5 Best Powered Speakers For Dj In 2019

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It is not really possible to be a good disc jockey without making use of the best speakers for the job. The reason underlying this argument is that the profession requires uncompromising sound outputs at all time. Unfortunately, many of the speakers that are in existence lack that ability to exude the awesome sound outputs necessary.

To get around this issue and gain access to the high-quality sound output you strong yearn for, you have to insist only on the best-powered speakers for DJ. These, as their designation implies, are speakers which are wholly intended for music production. We have sampled five of them together with a buying guide for your own inspiration.

A Quick Look at the Best Dj Powered Speakers

1.(Best Powered Speakers For Dj) JBL EON612  JBL
2.Best Powered Speakers For Dj) Electro-Voice ZLX12PElectro-Voice
3.QSC K12.2 Active 12QSC
4.Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer KitKnox Gear

5 Best Powered Speakers For Dj Reviewed

1. JBL EON612

Does your music production employ a lot of vocals and instruments? You want a set of speakers which has the ability to sieve and distinguish between these constituent sounds. Without having to look elsewhere, this is the set to look up to. It is on the whole optimized for the role.

(Best Powered Speakers For Dj) JBL EON612 

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Wireless Controls – This set of speakers gives you the leeway to control the various parameters via a wireless approach. A wireless app, which is operable via a smartphone enables you to achieve this end. Using the app, you may recall presets, adjust the master volume, save your preferences, and control the equalizer appropriately.

Image Control Waveguide – Compared to the other speakers of its kinds, this one is highly precise. It accurately matches the frequencies, and crossover points to deliver the most desirable sound outputs. The Image Control Waveguide exists to facilitate these controls. In the course of engagements, you will obtain more consistent sound outputs.

Consistent Sound Output – We have already alluded to the fact that the speakers do deliver consistent sound outputs. The consistency is brought about by the combination of all the factors and features we have mentioned above. Your choice of this gadget is hence a good way of making your audience more entertained.

Variable Inputs – All factors considered, this gadget gives you plenty of options and leeway to feed the signals into the system. You may choose to do so via the dual combination microphone or the line XLR-1/4-inch input connectors. Regardless of the avenue you choose, you will control the audio quality using the individual gain knobs and the master volume knob.

  • Allows for smooth signal routing
  • Usable in various acoustic environments
  • Fine-tunes to bring about the highest sound quality
  • Operable via a smartphone app
  • Lasts longer courtesy of the heavy-duty metal construction
  • Slightly complicated to control and operate
  • Takes up large mounting space
  • Produces deafening sound outputs

Summary:  No other speaker does a better job of distinguishing the constituent input sounds than this one. Choose and use it for your orchestra and band sound production.

2. Electro-Voice ZLX12P

Professional sound production does not leave anything to chance at all. They require impeccable sound outputs which are devoid of any noise or distortions. Unfortunately, not any speaker selected at random may yield the outcomes needed. It is because of this that we ask that you use this kind of speaker.

Electro-Voice ZLX12P

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EV-engineered Components – As has already been stated, the speakers do exude best-in-class sound. The main reason underlying this fact is the existence of the EV-engineered components. Owing to their powerful and reliable stature, they do a good job of exuding awesome sound outputs. This sound lacks the distortions and blurs that others have.

Super-durable Composite Construction – In all, the speakers come in some super-durable composite construction which gives it its strength and vitality. Though strong and reliable, the speakers are also lighter in weight and are hence more convenient to carry around. A high/low grip design also exists to allow for effortless installation and transportation.

Patented Split-baffle Design – A patented split-baffle design exists in this system. This one basically expedites the processes of pairing this gadget with other like-minded appliances. With this item at your fingers, you will enjoy enhanced sonic outputs, superior driver alignments, and awesome intelligence. It is worth noting that this feature is unique to the speaker.

Effective Controls – In your attempt to generate the sound outputs you desire, the speaker accords you some effective controls. These are the unique single-knob DSP control, LCD display, and presets. They jointly let you optimize the gadget faster to bring about the sound outputs you so desire at any given time.

