5 Best Headphone AMP Under $100 In 2020

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Some circumstances of use like crowded areas demand that you up the volume output of your headphones. For this role, you need to make use of the headphone amplifiers. These are gadgets that have the ability to boost the sound outputs considerably. Finding a good one is as good as making use of the same.

You do not have to dig too deep in your pocket to go about this issue though. In fact, it is possible to find and lay your hands on one that goes for as little as $100. Our review and buying guide hereunder endeavors to look into the best headphone AMP under $100 for your own consideration.

A Quick Look at the Top Rated Headphone AMP

2.Behringer Microamp HA400Behringer
3.FiiO A3 (E11K)FiiO
4.Pyle PHA40Pyle
5.Bravo Audio V2Bravo Audio

5 Best Headphone AMP Under $100 Reviewed


Could it be that all you want is to handle or emit low frequencies? This headphone will do the job for you. It does have the distinct capability of discharging such low frequencies. Moreover, it provides and makes for a wide range of responses. That makes it highly versatile as well.


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Fully-analog Circuit: Unlike many modern headphones, this one employs an analog circuit. Its circuit is nonetheless worked on to be able to generate better outcomes. Thus, you may still be certain that the sound outputs be clearer and more presentable than the ones of its kind today.

Three Amp Modes: It does confer some three-ampere modes for you to choose from. With these varieties, you stand to gain the added advantage of greater choice and awesome sound outputs. This way you also get to enjoy the added benefit of being able to enjoy the attendant benefits in many environments.

New Folding Plug Mechanism: A new folding plug mechanism also comes in handy. Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible for you to rotate the gadget at an angle of around 180°. Have we also stated that the headphone is able to freely pair with the guitars and other acoustic instruments?

17-hour Battery Life: With a pretty long battery life of roughly 17 hours, this headphone is sure to take you farther for longer. It also negates the need to constantly recharge the gadget every now and then. That, of course, gives you sufficient disposal time to enjoy your own listening anywhere and at any time.

Nine Selectable Effects: On the whole, the structure gives you the options of some nine effects. These are three chorus, three delays, and three reverberations respectively. Using these structures, you are sure to be able to enjoy yourself to the maximum. Only be careful to make a good mix of selections.

  • Features a greatly improved circuit system
  • Allows for convenient and effective musical practices
  • Folds to take up limited space
  • Significantly improved for convenience and performance
  • Occupies somewhat limited space
  • Limited to low frequencies only
  • Its analog makeup is outdated
  • Unsuitable for live performances

Summary: For your low-frequency applications, you have no better friend or companion than this particular headphone amplifier. Do choose and make good use of it.

2. Behringer Microamp HA400

Have many pieces of audio outputs to handle and care for? This four-channel amplifier is sure to do the job for you. Though able to handle diverse pieces of audio outputs, it is still compact and stable enough to fit just about anywhere. You have it for your own taking if your space is cramped up.

Behringer Microamp HA400

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Exceptionally Rugged Construction: In all, the structure does come about in exceptionally rugged construction. Thanks to this ruggedness, the item is strong and tough enough to endure the harshest impacts. That also gives it a longer life than what many other alternatives would ordinarily give off. This is not to mention the high-quality components in use.

Ultra-compact Makeup: We have already stated that the item is ultra-compact in stature and makeup. This sees it fit just about every other available storage and mounting space. If yours is a cramped up condominium, you have no worthier or more reliable companion than this one. Its small size also allows for stage applications well.

High-power Amplifier Sections: Some high power amplifier sections also exist on the piece of electronic. These ones are four in number. They are also independent of each other to allow for smooth and uninterrupted handling and applications. All of them work to make your life and experiences easier and convenient.

Highest Audio Quality: Overall, the item does deliver the highest audio quality of all the headphone amplifiers that are under our own consideration and reviews. Specifically, they deliver the highest volume outputs of all headphones that measure up to their stature. Why would you trade your own convenience for any other gadget?

Ultra-low-noise 4580 Operational Amplifiers: Though elegant and high performing, these headphone amplifiers emit extremely low noise. That means they are on the whole less inclined to interfere with your own sound outputs and live performances. The benefits of outstanding audio performances are yours to leverage. This is besides the minimal strains you stand to hear.

