5 Best Monoprice Headphones of 2023

It is only recently that the market has been flooded with budget and affordable headphones and earphones. In particular, Monoprice has gained a lot of fame for itself. The company has made a name for its self by offering great quality products at unbeatable prices. This article about the best Monoprice headphones discusses Monoprice’s finest headphones and earbuds. So without wasting any time, let’s begin.

5 Best Monoprice Headphones Reviewed

1. Monoprice BT-300ANC Review

In the last few years, many companies started bringing new affordable Bluetooth ANC headphones on the market, and Monoprice is one of those companies. First with the Monoprice H850 ANC and now with the new BT-300 ANC, Monoprice is trying to bring good sound quality and affordable price together. It’s not the first time that Monoprice has tried to bring affordable Bluetooth ANC headphones to the market, but it’s definitely one of the best-looking products. How do these compare to other Bluetooth ANC headphones? Let’s find out.

Monoprice BT-300ANC Review
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Sound Quality: Monoprice has made good choices when it comes to headphone drivers. The BT-300 driver has a 40mm large surface, which is important for good sound quality. The driver also features a neodymium magnet, which is responsible for high-quality sound.

Design and Style: This is where things get interesting. First of all, the BT-300 are not just another regular Bluetooth headphones with ANC, but they have a unique design that looks very cool and modern. This is a full padded headband, which is one of the most solid I’ve ever seen. The headband is finished with soft cushioning, making the headphones very comfortable to wear for longer periods.

Fit and Comfortability: I have a pretty big head and usually have problems with headphones being too tight. I was pleasantly surprised that even while wearing the BT-300 while jogging, they remain very comfortable. The clamping force is also not too tight even while wearing glasses, but of course, this will depend on your head/headphones size. The only problem that I can see is that if your headband isn’t very big, the headphones might feel slightly unstable and unsafe.

Connectivity and Compatibility: The BT-300 is a Bluetooth 4.0 headphone with improved connectivity so that you can stream audio from your phone or other media devices at a longer distance. The headphone also features NFC, which is very handy if you want to stream audio from your smartphone with one touch. You can also use the BT-300 with a cable, just in case you run out of battery.

Battery life: The BT-300 has a built-in battery with up to 16 to 18 hours of music streaming time. You can also use the headphones while they are charging, which is very practical. The built-in microphone also works quite well, and you can use it for hands-free calling.

Disadvantages: I wouldn’t say I like to end on a negative note, but there are some things that I didn’t like while using the BT-300. The most important thing is that they don’t feature aptX or AAC Bluetooth streaming codecs, which means that the sound quality isn’t as good when compared to other headphones with these codecs.

Conclusion: Monoprice is normally known for its good and affordable products, and I think they’ve done it again with the BT-300. This is one of the best-looking Bluetooth active noise-canceling headphones that I’ve seen, and it also feels very solid. This headphone is pretty, and it also sounds good with the deep bass response and clear highs. If you are looking for a really good-looking Bluetooth headset that doesn’t break the bank, then give it a try to the BT-300.

2. Monoprice 8323 Review

Monoprice headphones have a reputation among headphone enthusiasts for being of high value. Monoprice Premium hi-fi over the ear headphones offer the audiophile a budget comfort, features, and sound quality usually found in headphones costing much more. They are among the most comfortable headphones on this list due to their circumaural (over-the-ear) design and large, plush earpads. You won’t even know you’re wearing them after a few minutes.

Monoprice Hi-Fi Dj Pro Headphones Review
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Sound Quality: The sound quality is good for the price. These are 40-ohm impedance headphones with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, so any headphone jack easily drives them. They need no special amplification or driving and can be used with anything from an old iPod to a professional sound mixer and everything in between. The sound quality is warm and bassy. These headphones are not made for accuracy, and they’re made for Hi-Fi listening enjoyment at a reasonable price.

Design and style: They’re definitely stylish with their black and silver design and generous padding; they look like a much more expensive set of headphones. The earpads are large and soft, so they never feel uncomfortable or pinch. The headband has a single raised ridge of padding on the inside covered with soft material for comfort.

Fit and Comfortability: The ear-cups are large and swivel inward to sit comfortably on your ears. The headband adjusts easily for size with a large, easy-to-grab slider. They are very comfortable and will sit well on your head (or around your neck) for hours.