  • Pairs with many other sound systems
  • Customizable to fit varying environments of use
  • Light enough to let you carry it around with ease
  • Generates awesome sound outputs indeed
  • Comes along in a rugged enclosure
  • Costs a lot of money to afford and come by
  • May not be easier to transport and carry around
  • Its energy consumption is way too high

Summary: Perhaps no other sound gadget is as better suited for professional sound production like this one. As you may see, it incorporates all the gears and parts that are needful for the job.

3. QSC K12.2 Active 12

Is your production an acapella? You have to use a set of speakers that is purely designed for audio and vocals as there are no accompaniments. Well, of all the sound systems under our radar, it is this one that comes close to that very need. It operates in low noise levels and delivers best audio outputs and performances.

QSC K12.2 Active 12

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Factory Presets – To further save you time and guarantee your maximum enjoyment, this speaker comes along with some factory presets. These are simply ‘ready-made’ settings which you may use to produce your sound outputs. Given that they are automatically fixed into the system, they cut down the time you would otherwise spend.

Multi-function Digital Display – A multifunctional display unit comes next among the many elegant features. On this unit are displayed all the parameters which pertain to the ongoing sound production. These include such issues as equalization, delays, frequency contours and cross-over. It keeps you posted on the progress of your production and enhance the sound output too!

Correction Tuning and Loudspeaker Management – While you produce your sounds, you will enjoy the luxury of rectifying your tuning and managing your loudspeakers. The correction tuning and the loudspeaker manager controls that are built into the system will let you achieve these two ends. They also contribute to your awesome power and sound outputs.

Dual-pole Cup Mounts- Mounting the gadget firmly in place is also a breeze thanks to the dual-pole cup mounts that exist as a part of the speakers. These mounts are standard in shape and feature a 7.5° down-tilt. They not only station the speakers in a comfortable position but also tilt them to direct the flow of the sound as need be.

  • Portable enough to take with you along the way
  • Connects to an amplifier also
  • Operable in many voltage outputs
  • Delivers remarkable musical experiences
  • Awesome for the performers and the audience in equal measure
  • Unable to capture and relay the sounds of instruments
  • Has a rather limited reach and applicability
  • Delivers lower value for money

Summary: There you have it! You have no better companion for acapella production than this awesome loudspeaker. Why not get hold of it and use it to enhance your tasks?

4. Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit

Do you travel a lot or change locations every now and then? You need not necessarily forfeit your sound outputs and music productions. Indeed, a handy and portable piece of equipment of this kind is all you need. Though light, this speaker generates higher sound outputs like many other larger counterparts.

Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit

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8-channel Audio Amplifier Mixer – The speaker pairs with an 8-channel audio amplifier mixer. This one accepts the inputs from the amplifier which boosts the sound quality and loudness. Moreover, it also connects and works hand in hand with many other audio appliances out there. In totality, it ensures that you enjoy your sound output.

Four Inputs – Complementing this amplifier are some four inputs. It is these that you use to stream in some audio inputs. These inputs may take the forms of microphones, line inputs, ¼-inch cables, and the RCA connectors. With these many input options, you have all the pleasure of maximum convenience to leverage.

Comprehensive Mixer Kit – Unlike many other speakers, this one is complete by virtue of bringing along all the accessories you may need for your production. Examples of these are the portable public address system, amplifier, connectors, mounting racks, and the mixers. They cut down the time you would otherwise waste in the course of producing your music.

Adjustable Height Tripod – To aid with the mounting and installation of the speakers, this system comes about with the adjustable tripod stand. They are two in number and are optimized to offer firm support. Other than keeping your speakers in a secure position, they also allow for tilting to spray the sound waves to the desired direction.

  • Delivers high-powered sound performances
  • Produces crisp, powerful, and clear sound quality
  • Suitable for use in the indoor and outdoor environments
  • Works with the wired and the wireless microphones
  • Accommodates the Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easily sustains scratches, dents, and other forms of damages
  • Certainly unsuitable for prolonged use and applications
  • Unable to distinguish between instruments

Summary: For your regular travels, it is only a light and compact set of speakers of this kind may come to your rescue. Prioritize it for your next travel undertaking.

