5 Best PS4 Headsets under $100 in 2023

When you sit down to play your games, without the best sound, you are sure to be beaten in your game right away. This is because you might be sneaked on with your enemies in a silent manner. Now, you just need the best of the best headsets that you can use.

We have listed and reviewed the five best ps4 headsets under 100 USD for your use, they have been made with the best technology that involves the noise-canceling ability. That way, you will ensure that you just listen to what you need and want and not everything. Get down and survey what we have here.

How do I choose the right headset for PS4?

If you want to have the best gaming experience, then you need to have the best sound produced. That is as equal as gameplay or even graphics. Here are some features you need to consider.

Choose one that gives you the best stereo or even surrounds- According to your preference, you will be advised to choose either stereo or surround. But most surround headphones are just made for gamers. For those that will need positional audio, then they will be advised to take on stereo headsets.

Mic- The majority of the headsets is made with a mic that is attached to them. it is designed to be either unidirectional or others omnidirectional. Omni is rated to pick more sounds while unidirectional allows you to send messages across your team members in a clear manner.

Look at the comfort that you get- Comfortable headphones are able to carry you longer to enjoy your adventures without getting tired. That is one of the things that you need to look at. How long will your game take? That is also something that you will get to experience over time.

Do you need one that is wired or one that is wireless- This relies solely on your choice and like. It’s good to know that either has its pros and cons, but just understand what will give you the best experience in your next gaming.

What you have in your pocket determines what you buy- These headsets come in various makes and designs. That means that their prices will always differ. With just $100 here, you will get the best but the decision will just rely on you.

5 Best PS4 headsets under 100 USD reviewed

1. HyperX Cloud II

It is rated as the new item in town. It has been designed with a new USB sound card with audio control audio and the best voice so that you have the best optimal gaming experience. That means that you will be able to hear pretty well what you have been missing for a long time.

The kind of make that it has ensures that you are able to open up a world of detail that other gamers have found hard to achieve. What you need to do is to try it out, and get to listen to the new 7.0 surround sound that it has been made with.

HyperX Cloud II
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Made with hyper X mechanical switches- You want something that is ready to work and here it is with the best balance of accuracy, responsiveness and also reliability.

Constructed with the best materials- The aircraft aluminum kind of body it has been made with is a clear sign of durability. The aluminum case ensures that the keyboard is kept to be sound and also stable.

The microphone has a noise-canceling ability- The best thing is when you listen to what you want and not everything. That will ensure that you become a master of your game environment in a manner that others will find unique.

Protected ear-When you listen to music and sound, you are bound to make the ear a bit tired from discomfort. That has been dealt with this kind of item that is right here. the use of memory foam earpads with an extra velour ensures you get all the comfort needed.


  • It cancels any echo with the use of an inline sound card
  • Fitted with a noise-canceling sound card
  • Earpads can be interchanged
  • Provides you with the best virtual surround sound
  • Can be worn for a long time


  • The cable might interfere with your movements

Summary: You need to be aware of everything that is happening in your gaming environment. That is why you need to have this headset that cancels out the noise in the best applicable manner.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 5

The wider recognition that this SteelSeries item has been given is what makes it looked for by many people. It has been made with one kind of microphone that is able to deliver out the best studio quality voice. Any noise that emanates from the background is canceled out so that you remain with what you always desire. It has been made different with an ability to be able to produce audio that has low distortion. That gives you room to hear every detail that you need to hear as you play.

SteelSeries Arctis 5
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Designed with a suspension band- With this band, you will be able to have it fit perfectly on the entire head. That also means that the weight that it has is also evenly distributed and you will not even realize how heavy it might be. That eliminates all pressure points.

Fitted with airwave kind of cushions- You will be treated to a kind of play that you will love all day long. This is one kind of item that has been made to inspire you took play all day long without getting tired. The cushions ensure that your ears are kept cool and also dry all times.

Has a lighter kind of design- The make that it has been given makes it be light. In fact, when you have it on, you can easily forget if you have it on. That will not bog you down to tiredness levels.

Made with the newest technology audio drivers- It becomes unique for the S1 speakers to be with you. They ensure that you have the best competitive kind of sound that is incredibly clear. The low ultra-distortion ability ensures that you are able to listen to every detail.


  • Allows you to balance your volume and the chat volume
  • Fitted with on-ear controls
  • Can be played on every platform that you have
  • The lighter design ensures longer use


  • Sound might not be good to your level of expectation

Summary: You can now chat and play your games with full comfort. That entails that you are not going to completely go silent on your friends when you are gaming. Get to play and chat at the same time.

3. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

How will you feel when you are handling something that is wireless? The danger and mess of wires everywhere will be left to cool down always. All the new modern kind of designs that you have been desiring to have will be right where you want them in this device.

