise cancelation technology is the one that is chiefly responsible for the realization of this awesome end. It blocks all the ambient stray noises that have the tendency to compromise the sound output.

Intelligent Connection: Some intelligent connectivity also exists as a vital part of this speaker system. It basically comes along as an upgrade to some speakers. In particular, it connects to the Apple Siri and plays the role of managing the simultaneous outflow of the audio outputs of the cellphones.

Automated Modes: Some automated modes also exist as a vital part or aspect of this speaker. As you may well have already realized, the modes basically free you from the need to put in the effort you need to engage the appliance along the way. They hence cheapen the operations considerably.

Value for Money: All factors considered, the gadget does give off higher value for your money. That is because it potentially brings along many benefits per the amount of money invested for the job. You may be sure to enjoy a vast array of inputs and other benefits that potentially come along.


  • Compatible with many kinds of gadgets
  • Yields clearer and louder sound outputs
  • Saves your time and effort while operational
  • Relatively simpler to use and engage
  • Coms in a convenient design and package


  • Easily affected by signal interferences
  • Has a limited range or sphere of use
  • Its sound output is not too loud

Summary: Notwithstanding its shortcomings, this set of speakers is still a great one to employ for smoother listening experiences. Its transmission mechanism is simply unbeatable.

3. EWA A106

Do you happen to change locations every now and then? If you do, we wish to notify you to attempt your luck on this particular gadget. It is extremely portable and compact in equal stature. These make it pretty suited for the tasks of remote users and applications.

EWA A106 (best portable bluetooth speakers for car)
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Impressive Volume and Bass: All factors considered, the speaker delivers impressive volumes and bass when engaged. This exceptional sound quality output sees to it that you do not lose sight of the awesome sound output. Moreover, it does have the ability to stream in contents from the internet in a wireless format for you.

Highly Portable: As we have already hinted above, this gadget is highly portable and easier to carry around. Its portability stems from the fact that it weighs a paltry 6.2 ounces. At the same time, it measures only 1.89 inches long by 1.54 inches high. A combination of these guarantees your own convenience all the while of use.

Longer Battery Life: The life of its batteries, when weighed against those of the many alternatives out there, is pretty long enough. They have as a matter of fact the ability to yield forth4 hours of uninterrupted playtime for you. This is not to mention the 6 hours of standby time that they manage without any use.

Simpler and Stylish Design: In all, the gadget comes about in a stylish and simplified design. Thanks to these traits, the gadget is able to deliver some aesthetics and visual appeals. You may hence consider making use of it as a decorative gear to your home over and above the raw functionality.

Comprehensive Packaging: It does come about as a comprehensive package. Enclosed in this package are the USB charging cable, metal hook, and a carrying case. Then again, each constituent part and component of the gadget enjoys a 1-year warranty to safeguard you from any losses or damages that potentially come along.


  • Pairs with many like-minded Bluetooth devices
  • Delivers premium sound quality
  • Enclosed in a sleek and versatile body
  • Powered by a built-in Li-ion 500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Aptly protected from scratches


  • Falls short of many vital requirements
  • Slightly stressful to handle
  • Easily breaks apart when fidgeted

Summary: For your on the go applications, no other set of speakers is better placed to do you a good job than this one. As you can see, it is truly agile and compact enough for smoother transportation.

4. VeoPulse B-PRO 2B

Do you ordinarily receive many calls while on the move? You want a speaker that expedites the flow of communication without necessarily requiring that you lay your hands on the phone itself. Pick this one as it is the one that allows for the attainment of that very end.

VeoPulse B-PRO 2B
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Top-quality Bluetooth Speakerphone: In all, the quality of the technology that has been employed is truly great. The speaker is indeed capable of managing to give off higher quality sound outputs overall. Moreover, it is also compatible with many other likeminded electronics that may be attached to it to make it functional.

Safer Driving: With this piece of equipment in your hands, you may be certain of safer driving outcomes and ends. Unlike your typical speaker, this one does not require that you lay your hands on the gadget that generates the audio output. It helps maintain your eyes on the road all the while.

Simplified Set-up: Owing to its simplistic and straightforward stature, this gadget is truly simple to set up and deploy for subsequent use. Specifically, it does not require you to expend extremely strenuous applications and skills to do the job. As a matter of fact, it takes up a somewhat limited amount of time to do so.

Perfect Gifting: You may also, if you so wish, give over the gadget to your loved ones as a gift. That stems from the sparkling nature of this gadget overall. Its elegance and breathtaking nature also make it pretty good for the husbands and male gift recipients. Have we also added that it comes at a lower cost?

Excellent Back-end Support: In closing, the gadget enjoys excellent back-end support. This one comes in the forms of 30-day money guarantee, round-the-clock support, and refunds for all purchases gone sour. A combination of these support structures yields you truly reliable and convenient operations all the while of use.