5. PRORECK Club 3000

Producing sound is one thing, sharing the output is yet another thing altogether. A good set of speakers of necessity should be able to guarantee both. This one is packed with tons of connectivity features which allow for the enjoyment of that very end. Among these are the SD card, USB, and Bluetooth.

PRORECK Club 3000

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High-quality Subwoofer – A quality subwoofer stands tall among the many awesome features that this speaker has to offer. This subwoofer is manufactured using the non-resonant MDF materials that are further reinforced for added strength. Its interior features an enhanced sound-absorbing foam which eliminates feedback and gives off excellent sound quality.

Telescoping Poles – Some telescoping poles also come along this set of speakers. They play the roles of providing additional stability for the speakers whenever they are mounted. The poles adjust from 27 inches to 47 inches to let you enjoy the height you desire. This arrangement allows you to make use of the speakers in many kinds of rooms.

Wireless Remote controls – You will also enjoy the pleasure of controlling this set of speakers using a remote control unit. The wireless approach spares you the dangers of getting entangled with many cables and also goes a long way to minimize clutter from your room. The remote control mechanism handles all aspects of sound production.

Adequate accessories – Lastly, this speaker is also accompanied by all the accessories you may need for the job. Among these are the remote control itself, connecting cables, mixers, and the telescoping poles. With this arrangement in mind, you will not have to go through too many hassles to operate and enjoy the benefits that come along.

  • Guarantees distortion-free operations and music production
  • Delivers accurate responses to the prompts you give in
  • Gives off deep stereo sound outputs
  • Capable of streaming music to many channels and equipment
  • Lets you accrue wireless connectivity and operations
  • Highly prone to the risk of signal interferences
  • Easily corruptible with viruses and worms
  • Not a good one for a beginner

Summary: In order to guarantee smooth transmission and sharing of the sound output, you have no option but to put your hands on this set of speakers. Its ability to communicate with many like-minded gadgets is definitely a plus.

Things to Consider when Buying a Powered Speaker For Djing

Desired Location of Use – Where exactly do you want to use the speakers? Is it indoors or outdoors? This consideration is necessary because different speakers are intended for use in different places. You have to be sure that you pick the one which is designed for the location you have in mind.

Passive vs. Active Speakers – Speakers are generally divided into two categories. These are the active and the passive speakers respectively. The passive does require some amplifier to boost the volume of the sound output. Its active counterparts, on the other hand, can do so on their own. The latter is obviously the better option.

Size vs. Space Availability – Speakers come in different shapes and sizes. It is hence a good thing to match the amount of space you have with the sizes of the speakers you might be interested in. You do not want to clash these two parameters and end up with some dysfunctional set of speakers, do you?

Weight – Just like the sizes, the speakers also differ in their weight. You should yet again consider the weights more so if you happen to travel regularly or change locations every now and then. A good set of speakers should be light enough to carry around as the need may so dictate.

Mounting and Positioning – You definitely have to set these speakers up before enjoying the benefits they have to bring along. The manner in which you may do so depends on many factors like the sizes, shapes, and configurations thereof. It is yet again a good thing to factor these as they shall determine how you might fix yours in place.

Connectivity – Lastly, you have to figure out the connectivity of the speakers altogether. This refers to the manner in which the speakers connect and share the sound outputs with the other like-minded audio devices. Needless to say, a good set of speakers has to be able to share using multiple avenues for the sake of maximum convenience.

The Final Words (Summary)

WOW! What more could you possibly ask of us? Have we not belabored the subject matter of the best-powered speaker for DJ to its logical end? Given that we have done our part, we now ask you to carry on from where we have left.

Simply go ahead to pick at least one speaker from the list and use it. If you find the list irrelevant to your needs, use the buying guide to arrive at the best purchase. As always, reach out to us if you experience any difficulties in the process of finding a good one for yourself.

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