It has been designed to ensure that you get the best surround sound together with chat audio on the speakers. You will be sure of total comfort at all times.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600
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Wireless ability- This is one of the latest kinds of designs that you need to be sure of getting in this one unique kind of item. It ensures you get to enjoy the best-in-class gaming time and also the best chat audio experience.

The best and unique kind of virtual sound- Your games will now be the same again. You will be able to get to love all that they are have in terms of sound. The big speakers ensure there is nothing that escapes your ears.

Made to provide you total comfort- The design it has gives you that unique comfort. Thanks to the breathable mesh fabric fitted on it.

It gives you that super human kind of hearing- There is nothing that will escape your ears as you enjoy your game. Right from the silent footsteps crouching upon you, gunshots from a distance, reloading of weapons among others.


  • Offer the best sound performance
  • Has the best audio quality ability
  • Wireless connection is easier and faster
  • Gives you the best comfort


  • Can disconnect when the distance is longer than expected

Summary: The wireless ability of this item makes you just forget the use of wires forms one place to another. Buy it and forget wires completely. Just sit on of your seat and you will be ready to play as you have never done it before.

4. DIOWING PS4 Compatible Headset

For those that want to enjoy the best immersive gaming experience, you better make the best choice for this item right here. It is a headset that has been made with the best 50mm audio drivers that have been combined with the best advanced audio techniques.

It is one of the unique items that you can get because it is able to deliver quality kind of sound so that you have yourself immersed in your game from the start to the end. You will be able to hear all the unique sounds that are in the game and beat your opponent’s pants down.

(Best PS4 Headsets Under 100) RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset
To see the Amazon deal on this item, click on the photo.

Made with a design that is ergonomic-You will realize that it has been fitted with a self-adjusting kind of headband and ear cups that cover the entire ear. When you wear it, there is no utmost discomfort that you will experience at all.

Designed to offer a multi-form kind of compatibility- It works well on majority devices that handle games. When you add one headset adapter, you are ready to travel to unknown places with the stealth that you wanted or desired. Your gaming experience will always be better in whichever platform that you will be in.

Has a noise cancellation ability with the best communication- Environmental noise might be one distractor that you might never love to encounter. You can keep it at bay with this kind of headsets. You will also enjoy real-time talking without having to suffer from delays at all.

Fitted with LED light that is fantastic- On both sides of the item, you will find two gaming headset lights and will all turn off at the same time when needed to.


  • Provides you with a sound field that is excellent
  • You will also enjoy the best surround sound
  • LED light turns on automatically when item is powered on
  • No installation needed, it is a plug and play item


  • USB cord might be small for some, it is not long enough to be connected to PS4 controller

Summary:  You don’t have to power on the LED now and then just like what is done in others. as you have seen, it is an automatic headset that will just work well with you so that you have the best gaming experience.

5. Pacrate PS4 Over-Ear Headset

When you are playing and you come across some muffed kind of sound, then be sure that your gaming experience will never be the best ever. For those that always suffer from those keyboard sounds, it is time that you get what will solve your problem once and for all.

This is the item that has been made for you. This device is unique in the sense that it is able to pick your voice and leave all the others that are at the background. That way, it is able to differentiate between noise and voice that is suitable for your use.

Pacrate PS4 Over-Ear Headset
To see the Amazon deal on this item, click on the photo.

Made with the best earmuff- This is a unique kind of experience that has been put on this item. One of the best features that it has is that it has been made to just fit in your ear in one great way. soft memory form ensures total comfort.

Compatible with many platforms- For best results during usage, you are advised to use the 3.5mm kind of jack so that you connect it to various platforms. The USB that it has been fitted and designed with ensures that you are able to power the LED light.

The MIC has been designed with noise cancellation ability- The selective kind of sound that you need is what you get. Leave alone the normal day to day noise that erupts from the environment.

Gives out vivid stereo sound- Now you can sit back and get the best sound ever. Thanks to the 40 mm audio drivers with advanced audio technology that has been used to make it. With it, you are able to have the best gaming session with crystal clear sound.


  • Cancels out noise form sound
  • Produces glaring LED lights that make it colorful
  • Manufactured with materials that are upgraded
  • Made with the best quality but also affordable


  • No major discomfort encountered

Summary: A headset that has no discomfort is as good as you spending your money on it. Not many buy such things. Other things will just work when you are there and then get to start problems after some time. that is why you need to go for this pick.

The final words (Summary)

Don’t let other gamers beat you on the game. Be the one in front and let get them by surprise. These headsets that you have here will give you clear sound so that you can hear every footstep, every move, ever gunshot and its direction, cocking of the gun among others. Just make the right choice form the best ps4 headset under 100 dollars list that we have for you here. they ensure better PS4 playing even for longer periods of time.

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