  • Maintains the highest sonic qualities
  • Attains the highest maximum volumes possible
  • Strong enough to manage powerful applications
  • Gives leeway to four people to listen to music
  • Compact, slim and flexible enough for your operations
  • Fairly complicated to handle and manage
  • Easily damaged when fidgeting
  • Consumes a higher level of power input

Summary: For attaching to and handling many pieces of audio equipment, no better companion awaits you than this one. Get hold of it as soon as is practically possible.

3. FiiO A3 (E11K)

If you are that kind of a person who is constantly on the move, this portable audio headphone is indeed yours to leverage. Its lightweight coupled with the compact size both make for this. Then again it is wholly suited for those headphones whose resistance range from 16 to 150 Ohms.

FiiO A3 (E11K)

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Gain Switch: A gain switch ranks first among the list of the many elegant features it does have to offer. You use this gain switch to match the output to the power needs of the headphones. In this way, you get to obtain the sound outputs that are desirable to you at any given time.

Superior Sound Quality: In all, the headphone is capable of generating superior sound qualities. These are largely made possible by the existing expertly selected components and overwhelmingly wholesome design. Some AD8397 amp and the OPA1642 preamp sections also exist to expedite the attainment of this end. They jointly allow for awesome outcomes.

Fully Discrete Bass Boost Circuit: At its core is the fully discrete bass boost circuit. This one has the ability to increase the output by a whopping 3.5 decibels at the frequency level of 60 Hertz. These it does when the bypass is maintained at the off position. The sum total of these arrangements definitely is to make your experiences better.

All-aluminum Body and Chassis: Throughout its structure and makeup, the lightweight Aluminum is extensively used. Thanks to the use of this material, the headphone is similarly tough, sturdy, and highly resistant to all forms of possible damages. The material also shields against any possible interferences that ordinarily come along.

1400mAh Internal Battery: Powering the entire unit is the internal battery that has a capacity of around 1,400 mAh. This battery has the ability to last a whopping 16 hours of continual and uninterrupted use. In the course of doing so, it allows you to enjoy the unimpeded audio output and listening experiences.

  • Light enough to carry around easily
  • Hardly sustains dents and scratches
  • Simple enough to control and engage all the while
  • Emits now artificial highs and lows
  • Mimics the natural sound outputs effectively
  • Incapable of pairing with many other electronics
  • The sound outputs are lower than average
  • Has a rather shorter lifespan

Summary: For your light and everyday use, we invite and ask you to prioritize this specific gadget. None is as light as it is. So, you have it for your own convenience of use.

4. Pyle PHA40

Wishing to listen to music in a company of people? Well, this particular headphone amplifier will surely do the job for you. It does have the ability to distribute the sound output in four main channels. Moreover, it even has the ability to mix different sound outputs and genres.

Pyle PHA40

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Monitor Distribution System: It does have a monitor distribution system whose role is to power up to four headphones. In this way, it gives up to four people the leeway to enjoy their musical outputs at a time. At the same time, it also mixes the sound outputs to yield a fairly reliable sound output.

Independent Volume Controls: Each headphone is given the leeway to determine and give off its own volume level. Some independent volume controls exist yet again to allow for the attainment of this sacred end. The pleasure of convenient and customized sound outputs are yet again yours to leverage.

¼” TRS Output Jacks: Some¼” TRS output jacks exist in the amplifier. These jacks are the ones you slot the connection cables to. They do channel out the sound outputs to the respective headphones that are attached to it. Being small and snug, they are highly unlikely to get loose in the course of use.

High-powered Stereo Amps: Embedded in between and within the headphones are some high-powered stereo amplifiers. Given their high-powered nature, these amplifiers will boost the audio outputs of the headphones significantly higher. Thus, they see to it that the sounds so generated are clearly audible. All these they do while suppressing the costs of operations.

Mini Compact Size: Even though it is packed with loads of elegant features, the machine is nonetheless pretty compact in size. Its small size coupled with the compact dimensions allows for easier transportation to and from a desired area of use. On the strength of this, the headphone amplifier also allows for convenient mounting.