  • Gives off perfect communications
  • Does not yield any crackles or unwanted sounds in the background
  • Embodies the latest Bluetooth technology
  • Responds to the voice commands
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device


  • Has a poor noise filtration mechanism
  • Tends to disparage those who lack the necessary expertise
  • Grants limited options for you

Summary: Well, to be able to pick calls while on the move, you have no better option than this specific car speaker. It is appropriately optimized for that very task as can be seen from above.

5. Sony SRS-XB12

Could it be that you have never attempted to use these speakers before? We invite you to attempt your own luck with this set of speakers. Being simple and devoid of the major complicated parts and components, the Sony speaker is indeed able to allow even a novice to use it.

Sony SRS-XB12
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Extra Bass: Compared to the many apparatus under our review here, this one does deliver extra deep bass and quality sound in the car indeed. This is mainly because its speakers are equally extra powerful and stronger than average. In fact, its sound output is deeper and punchier. Be careful though that it deafens you not.

Waterproof and Dustproof: In all, the set of speakers is resistant to water and dust in the same measure. With these two wonderful combinations of traits, you may be sure to enjoy unparalleled sound output regardless of where or when you may want to make use of yours. The same goes for the costs of operations and maintenance.

Lengthened Battery Life: Longer-Than-Average battery life also comes in handy. The batteries that power the gadget last a whopping 16 hours long. This is definitely sufficient and well able to manage many incidences of use and applications. While at them, the gadget also sustains limited operational expenses.

Compact Portable Design: For all practical purposes, the gadget is compact and portable in equal stature. These two traits converge to make your own experiences smoother and flawless all the while. A detachable strap also comes along to make your use and transportation greatly simplified. You will never go wrong with this.

Extra Speaker: To make your experience all the more wonderful, the speaker does incorporate a set of spare output speaker. This one is used to discharge deep stereo sound. You may choose to attach it to your electronic gadget or even simply connect it to an amplifier.


  • Comes about as a comprehensive packaging
  • Bears the wonderful IP67 waterproof rating
  • Light enough to take wherever you might want to
  • Delivers exceptionally high sound output
  • Fits the small bags and other cramped up spaces


  • Too simple for longer applications
  • Lacks many equally vital components
  • Outlives its usefulness a bit too soon!

Summary: Get yourself started out in the field of Bluetooth speakers by choosing to work with this gadget. You can never look elsewhere owing to its simplicity.

People also ask on car Bluetooth speakers

1. Do Bluetooth speakers work in a car?

Answer: Yes, it does – but it depends on the Bluetooth speaker. There are a lot of myths about Bluetooth speakers working in the car. Most of them are true until you go to buy a good one. If you have a Bluetooth option in your car, then you can directly connect a Bluetooth speaker to that. The above car speakerphones are Bluetooth enabled and compatible with your car’s Bluetooth stereo system.

2. How can I talk hands-free in my car?

Answer: You need to make sure that the car speaker has a Bluetooth microphone option built-in. Most car speakers come with a microphone option which is great whenever you want to talk on the phone or respond to simple messages. If you want to make a phone call or listen to music when driving, then all you have to do is connect your phone with the portable speaker and enjoy hands-free talking or music streaming.

3. Will a Bluetooth speaker sound good in a car?

Answer: Yes, if you buy the right one. Why is that? Because when we are outside our car we tend to listen to music at lower volume but when inside the car we increase it. Bluetooth speakers are made to produce rich sound with enough bass and volume. If you buy a cheap Bluetooth speaker, then it will distort the music quality. The above speakers are made to produce a rich and crisp sound which is good for listening to music in your car. They also have enough volume output; hence you won’t miss any of the lyrics while playing music with them.

4. Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Bluetooth radio?

Answer: Yes. You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Bluetooth radio as long as the Bluetooth speaker has Bluetooth A2DP compatibility. Most of the Bluetooth speakers in the market have A2DP compatibility. You can listen to your favorite music or podcasts on your Bluetooth speaker by pairing them with a Bluetooth radio.

5. Can you charge a Bluetooth speaker in a car?

Answer: You can charge your portable Bluetooth speaker using a car charger or USB port of the stereo system. If you want to charge it fast, get a car power adapter that has USB ports.

The final words (Summary)

Alright! Our look into the best bluetooth speakers for car comes to an end there. We reiterate that our reviews of the best speakers above are the premier guide you might have to rely on if all you want is to be able to surge forward with absolute ease.

The specific items we have looked into have particularly been noted to do a good job, overall. They are the best portable bluetooth speakers for car in market now, we would recommend that you give the first priority in your search for the right equipment. What more would you want us to add? Move with haste to secure their advantages.

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