Connectivity and Compatibility: They come with a long, replaceable cord; the Monoprice premium headphones connect easily to any device with the included 3.5mm straight plug and work with any smartphone or music player. They can also be used for gaming or movies on your computer.

Drivers and Sensitivity: The 50 mm drivers and 100 dB sensitivity make these a great choice for listening to music or playing games on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This can be used as a mobile headset and made iPhone compatible with the included adapter. DJ’s and professional musicians will enjoy the accuracy and sound quality these provide for mixing, studio recording (if your mixer or sound card has a 1/4″ output for these), and live sound.

Disadvantages: When it comes to con’s, there are only a few. The biggest is the bass response, which is lacking in these headphones when compared to higher-end models. If you’re a bass-head, you might want to look at other models. While the price is a great value for what you get, it still isn’t perfect.

Conclusion: The Monoprice Dj pro headphones offer good sound quality, comfort, and style at a great price. They don’t have the same bass response as other headphones on this list, and they also don’t stylish as good as high-end models. But for their price, they are hard to beat. That is why Monoprice Hi-Fi Headphones make it on this list.

3. Monoprice Monolith M570 Review

Monoprice is well known for their low-cost cables, but they also produce some higher end headphones. Now I will not say these are the best sounds you can buy, but they are far better than most cans you will find at this price. More importantly, though, is the fact that all the hype about them is actually true. Monoprice Monolith M570 headphones really do sound this good, and they do feel like a more expensive product.

Monoprice Monolith M570 Review
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Sound Quality: The M570 has a nice flat neutral response and can play very loud without distortion. They are open backed headphones which means that the sound will bleed out into the room, and you will hear much of what is going on around you. This design also means that they isolate very well so if you need a headphone that will keep sound in and outside noise out, these probably work for you.

Design and style: Monolith M570 is an unique-looking headphones. The ear cups are large and round, with a unique pattern of bumps on the outside of each cup. They are made out of a nice-looking high-quality plastic and come with a very sturdy metal headband. They do not fold or collapse in any way, but they look nice and feel very sturdy.

Fit and Comfortability: These things are huge, but surprisingly they are still pretty comfortable to wear. The ear cups have some padding on the inside, but it just isn’t enough to fully cover your ears, so after a while, it can start to feel like you are wearing headphones meant for a giant. But even with this complaint, I still find myself using them more than any other headphones I own.

Connectivity and Compatibility: These use a 3.5 mm plug, which is common for headphones and is not compatible with most smartphones or tablets. It’s not a huge deal, though, because the cable is removable, so you can always plug in a longer cord if you have one. But I mention it because it’s something to consider before buying.

Performance and durability: I have had these headphones for over a year now, and they still work like new. The removable cable is great because it means I do not need to worry about tearing the cord accidentally. Also, they are very sturdy and should last you a long time if you treat them well. I’ve dropped mine several times, and they still work like new.

Disadvantages: The most obvious disadvantage is the lack of inline controls. If you need to stop and start your music or change tracks, then this probably isn’t the right headphone for you. It also lacks a lot of bass for those who are looking for something more on the bassy side.

Conclusion: The Monoprice M570 is an exceptional headphone at a price that makes it almost disposable. They may not look as good as many of the other headphones at this price, but their sound quality is good enough to make them a headphone that I could highly recommend. They are not the best sounding headphones or the best looking, but they are comfortable and have a price you could easily pay for a fun set of headphones.

4. Monoprice MPR-8324 Review

The Monoprice MPR-8324 headphones have been a best seller for some time now, and it is easy to see why. With their clean, minimalistic design and their massive cheap price tag, it’s hard not to be at least a little bit intrigued about the product. I’ve had a chance to try out the Hi-Fi 108324’s for a few months now and have been blown away by what little amount of money one has to pay for this product.

Monoprice MPR-8324 Review
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Sound Quality: The first thing that struck me about the Monoprice MPR-8324 Hi-Fi headphones was their sound quality. I had heard that these headphones were very good, but I had no idea just how good they are. The bass is deep and heavy, while the treble manages to keep up with the bass to create a clean, clear sound perfect for just about everything. I tested them while playing games online, watching movies, listening to music, and nothing seemed to degrade the sound in any way.

Design and style: Next to sound quality, the design of any pair of headphones is extremely important. Aesthetics are something that people take very seriously, and having a poorly designed pair of headphones can lower a person’s opinion of you. Thankfully, the Monoprice Hi-Fi Headphones have a very sleek and stylish design that manages to keep a low profile while providing quality sound.