  • Maintains the clarity of the sound outputs
  • Holds up to four high-powered stereo headphones
  • Emits extremely low noise and sound distortions
  • Manages outstanding audio performances
  • Distributes sound output wholly, uniformly and conveniently
  • Slightly complicated to a simpler user
  • Consumes a higher level of power
  • Its brand is not really reputable

Summary: If all you want is to distribute the sound output to many devices at a time, you have no better friend than this particular headphone amplifier. Do take hold of it and use it for your roles.

5. Bravo Audio V2

The modern pieces of electronics come in diverse shades and forms. To be on the safe side of issues, you want to use an amplifier that understands this fact only too well. Alright, you have a companion in this particular gadget. It is hybrid in the sense that it handles many applications at a time.

Bravo Audio V2

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High-quality Shuguang: A high-quality Shuguang 12AU7 tube ranks first among the many awesome features that the amplifier potentially brings along. It is via this tube that the amplifier channels the audio output to the entire room or hall in which the item is deployed for use. Its high-quality nature makes for better reliability.

Variable Inputs: You have the freedom to choose and use many input options. Two of these stand out though. These are the parallel 3.5mm and the RCA stereo inputs respectively. They jointly give you the peace of mind you have to rely on to be able to handle all your chores particularly well.

Gain Controls: Some gain controls also exist to aid with the regulations of the various parameters and aspects of the amplifier. These controls are available in and come along with the Japanese ALPS potentiometer. This instrument helps you to measure the electromotive force that is emitted by the gadgets altogether.

Non-fatiguing Sound: Even when you have to listen to the sounds for too long, you won’t really have to suffer any fatigue. Reason? The item does deliver some non-fatiguing sound outputs. Thus, it aids you in enjoying some pure and similarly non-fatiguing sounds. This is besides pairing with the Bravo V2 headphone amplifier.

Multi-Hybrid Headphone Amplifier: All factors considered, the item is also a hybrid amplifier in the sense that it has the ability to handle and engage a variety of sound output and input channels. These have the attendant benefits of making your own experiences greatly improved all the while of use.

  • Possesses a high-quality tube
  • Allows for the attachment of many inputs
  • Comes along with some gain controls
  • Delivers non-fatiguing sound quality outputs
  • Capable of managing many sound performances and attachments
  • Comes at a cost that is highly elevated
  • Demands plenty of mounting spaces
  • Not for a regular traveler

Summary: Well, for your own diverse musical applications, no other comes even close to this one. Why not give it a topmost priority?

Things to Consider when Buying a Headphone AMP for You

Intended Location of Use: These headphones are useful indoors and on the go. You have to factor this one as you find and make use of the same. A good headphone should be foldable and compact to allow for use regardless of the precise locations where you might have to.

Cost-effectiveness: You have to balance the costs of the headphone versus the benefits you potentially stand to accrue from the same. Needless to say, a nice headphone has to cost the least amount of money while at the same time bring about the highest returns on investments.

Operational Mechanisms: To operate these items, you need to engage the various faculties and controls. These faculties vary significantly from one headphone to the next. You do not want to end up with a gadget that is incapable of handling or bringing about the desirable ends. That calls for you to assess your own expertise before proceeding.

Audio Output: When all is said and done, the audio output i.e. the sounds and the quality of the voice output are or ought to be the most significant consideration for you. The right headphone ampere should be able to deliver the sound output that measures up to your own expectations.

Tube vs. Solid State: There are two main kinds of amplifiers of these kinds. These are the tube and the solid-state respectively. While the solid-state amplifiers are common, they do not really give off awesome sound outputs as their tubular counterparts. The tube variety nonetheless is more expensive to come by.

Balanced vs. Unbalanced Connections: Lastly, you have to figure out the nature of the connections. Two options exist for your leverage here. These are the unbalanced and the balanced connections respectively. A good connection definitely has to be able to fit your own desirable end results. Check the specifications that exist on the packaging before proceeding.

The Final Words (Summary)

As you may well have noted already, the best headphone AMP under 100 dollars is still capable of ministering to your own needs. Also, the headphone is able to fill you up with higher sound outputs while warding off the inefficiencies that come with low noise.

To sail through well, we ask that you exercise some due diligence while attempting to find one for yourself. This can only happen if you read our explanations and reviews keenly. Why not share and spread the love far and wide? We wish you all the best in your search and find the best one!

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