Are Wall Mount Speakers Good for Conference Room?

Balanced acoustic distribution is a major challenge for conference rooms. So the best wall mount speakers are an excellent choice for conference rooms. They can generate crisp and powerful sounds. However, the audio system requires minimal space. 

Anyway, audio performance relies on the room’s dimensions, including size, acoustics, and coverage. Are wall mount speakers good for conference rooms? Let’s explore.

Who Needs This Article?

Apart from conference auditoriums, spotless audio turnout can improve several other sound setups. 

Recording StudioHome OfficeGaming Room
Home TheaterAudio SessionHome Studio
Corporate OfficeGroup CallVocal Booth
PodcastYouTub Channel

Types of Conference Rooms

Acoustic issues may occur in all sizes of conference halls, including – 

  • Table-style seating corporate conference rooms. 
  • Large meeting auditoriums with stadium-style seating.

Common Audio Concerns in Conference Rooms

Meeting rooms have their unique acoustic requirements. We need to analyze 04 troubles. These challenges help us understand the most common auditory issues.

Low Volume

This could be a huge turn-off for the participants. A nice presentation becomes dull if it happens. It occurs due to the bad performance of the microphones or speakers. 

Audio Delays

Unintended delays disturb the presenter and distract the audience. However, there might be intended delays too. It helps avert many acoustic issues. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers develop delays because of poor intra-system communication.


Two nearby microphones can cause this problem. You can identify cracking and crackling sounds. It is equally troublesome for the speakers and listeners.


Echoes can kill the vibe of a formal session. Speech becomes unclear if it echoes. It ruins webinars and sales pitches. An AV integrator can test and resolve this issue in advance.

Why Wall Mount Speakers for Conference Rooms?

Now is the time to explain the real question. Are wall mount speakers good for conference rooms? We are going to discuss the properties of this sound system. So you can make up your mind.

  • Top-notch sound quality creates a dramatic environment. 
  • The simple installation gives you no-worry solutions.
  • Hassle-free cleaning of this system is all you need.
  • Lightweight speakers are the top choices. These wall-mount sound systems put minimum pressure on the bracket and the wall.
  • Protection of audio equipment hits another height. It is unreachable for curious people and pets. So this is a great choice for public speaking events.
  • Optimum performance comes from perfect audio system installation. You can fix it at the right height.
  • Surround sound and stereo effects become easy things.
  • Speaker angle adjustment creates a cozy diffuse atmosphere.
  • On-wall speakers do slightly better than in-wall speakers. In-wall absorption does not compromise the bass response.
  • Sleek interior appearance is another perk.

Common Problems of Wall Mount Speakers

Not all things are rosy about wall mount audio installations. Let’s face it; everything has its downsides. What are the headaches?

  • Audio signals from speakers can vibrate the nearby walls. However, special casings can diffuse the sound by wrapping the internal speaker hardware.
  • It collects dust and debris and requires regular cleaning.
  • Installation needs holes in the wall. So relocating it to somewhere else can marginally damage the interior view.

Alternative Audio Systems for Conference Rooms with Maximum Output

A fine listening experience is critical for a successful meeting. Crisp and clear sound can make all the difference between a successful sale and a weak presentation. 

Studio MonitorsIn-Wall/Ceiling SpeakersOutdoor Speakers
Bookshelf SpeakersPA SystemHome Theatre Stereo System
Home Stereo Sound System

Is the PA System Good for Conference Rooms?

The PA system is a top choice for celebrations and gatherings in large venues. It delivers optimum audio support. We see them in sports stadiums, facilities, public transport vehicles, and even recorded or live music events. It involves many mics, mixing consoles, loudspeakers, and multiple amplifiers. 

Also, the PA system fits in small venues like churches, bars, colleges, campuses, and auditoriums. We find it effective as an alert system in emergencies. A mobile PA system is easily portable. Moreover, you can stash it in a car compartment.

How to Reach All Corners of a Conference Room?

We discuss the best sound effect techniques in three points.

  1. High-quality audio is a must. Besides, moderate temperatures help spread the sound. 
  1. Sound absorbers on the wall can reduce noise. This acoustic treatment averts echoes and high-frequency noise. Sound insulation panels nicely handle the excessive audio output. They are excellent wall and ceiling decorations too. 
  1. Look for horizontal as well as vertical mounting options. So the sound speakers can better fit a random space. A consistent appearance enhances the listening experience.

Is surround sound good for meeting halls?

Yes, surround sound is fine for conferences. It creates an immersive experience. Hence, the audience can better concentrate on the speech.

Is stereo effect good for conference rooms?

Stereo audio systems are popular for playing music, studio recording, gaming, and even in musical concerts. They have two audio channels to cover the left and right sides of the stage, television, or any music system. 

Can I mount speakers on drywall?

Regular home theaters on drywall are a good idea. But heavy-duty speakers might damage the drywall structure.  Moreover, you must be extra cautious if it is a new building.

How far is the back of the speaker from the drywall?

There will be around 2-4 inches of spacing between the speaker’s back and the drywall. It depends on how deep you drill your speaker screw holes.

What are the types of wall mount brackets?

Swivel brackets, slide brackets.

Should speakers have a weather-resistant design?

Sound speakers must perform the same across the seasons. They often feature a UV-resistant coating of resin. Besides, an ABS enclosure can protect it from the elements. These shields preserve sound integrity.

What are the features of top conference room speakers?

You have to locate several properties of the best wall mount speaker. Look for high quality, hassle-free parts, warranty, and excellent customer service.

Does Bluetooth amplifier enhance acoustics?

Bluetooth amplifiers for speakers can generate the best outdoor/indoor acoustic experience.

Last Words

So, are wall mount speakers good for conference rooms? Yes, they suit your objectives just fine. 

A few secret tips!

Smaller and flatter speakers are ideal for wall mounting. Brackets require you to screw the walls. Hence, think through the interior design setup of the conference room before drilling. Special wall mounts allow readjustment of the speaker angle. Avoid directing the speakers to the listener. Instead, deflect the sound off a surface for superior audio output.

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