Fit and Comfortability: The Monoprice 8324 headphones have a snug, perfect fit around any head with their leather-wrapped headband and over the ear design. The headband is easily adjustable to any length you need, and the ear cups can swivel at a 90-degree angle. The headphones do not clamp down on the head or ears too tightly and can be worn with little discomfort for long periods.

Connectivity and Compatibility: The Monoprice headphones connect to any 3.5mm jack and are compatible with anything that takes that type of connection (TV’s, smartphones, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, computers, etc.). The headphones are not restricted to any one piece of hardware and can be used with many devices without any issue.

The headphones come with a detachable 1.2-meter long cable and a 3-meter long cable. The headphones come with a 6.3mm adapter for high-end audio equipment and provide ample volume control via holding one’s finger on the + and – of any headphone jack.

Disadvantages: With every set of headphones, there are always disadvantages to consider. The Monoprice Hi-Fi Headphones do not come with any noise canceling properties, and therefore, they do not cancel out the outside world. It is hard to consider this a disadvantage since it is so hard to find a pair of headphones that can cancel out noise at such an affordable price.

Conclusion: For the price range, the Monoprice 8324 headphones are very hard to beat. The sound quality is amazing, and they offer many features and benefits to keep any consumer happy. There is no reason not to try out a pair of these headphones if you are in the market; they will surprise and amaze you.

5. Monoprice BT-600ANC Review

The Monoprice Bluetooth ANC Headphones are an affordable alternative to standard active noise-cancelling headphones. The Monoprice bt-600anc is an attractive pick for frequent travelers or anyone looking to block out the world while listening to music.

Monoprice BT-600ANC Review
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Sound Quality: The BT-600 Headphones have a solid sound reproduction, with a very even response across all frequencies. It is often difficult to find sound across all frequencies in products that retail at a cheap price, so it is refreshing to see Monoprice’s effort here. The Ambient sound mode is also a nice touch, allowing other audio to blend in with your music. The BT-600ANC headphones have good sound quality that is suitable for most genre of music.

Design and style: The 600 ANC Headphones look sleek and stylish. The design is modern, with the metal headband offering a bit of a chic industrial look. It is a nice design, and the metal band is reminiscent of headphones that retail for much more.

Fit and Comfortability: These ANC Headphones are lightweight, making them easy to wear for long periods. The band rests gently across the top of the head, and the ear cups sit comfortably on top of or around the ear. The ear cup cushions are covered in a very comfortable fabric material.

Connectivity and Compatibility: The Monoprice headphones are Bluetooth five compatible, providing simple pairing with compatible mobile devices. The BT-600 also has two ports for the included aux cable, which should allow users to use these headphones even if they have a device without Bluetooth capabilities.

Active Noise Cancelling: The Monoprice active noise cancelling headphones work remarkably well on flights and with other ambient noise. The ANC technology provides a level of noise cancelling comparable to headphones that retail for several times more. This is a remarkable feature for the price of these headphones.

Other Features: The BT-600 Headphones include a single AAA battery to power the ANC function. Depending on your usage, you should be able to get somewhere between 30 and 40 hours of use from a single battery. It also has touch controls located on the right ear cup, which allow you to make basic playback and volume adjustments without using your phone.

Disadvantages: The main downside to the headphones is sound leakage. This can be a problem if you are trying to use these headphones in quiet or semi-quiet settings. The 600 ANC headphones are not designed to be true noise-cancelling headphones (hence the name), but the ANC feature does provide a bit of noise isolation. This helps to keep the sound from leaking out, but it is not enough to completely cancel outside sounds.

Conclusion: The Monoprice BT-600 ANC headphones are a solid choice for anyone looking for active noise cancellation on a budget. The combination of impressive sound quality, sleek design, and affordable price makes this product a very attractive option for anyone looking for ANC headphones.

The Final Words

Monoprice made a name for itself by offering great quality products for amazing prices. With headphones, Monoprice has managed to deliver the same experience. While I wouldn’t recommend these as studio monitor headphones or critical listening headphones, they are fantastic for their price point and suit most people’s needs very well! They are head and shoulders above the cheap headphones that you’ll find at your local department store, and they can easily compete with $50 – $100 competitors as well.

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